Topic at The Milford Academy

The children have completed a variety of Topic work so far this year following the themes: ‘Celebrations’, ‘Traditional Tales’, The Great Fire of London’, ‘How Our Garden Grows’, ‘Stories from other Cultures’,  ‘Moving Monsters and Mechanisms’, ‘Life in Roman Times’, ‘Music Around the World’, ‘Fairgrounds’ and ‘World War Two’.

Nursery and Foundation Stage

In Nursery the children cover topics which include the interests of the children, as well as current themes such as festivals, seasons and cultural events. They have been completing lots of different topic based activities such as baking, outdoor learning and painting.

Spring 2

This half term the Foundation 2 children have been looking at the topic ‘Space’. They have been looking at space travel and planets and using stories such as ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. An Alien called Egbert even crash landed on the playground! He wanted the children to do some writing, to build a home for him and find out about the planets to help him. They also had to help him mend his spaceship using their maths skills.

A selection of different animals from White Post Farm also visited the Foundation 2 children. The children loved meeting animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, a python, chicks, a tarantula spider, a gecko and a hedgehog. Some of them they could hold or stroke.

Spring 1

This half term the Nursery children have been reading books all about bears and finished their topic by having a teddy bears picnic. They had lots of food with their teddies and then had a party in the hall.

Nursery also joined in to celebrate pancake day. They mixed the batter and the teachers had to cook the pancakes for them.  They even managed to toss the pancakes high in the air!

They looked at the story ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?’ by Eric Carle.  They have been looking at different resources linked to colour and light as the animals on the story are all beautiful, bright colours. They have been mixing colours using the colour paddles, playing with kaleidoscopes, sorting colours and using funny shaped glasses to alter the way they see things.

In Foundation 2 the children have been looking at the stories of Eric Carle and Julia Donaldson, specifically ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Gruffalo’. They also took advantage of the very little snow this term and enjoyed making snow creations on the tables in the playground.

Autumn 2 

The children celebrated Monkey’s birthday and had a pirate themed birthday party. The children dressed as pirates, made treasure maps and took part in pirate small world imaginative play.

The Nursery children also visited Stonebridge City Farm. They held and fed the animals and also looked how the vegetables, fruit and plants are grown on the farm.

In Foundation 2 the topics during the year cover predictable and seasonal themes, as well as including areas of interest and fascination for the children in the classes.

The Foundation 2 children also visited the Crich Tramway Museum. They listened to stories in the woods and compared the old trams with the ones that run in Nottingham.

Key Stage 1 – Celebrations, Traditional Tales, The Great Fire of London and How Does Your Garden Grow

Spring 2

Key Stage 1 have completed lots of their Topic work through their Science this half term. They have each planted a bean in a plastic cup. They made sure their beans had plenty of soil to get their nutrients from and placed them in the growing trolley; making sure they were near the window so they could get some sunlight. They remembered to water the plants regularly to help them grow. Most of the beans started to grow. The tallest bean so far is 21cm!

In English they have covered two beautiful books, ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ and ‘The Tiny Seed’. In Art, the children have focused on recreating Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and have completed some detailed sketch work of leaves. 

Spring 1

This half-term the children have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London. They started the term with a drama workshop to introduce the topic. They had a great time and got to dress up and play an active role in the story. They then conducted their own research to find out more about The Great Fire and London in 1666 – presenting the information on posters to the class. 


The children have also enjoyed working with Mrs Baker, using tissue paper and cling film to create a beautiful window display of The Great Fire of London.

Autumn 2 

As part of their work on ‘Celebrations’, the children performed their KS1 nativity and enjoyed the annual Milford Christmas dinner.  They visited the Holy Trinity Church for a Christingle Service and then made their own.  They learnt what advent is and why it is important to Christians.  They have also been understanding how Hindus celebrate Diwali and how Jews celebrate Hanukkah.

Autumn 1

As part of Topic, Year 1 have been developing their Art skills. They have focused on drawing faces and they have drawn some fantastic self-portraits of themselves.

In Year 2 they have been working on the Design and Technology topic – ‘Moving Pictures’. They have made some scenes from some well known traditional tales come alive!

Lower Key Stage 2 – Moving Monsters and Mechanisms, Stories from other Cultures, Life in Roman Times and Music Around the World

Spring 2

The Lower Key Stage 2 children have been learning about ‘Music around the World’. They have looked at traditional music from Scotland, France, China and America. They have explored a variety of instruments, looked at how these work and have discussed pitch, tone and rhythm. The children have made their own straw windpipes and Miss Watts, the Music Coordinator, visited the Year 3 classes to demonstrate how a variety of musical instruments work.

The Year 3 children also took part in a singing concert at St. Mary’s Church in Nottingham. The songs they sang were all about the different monarchs in history. The children had learnt these songs as part of ‘Project Royal’.

Spring 1

The Year 3 and 4 children have been learning all about the Romans. They learnt about the spread of the Roman Empire, the invasion of Britain and the eventual conquest. They also looked in detail at some aspects of the Romanisation of Britain, such as the building of Roman roads and bath houses.

As part of this Topic the children spent the day at Wollaton Hall. They learnt all about Roman life including what types of food they ate, what they wore and what games they played. They then looked at lots of Roman artefacts with Peter the archaeologist and discussed what these objects told us about how the Romans lived. 

Autumn 2

Year 3 and 4 have been designing, making and evaluating monsters with pneumatic systems. They have enjoyed exploring ways to move things with air before designing their monsters. As designers, they have considered the function of the moving part as well as the aesthetic qualities of the monsters.


Autumn 1

In Lower Key Stage 2 the children have been learning all about Africa and India. In Year 3 the children have been completing African Art. They looked at Calabashes which are bowls made from gourds that are cut and dried. They then used papier mache to create their own calabashes.

In Year 4 they have learnt about the amazing animals that are found in these countries and about the habitats that they live in. They also learnt about African schools and compared a school day in Africa to their own school day. They have completed African Art and drama activities.

Upper Key Stage 2 – Fairgrounds and World War Two

Spring 2

Upper Key Stage 2 we have been learning about the life of Anne Frank. They have learned about how it would feel to be a Jewish child in a Nazi-led country during World War Two.  They have learned all about the negative impacts of prejudice and discrimination.

As part of the Anne Frank topic, the Year 5 and 6 children travelled to the Holocaust Memorial Centre.  They learned about a boy called Leo, who was a young Jew who lived in Berlin during WWII, and how he managed to escape Germany on the Kindertransport.

Spring 1

Year 5 and 6 have been learning all about World War 2. They have looked at many aspects of this important historical event such as why the war was started, the geography of countries in Europe before and afterwards and the evacuation of children to the countryside. Mrs Hickling’s grandma was 14 years old when WW2 started so the children posed questions to her which she  answered over mini-video clips. It was fantastic to see and hear first-hand accounts.

Autumn 2

The Year 5 and 6 children have been learning about fairground rides and why they are so important to Goose Fair. They were then able to think about what sort of fairground ride they would create as part of a Design and Technology project.  They planned, made, evaluated and then improved their fairground models. They made circuits which allowed each ride to have a working electrical component.


Autumn 1

In Upper Key Stage 2 the children have been learning all about fairgrounds.  they enjoyed a  fantastic trip to Goose Fair! They looked at the different sorts of rides at the fair, how they moved, how they looked and the sounds they made. The children learnt all about the history of Nottingham Goose Fair and its importance to the local community. They have found out the reasons as to why it’s called ‘Goose Fair’ and learnt about the communities which run these fairgrounds around the country.