Monthly Archives: November 2019

Rainbow Reading

Rainbow Reading has launched and the Year 6 books are nearly ready for children to borrow from school. Remember to look out for the books in Clifton Library too. Well done to the children who have already started making their way through the book list!

P.E. Kits

Dear parents and carers,

Please be reminded that pupils must have their P.E. kits in school at all times.

P.E. kits should only be taken home if they are in need of a wash, due to getting muddy in an after school club, or if it is the end of the half-term. It is become more apparent that some year 5 children are not prepared or organised for their P.E. lessons and this is not acceptable.  

If you could remind your children of the importance of being organised and prepared for lessons it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Mrs Hickling

Outdoor Learning – Science

Today we went around the school grounds looking at living things and their habitats.

Listening to Anna our gardener

We saw lots of wildlife outside! We saw a frog and worms in the mud near the polytunnel. (Owen) We found a centipede under compost and learnt that they have 100 legs because ‘cent’ means 100 (Samuel)

A centipede

We saw native slugs and slugs eggs! (Brody) We saw a new bud growing on a plant. (Xander) We saw some native birds, including robins, sparrows, magpies, wrens and a grey tit in the hedges (Jorgie & Jayne)

We saw a goldfish in the pond
Slugs eggs

Year 2 Team