Monthly Archives: December 2017

Christmas Celebrations

We’ve had great fun this week it was filled with festive fun!

We painted him…

…we pretended to be him.

We listened for him, sang for him and…

…he came!!

It has been a very exciting week of learning all about Santa Clause.

It can be an anxious time for children when visiting Santa. It’s a good idea to discus him at length before any visits.

Santa bought each of us two books. He must have been watching us because we love books!

We posed in order to create snow globes for our families.

Each of us designed our own 2018 calendar.

We made Christmas cards.

We made Christmas decorations as gifts for our families.

We exchanged Christmas cards.


Playing party games.

Bouncing balloons.

Dancing The Conga.

Even the teddy bears enjoyed dancing.

Party snacks with our siblings.

Brother, sister fun.

Brotherly laughter.

We have bid a fond farewell to several children who will join our wonderful nursery. We will see them regularly as they are only next door.

Mrs Lane and I wish you all a fabulous Christmas and an exciting 2018!

We will be opening our doors on Monday 8th January 2018, when we look forward to seeing all of you.

Mrs Gibson


Christmas Dinner!

This week we have enjoyed a Christmas dinner. We liked opening our crackers and wearing our paper hats. Some of us sat with special guests. We enjoyed our snowman ice-cream!

Enjoying our Christmas dinner.

Mrs Atamaniuk


Following our trip to Holt Trinity Church for a Christingle Service today we made our own.








































Miss Broughton



Friday’s Carol Service

Dear all parents and carers,

Just to remind you children are able to go home after the carol service on Friday afternoon. The service will be finishing just before 2pm and therefore children are able to go home at this time. If you are not picking your child up from our classroom then they need permission to either walk to a sibling’s class or to walk home. If you give permission for your child to leave at 2pm then please make sure this is in writing either in their reading diary or on a note and passed to me before Friday.

Many thanks

Mrs Hickling

Christmas holiday tasks

During the school holiday, I would like you to complete the five tasks below. They should be completed by Monday 8th January, as this is when they will be checked.

1) Choose a Book bingo activity
2) Choose a book that you like at home. Share the main parts of the story using no more than 5 sentences.
3) Practice your 2, 3 and 4 times tables. We will have a test on these in Week 1 of Spring Term.
4) Can you do some research about a topic of your choice?
Use the internet safely.
5) Merry Christmas Class 7! Can you share something exciting that has happened during your break? 

If you want to impress me even more on this date, you could:
1) Practice your spellings.
2) Apply your spelling knowledge by putting your spellings into super sentences!
3) Practice counting in 10’s, 50’s and 100’s.
I look forward to seeing your brilliant work when we are back at school 

Have a brilliant Christmas break!

Miss Marshall