The School Nurse will be onsite on Tuesday 23rd October between 9am and10am to answer any questions you may have regarding your child.  Please ring the school office if you wish to make an appointment to see a nurse at this time.

Goose Fair Menu

Please note a special dinner option will be available on Thursday 4th October 2018.

See our Goose Fair Menu in dinners

Healthy Lifestyle Project

Healthy Lifestyle

Meetings will be held in the Infant Hall on Monday 17th September 2018

at 8.55 am and 3.15 pm and Suzanne Gomersall from NTU will be attending.

Do not worry if you cannot attend these meetings as consent forms will be sent out the following day.

Attendance Academic Year 2017/18

Our attendance this year was 95.6%

Well done to Class 9 who finished at the top of the Attendance League Table.

Class 11 finished in 2nd place and Class 14 in 3rd place.

Hope you all have a great summer.

We are back at school on Wednesday 5th September 2018.

Mrs Butler