Monthly Archives: April 2017

Year 3 Swimming

Well done to Class 7 and 8!

The first week of swimming was a great success. Milford pupils were very sensible, showing they were aware of personal safety. Everyone enjoyed the swimming session, listened to instructions well and showed great determination in the water. Keep it up Year 3!

A reminder to parents that all jewellery must be taken off and hair tied back. New legislation also states that boys’ shorts must be above the knee and without pockets. Pockets can be sewn up.

Thank you for your support with the swimming sessions.

Mrs Haslam

School admissions for September

You should have by now received confirmation about your child’s school place for September.

Please note, you must accept the offer to secure the place by following the link on the email, or following the instructions on the letter.  Failure to accept the offer will result in your place being ‘no longer required’.

if you have any questions, please see Mrs Smith.

Fantastic behaviour!

On Thursday 20th April, Year 1 went to visit the Sealife centre.

We had a brilliant time looking at all of the creatures from under the sea. We loved the stingrays and the turtles!

The children behaved beautifully on this visit. Well done children!

Miss Marshall

Nursery make vegetable soup

This half term we have been learning all about growing, and thinking about where some of our food comes from.  We have been looking at what some fruit and vegetables need to grow and which grow above or underground.

Today we made our own vegetable soup using carrots, onions and celery. The children did a fantastic job of peeling and chopping the vegetables ready for the teachers to cook.  Once softened, we put them in a blender to to make the soup smooth instead of lumpy.

Tomorrow we are going to taste the soup for our snack, we cant wait!

Peeling the carrots

Chopping the celery


Mrs Smith


Nursery use the playground equipment

The nursery children have been growing in confidence and love to use the playground equipment.  They show high levels of persistence, concentration and focus whilst climbing and balancing.

Mrs Smith