Nottingham Panthers School Skate

Tuesday 28th February 2017

Some children from The Milford Academy were given the unique opportunity to experience ice skating in a one-off skating session.

The ice was used exclusively for the participant schools and featured the opportunity to meet, greet and skate with The Nottingham Panthers.

When we arrived, we watched The Nottingham Panthers train.The children were amazed by how fast they could skate and their skills!

Afterwards, the children put on their own ice skates and we practised the technique of standing up if we fell over – which we found we later needed!

Then the children took to the ice. Some children needed the support of penguins to help them stand, others could skate freely. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed skating (and falling) with their friends. Some children were lucky enough to have autographs and photos with the players.

All the children received a certificate, vouchers and two tickets to attend the match,on Wednesday 22nd March, against Manchester Storm.

Hope you all enjoy the match!

Miss Broughton