Monthly Archives: April 2020

Learning at Home Week 2

Thank you to everyone who joined in with the spirit of counting circles around the home this week. It is a good activity to help children’s observational skills as well as learning about shape in the environment.

The family with the most circles was Evelyn’s family, who found 88 circles – and photographed them too! They were all objects which could be moved, but some were the same.

Other high scoring families were Harvey (66), Tilly (65) Maddisson (59). I accepted all answers although some were a bit dubious – Daddy’s belly??? Some were actually spheres, 3D shapes and some were fruit and veg which I’m not sure would count as an accurate circle!

Well done to Freddie and family, who displayed their findings in a most unusual photograph montage of circles.

Hope, Ryan, Archie, Talullah, Sophie, Noah and Priya also deserve a mention for finding things I wouldn’t have thought of. Also for having a go themselves without any help!

Well done Everyone.

Here are a few more photos of you learning at home this week:

Yummy biscuits!
Decorating pine cones found on a daily walk
Collecting items for a ‘sound box’ in phonics. The money is the noisiest!
Ariel in her boat! An excuse for a non-uniform day every day!
Bubble fun with a sock bottle!

Thank you to everyone who has embraced any of the activities we suggested this week. Your children continue to smile and your photos brighten our days.

Mrs Simons, Mrs Wallace and Miss Faulks