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Nottingham Contemporary START project workshops

Year 4 pupils were amazing in workshops led by artists in association with the Nottingham Contemporary.

They enthusiastically challenged themselves with a wide range of activities:

  • Sketching with pencils on bamboo sticks
  • Creating dance movements based on everyday chores
  • Creating wire sculptures of  dance movements

Year 4 pupils really challenged their  understanding of ‘Art’!

Well done to all involved!

Thank you to the wonderful artists who led the workshops.

Mrs Haslam

Nottingham Contemporary START project workshops

This week, Year 4 pupils worked alongside artists in association with the Nottingham Contemporary gallery. The artists and pupils developed ideas, themes and media experienced on their visit to the ‘Still I Rise’ exhibition  at the gallery in November.

Activities included  sketching with pencils attached to bamboo sticks, creating  dance  movements based on everyday chores and making wire figure sculptures to represent the movements.

The workshops challenged pupils and allowed them to think creatively.

Thank you to everyone involved!

See School Life, Nottingham Contemporary START project 2018 – 2019  for more information.

Mrs Haslam

Nottingham Contemporary Project

On Monday 28th January Year 4 pupils will work with Peter and Sam (artists within the START project with the Nottingham Contemporary)  following up the gallery visit.

Pupils will then develop art work ready for an exhibition.

On Thursday 7th March pupils will visit the Nottingham Contemporary to view their own work!

Look out for a letter about this visit!

Thank you,

Mrs Haslam and MrGoff


Times Tables Rock Stars

Year 4 have been given  user names and logins  for the Times Tables Rock Stars app.  The app can be downloaded free on PCs, tablets and phones.

Please use the app as often as you can to  increase speed and accuracy with times tables.

Year 4 pupils should know all their tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of the year and they need to recall these facts at high speed!

Class 9  are  called, ‘Maths Magicians’.

Class 10  are  called, ‘Goffets’

Have fun!

Mrs Haslam and Mr Goff