Healthy Schools

The Milford Academy first received the Healthy Schools Gold Standard Award in 2007. This award recognised how well the children are looked after at the school, how they are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles and their attitude to those around them.

Since that time we have worked hard to maintain this standard and have continued to pass our bi-annual review, most recently in January 2017. Our school has a very caring ethos and our standards of behaviour in class are excellent.

“Parents speak highly of the care and support
that characterise the school both academically and pastorally.”         OFSTED 2016

We are proud to be one of the first schools in Nottingham that moved onto the Healthy Schools Enhancement Model; the first areas in which we achieved the Health and Well-Being Improvement Award were ‘Emotional Health and Well-Being’ and in ‘Substance Misuse’.

Mr Magner recieving our Health and Well-Being Improvement Award

Mr Magner recieving our Health and Well-Being Improvement Award from Claire Trott and Catherine Edwards

Since we first achieved our Health Improvement Award, we have completed further work on Drugs Education and achieved our ‘Drugaware’ re-accreditation in June 2018.

We worked on improving ourselves in the area of healthy lifestyles and have made significant changes at lunchtime to ensure a happier, healthier experience for all of our children and staff. The whole school including children, parents, staff and governors have been involved to some point in the project. We have 100% of Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1 children taking up their free hot meal and an increasing number of Key Stage 2 children eating a school meal at lunchtime.

For the children still choosing to bring a packed lunch from home, we have a new lunchbox policy outlining how The Academy can work with parents to help children make healthy choices about the contents of their boxes.

Some of our younger children enjoying their school dinners

Some of our younger children enjoying their school dinners










Key Stage 2 children enjoying a roast chicken dinner

Key Stage 2 children enjoying a roast chicken dinner










We have invested in new equipment for the children to play with on the playground at lunchtimes and introduced new organisation and behaviour rewards for the lunchtime supervisors to give out. Feedback from the Supervisors and the School Council have been very positive and nearly 90% of our children are now reporting enjoyable lunchtimes. Some now wish the lunchtime could be longer!

As a result of this work we have had our achievements verified by the Healthy Schools Team in Nottingham and now have ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ added to our Health and Well being Improvement Model plaque.

We are also proud to announce that the work we have been undertaking to give pupils a voice has been recognised and verified. We have achieved the healthy schools standard in the area of ‘Participation’. The School Council (Voice of Milford) continues to be active in school and grows stronger every year.

To achieve this award, every child in school from Foundation classes to Year 6 has been involved as they all have a role or responsibility in school. Some examples of this are

  • taking part in School Council activities
  • joining in the Primary Parliament in Nottingham
  • leading weekly assemblies
  • preparing technology presentations (including updating the school website)
  • attending out of hours clubs
  • representing the school at different events e.g. football matches, gymnastics festivals, choir events
  • serving at lunchtime

Some of our pupils have found this area very challenging but we are very proud of their efforts.

Year 5 children successfully graduated from their DARE training on 20th April 2018 so well done to them!

During the academic year 2017-2018 we worked on updating our Drugaware Standard. We have revisited our scheme of work to ensure every year group is accessing the appropriate learning and support. We achieved our re-accreditation award in June 2018.

Mrs Simons