Topic at The Milford Academy

2018 – 2019:

The children have completed a variety of Topic work in their first half term following the themes: ‘Ourselves’, ‘Magnificent Milford Marvels’, Toys’, ‘Church Detectives’, ‘Egypt Beliefs’ and  ‘The Vikings (Invasions)’.

Nursery and the Foundation Stage – Ourselves, Celebrations

In Nursery and Foundation Stage 2 the children cover topics which include the interests of the children, as well as current themes such as festivals, seasons and cultural events. 

Autumn 2

The children in Nursery have been learning the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. The children have listened carefully and loved re-telling the story in different ways.  They made their own gingerbread men at Nursery and really enjoyed eating them!

The Foundation Stage children have been busy rehearsing for their Christmas show. They did 4 fantastic performances of the Nativity!

Autumn 1 

The children have been learning about ‘Ourselves’, including the importance of healthy lifestyles and keeping safe.  they have also been looking at the Autumnal changes in our environment.  The Nursery children have painted self portraits and made moving people.

The children have been on a walk to the local Flower Park, looking at features of  the local area. They worked out that they could find out if a house had an upstairs by looking at the windows! They made their own maps with symbols to show all the things they noticed on their walk. The children have spent a lot of time outdoors exploring and using their imaginations, whilst working on their strength, confidence and coordination.

Key Stage 1 – Magnificent Milford Marvels, Toys, Church Detectives

Autumn 2

In Key Stage 1, the children have been looking at the topic ‘Church Detectives’. They have enjoyed learning about how special a church is and the names of some of the things they would find such as a stained glass window, lectern, altar and font. They had a special visit from the Reverend Owen Page who brought some of his special things to show, including some of his stoles. They have also learnt about the Christmas Story and the significance of Christmas for Christians.

The Year 2 children also visited St Mary’s Church. In Art they examined a variety of different stained-glass windows. They then designed their own stained glass windows on paper before creating one using acetate and tissue paper.

Autumn 1

The Key Stage 1 children have been looking at the topic ‘Toys’.  They have compared their current toys with those from the past, noticing that they have a much bigger range of toys today. They have also interviewed residents at Clifton View Care Home about their favourite toys.

The children have enjoyed making their own cone toys.

They had a fantastic day at Sudbury Hall where they were able to play with toys from the Victorian times.

As part of their work on ‘Magnificent Milford Marvels’, the Lower Key Stage 1 children have been designing a healthy sandwich to eat at their class picnic. They have also tasted, planned and evaluated a range of dips and dippers. They particularly enjoyed cutting the fresh chive to make their dip and tried more unusual dips such as sweet chilli and hummus.

In Music they created their own compositions based on a toy of their choice. They used a variety of percussion instruments to recreate sounds made by their toy, and recorded their compositions using a graphic score.

Lower Key Stage 2 – Egyptian Beliefs 

Autumn 2

In Lower Key Stage 2, the children have continued to learn about Ancient Egypt. They have continued to use topic vocabulary with increasing confidence and now know the meaning of: preserved, organs, sarcophagus, casket, mummy, mummification, mummify, natron salt, linen amulet, canopic jar, urn, hieroglyphs and scrolls. they have also made Ancient Egyptian death masks. 

As part of this topic, they visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and had a look at the fascinating Ancient Egypt museum gallery. They took part in two interesting workshops: one about mummification and one about Ancient Egyptian artefacts.  They held some genuine Ancient Egyptian objects and they even got to mummify a pharaoh. 

Autumn 1

The Lower Key Stage 2 children have learnt all about Ancient Egypt and have explored the interesting beliefs held in ancient times.  They have been developing their understanding of key vocabulary and now know the meaning of sarcophagus, casket, mummy, natron, mummification, amulet, canopic jar, urn, hieroglyphs and scrolls.

The children have designed canopic jars and had a fabulous time at Nottingham Trent University making them.  They worked with a number of students in an art studio. They worked with clay and a number of different tools to become expert potters.

Upper Key Stage 2 – The Vikings

Autumn 2

In Upper Key Stage 2, they have continued to learn about ‘The Vikings’. They have been using what they have learnt to write a report about the Vikings. They have learnt lots of information  including about the importance of Viking longships and the special design features they had. As part of their Topic work they have also made 3D Viking longships. They have used a template and carefully cut out the shape of the ship before putting it together, painting it and making the shields and sail.


Autumn 1

The Upper Key Stage 2 children have been learning all about the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons. The children have learnt lots if facts about the Vikings including: where they came from, why they travelled here, how they survived, what they did to make them so famous and whether they were always the vicious people they are portrayed to be.

They were visited by Bjorn (a traditional Viking person) who took charge of a Viking Day at the Milford Academy. He bought lots of artefacts and replica weapons and clothing for the children to hold and try on.

Bjorn shared with us many stories about Viking life.

2017 – 2018:

The children have completed a variety of Topic work this year following the themes: ‘Celebrations’, ‘Traditional Tales’, The Great Fire of London’, ‘How Our Garden Grows’, ‘Island Detectives’, ‘Stories from other Cultures’, ‘Moving Monsters and Mechanisms’, ‘Life in Roman Times’, ‘Music Around the World’, ‘Castles’, ‘Healthy Lifestyles’, ‘Fairgrounds’, ‘World War Two’ and ‘Natural Disasters’.

Nursery and Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1

Lower Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2