Topic at The Milford Academy

The children have completed a variety of Topic work so far this year following the themes: ‘Traditional Tales’, ‘Stories from other Cultures’ and ‘Fairgrounds’.

Nursery and Foundation Stage

In Nursery the children cover topics which include the interests of the children, as well as current themes such as festivals, seasons and cultural events. They have been completing lots of different topic based activities such as baking, outdoor learning and painting.

The Nursery children also visited Stonebridge City Farm. They held and fed the animals and also looked how the vegetables, fruit and plants are grown on the farm.

In Foundation 2 the topics during the year cover predictable and seasonal themes, as well as including areas of interest and fascination for the children in the classes.

The Foundation 2 children also visited the Crich Tramway Museum. They listened to stories in the woods and compared the old trams with the ones that run in Nottingham.

Key Stage 1 – Traditional Tales

As part of Topic, Year 1 have been developing their Art skills. They have focused on drawing faces and they have drawn some fantastic self-portraits of themselves.

In Year 2 they have been working on the Design and Technology topic – ‘Moving Pictures’. They have made some scenes from some well known traditional tales come alive!

Lower Key Stage 2 – Stories from other Cultures

In Lower Key Stage 2 the children have been learning all about Africa and India. In Year 3 the children have been completing African Art. They looked at Calabashes which are bowls made from gourds that are cut and dried. They then used papier mache to create their own calabashes.

In Year 4 they have learnt about the amazing animals that are found in these countries and about the habitats that they live in. They also learnt about African schools and compared a school day in Africa to their own school day. They have completed African Art and drama activities.

Upper Key Stage 2 – Fairgrounds

In Upper Key Stage 2 the children have been learning all about fairgrounds. Last half term they enjoyed a  fantastic trip to Goose Fair! They looked at the different sorts of rides at the fair, how they moved, how they looked and the sounds they made. The children learnt all about the history of Nottingham Goose Fair and its importance to the local community. The children will also be learning about the science behind fairground rides and they will be making some rides of their own in Design and Technology lessons.