Information for Critical/Key Workers

Information for Critical / Key workers The government have published the following information and criteria for critical / key workers who are able to still send their children into school. If during the previous national lockdown, you were able to send your child in, are still a critical / key worker and wish to again send your child(ren) into school can you please communicate this to school via email or phone call today. for any parents who have not previously accessed this but believe that you meet the criteria for being a critical / ey worker and wish to send your child(ren) into school can you please also communicate this to school along with evidence of this from your employer. We will be open from tomorrow for critical / key workers, but it is crucial that you have communicated with us before 5pm today if you wish to send your children in tomorrow.

Mr Rob Perkins,

Head Teacher ________________________________________

School Closure following Government Update

Following the government announcement tonight schools will be closed for a period of time to all pupils except those children of key workers or those meeting the criteria for being vulnerable. We have taken the decision, along with many other schools, to close to all pupils tomorrow in order to allow us to make arrangements for this and to put the plans we have for this occurrence into action. We will provide more information on the website tomorrow relating to the criteria for these categories and also in relation to how our remote teaching will work to support pupils not able to come into school. We hope you understand that with the announcement only coming tonight we need time tomorrow for staff to prepare for these big changes.  

Remote learning will commence from Wednesday 6th January using the Seesaw platform that you will have access to.