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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Thank you to everyone who supported us and came on our visit to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The children had a great time and it was well worth the long journey to see all the different animals. We even saw polar bears.

We had a little bit of time to play on the playground in the woods!

Mrs Simons

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

We had a wonderful day at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and saw so many different animals that we had never seen or heard of before.  The weather managed to stay dry and warm for us.  Here are a few photos from our fabulous trip:

IMG_0001 IMG_0004

The first animals we saw were the meercats and mongoose.  They had lots of little tunnels so they could go from one enclosure to another.  One meercat kept sitting on top of the stones to keep a good look out!


We found a bench outside and had our picnic.  Some different types of birds kept visiting us looking for crumbs.  We also saw a rabbit by the bushes having his lunch. He was nibbling the grass!



We had some very helpful map readers that showed us where we needed to go.

Here are some of the animals we saw…


Can you see what animal is hiding?



The giraffe was so tall.  It was eating the food that was high up on the fence.  It had beautiful colours and patterns on it’s skin.


The wallaby was having a quick drink.  We went through the ‘Wallaby Walk’ and got to see them up close.  We even saw some tiny wallaby babies!




We were looking out for funny armadillos and marmosets!


After a lot of walking, we sat down for a well deserved ice cream to cool us down in the warm weather.  It was really yummy!  We would love to go again one day.

Mrs Smith

Nursery make fantastic castles!

Thank you to all who brought in their recyclable materials.  We have been busy making castles for our dragons and princesses.  It has been hard work practicing our scissor skills and cutting through thick cardboard.

First we had to choose which resources we wanted to use.


Then we had to think about what we wanted our castles to look like.  We spoke about the towers and turrets, drawbridges and large doors.  We used different fixing and fastening materials to attach different parts of our castle together.

Once everything was in place and had dried, we painted our castles.


Don’t you think they look fit for a princess!




Mrs Smith

Meeting for children moving up to Reception this September

On Wednesday 22nd June at 3.30pm, there will be a meeting for families of the children going into the reception classes in September  .  It is an opportunity to meet the staff  and some of the other families.  We will be able to show the children where their new classrooms will be and answer any questions you may have.    This meeting will be held my Mrs Simons.  If you cannot attend the meeting or have any questions, please ask a member of the Nursery team.

Please note this meeting is only for those children and families that are moving up to Reception this September.

Mrs Smith

Thank you!

Thank you for bringing in lots of boxes and other recycled materials.  We will be very busy this week building models so watch this space!

Mrs Smith