The Voice of Milford

We are proud of all of our children but over the last couple of years, some of our Upper Junior Children have reached our never ending high expectations of them and are ‘stepping up to the plate’. They are acting as good role models and setting a really good example to the children lower down the school in terms of their aspirations to lead, the importance of being confident, independent and their ability to demonstrate responsibility around school.

  • A group of children have taken on the responsibility of delivering our  “Wednesday Celebration Assembly”.
  • A group of children delivery staff post
  • A group of children serve desserts at lunchtime
  • A group of librarians
  • Children who are part of “The Voice of Milford” and act as ambassadors

The Voice of Milford Ambassadors:

The Voice of Milford is a group of independent, responsible children who have been chosen to represent our school.

The ambassadors applied for their positions and successfully completed an interview. Please look at our display in the Junior block to see who our ambassadors are this year!

The job of the ambassadors is to think of ways that we can improve our school to make it a happier place. We actively seek advice from the rest of the school.

We have meetings on a fortnightly basis to discuss issues that we need to address.

Achievement Tables

Last year we started the ‘Achievement’ tables in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Every Friday lunchtime, 1 superstar from each class is chosen to sit on these special tables. There is one table in the infant hall and one in the junior hall.

To qualify for a place on the Achievement table that week, the chosen child from each class should have:

  • Completed ALL of their work to a good standard.
  • Tried their best, even if they have struggled with the work.
  • Shown the Milford Values at ALL times.
  • Been on the Rainbow or above on the behaviour chart.

Each child that sits on the Achievement table is rewarded with a Free School Meal (KS2), a certificate and a prize. The table is also beautifully decorated with a colourful tablecloth, napkins and party hats for the children to wear!

We also have a different teacher to sit on the Achievement Table with us each week. This is all very exciting!

We would like to say a huge thank you for your feedback about Milford children and their lunchtime experiences. Following this, the Voice of Milford have created their own set of Dobby Rules for the school to follow. We have sent these to your teachers for them to share with you. We will also be sharing these and our other plans at our next assembly on Wednesday 13th February 2019.

In the meantime, if you need us we will be on the playground at lunchtimes by the Ambassadors Box. This is a box full of activities to keep you busy if you are feeling lonely or just simply need someone to talk to.

The Voice of Milford, Miss Marshall and Mrs Litchfield.