Monthly Archives: June 2017

Design and Technology at Farnborough

The Year 4s had great fun at The Farnborough Academy on Thursday afternoon. They used the Design and Technology rooms and equipment to make jelly moulds and delicious cakes. The cakes were made with vegetables so the children had beetroot and chocolate cakes and orange and courgette cakes to try. The Farnborough children did a fantastic job of helping the Year 4 children in small groups.

Mrs Cassidy

Sunflower Competition

There were 2 worthy winners of the tallest sunflower, both grew a flower of over 1 metre.

Congratulations to Bart and Rilley!

We had 6 winners for keeping fantastic Sunflower diaries during the time they grew their plants at home.

Congratulations to Jack, Amelia, Amelia, Mia-Rose, Benjamin and Noah!

Well done to everyone who took part.

Mrs Simons, Mrs Litchfield and Mrs Barton

Baby Dinosaur Hatches

This week, the children in F2 classes found a dinosaur egg. We looked after it and now we have a brand new baby dinosaur to look after. How exciting!

Mrs Simons and Mrs Litchfield

Folding Fish

The children thoroughly enjoyed making their folding fish on Wednesday. Some children have been making their own at home and have asked if we can carry them on next week!

Here is an example made by one of the children.

Miss Broughton

Class 6 Coral Reef Work

Class 6 found out about that coral reefs are endangered today. They found out that they are being bleached because of pollution. They learnt that by telling others they can help to spread the word and stop these beautiful habitats being destroyed. They have made some posters in their topic books. Please ask your children what we can do to save coral reefs and what causes them to become bleached. We are sure they will want to share their knowledge with you!

Mrs Baggley