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Great acting in Year 1 – Partake Theatre

We had a visit from Partake Theatre which linked with our topic of ‘The Great Fire of London’. The children were all extremely excited to dress up as residents of London from 1666. Some children were even chosen to act out the roles of King Charles the Second and Thomas Farriner!

The children acted out many of the events of the 4 day long fire, including filling their buckets up with water from the River Thames to try and put it out, digging holes to bury their favourite possessions, pulling the houses down with fire hooks and even pretended to be the rats who were carrying the Plague! It really helped us to understand just how frightened all the people must have been at the time.

This experience has improved our knowledge and understanding of the event which has meant that the content of our writing has been wonderful. Thank you to all the parents and carers who brought in their pound so that we could enjoy this wonderful experience!

The Year 1 Team.

World War Two

In Year 6, we have been learning all about World War Two. To help us to understand what it is like to be in the army, one of our children brought in a real army kit including a ration box – her dad works as a mechanic and driver for the army. It was really interesting to see these in real life!

Two children in the class also made air raid shelters as part of their holiday homework. Well done to those children and their families for these fantastic models!

Partake Theatre

Yesterday, Partake Theatre came into school and we acted out scenes from The Great Fire of London! The boys had to wear waistcoats and the girls had to wear skirts.

King Charles II wore a curly wig and a black hat with a feather in it. We really enjoyed it because we learnt all about how the fire started. We learnt that the baker, Thomas Farriner forgot to put his oven out with water and sparks from the oven started the fire. The fire raged for 4 long days. We talked about how people tried to escape the fire by getting in boats.

Thank you to all the parents who brought in their pound to help us have this fantastic experience!

Year 2 Team