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What a plant needs to grow…

As part of our Science topic ‘Plants’ the year 4 children have been investigating what a plant needs to grow. We attempted to grow cress but removed either the water, the nutrients (soil) or the light. We found that to grow healthy cress we needed all three of these things. We have also been gardening and have planted both cosmos and sweetcorn. These plants are getting water, nutrients and light and should begin to grow very soon.

Year 2 Cricket

This half term we are lucky enough to be working with Andy from Clifton Cricket Club who is teaching us lots of new skills so we can play cricket. The children really enjoyed their first lesson and he is seeing improvements already!





















Miss Broughton

Two Weeks to Go!

Two weeks to go till we do our SATs.  They start the on Monday 14th May 2018.  A letter explaining the free breakfast club that we offer for SATs week will be sent home today!

Miss Nicholson


We wouldn’t expect our two year olds to form solid friendships at such a tender age. Although children often play together, they are busy taking part in parallel play. This means that they play beside one another, without communicating much.

We are such a small group that we tend to break the mould. Everyone has lots of fun friends to giggle, share and play with.

See-saw margery-daw

“You can’t catch me!”

Working along side one another to complete peg puzzles. This is great for hand/eye co-ordination.

Hide and seek always creates a lot of excitement.

Scrunching up tissue paper to create cherry blossom.

When the children run, jump and climb they are developing what we call gross motor skills. These are the children’s larger muscles, needed for balance and big movements.

When the children do tiny, fiddly activities, we refer to it as improving fine motor skills. This develops the children’s ability to do very small movements such as writing neatly and tying laces, in later life.

We made a slippy mess with our whole hands using paint, then scraped it with straws.

Bubbly water play was fun and necessary to clean the last traces of that very messy paint off.

Although we try to keep your children as clean as possible, play clothes are essential as they can get VERY messy.

Sleeping bunnies.

One of the children’s favourite rhymes:

See the little bunnies sleeping til it’s nearly noon, come let’s wake them with a merry tune.

They’re so still, are they ill?


Jump little bunnies hop, hop, hop. Jump little bunnies hop, hop, hop. Jump little bunnies hop, hop, hop.

Hop, hop, hop.

Mrs Gibson

GDPR Letter

Dear parents and carers,

Your child would have received a letter today regarding the new General Data Protection regulations. Please could you complete and sign the form, on the back of this letter, and return to me as soon as possible. If we are the first class to return a complete class set of these forms then Mr Magner will provide us with some money to spend on our class. This is a great incentive so please help us to buy something new for our class!

Many thanks

Mrs Hickling