The Nottingham Contemporary Partnership Project 2018-2019

Year 4 began their START  project in conjunction with  the Nottingham Contemporary with an inspirational visit to the ‘Still I Rise’ exhibition.

The Gallery exhibition, ‘Still I Rise’ and  is a major group exhibition exploring  the role women have played in the history of resistance movements and the creation of alternative forms of living  space. Milford pupils began to open their thinking on gender roles and challenging gender stereotypes.

The exhibition displayed art in many forms including: drawing, painting, photographs, poetry, sculpture, writing and dance! Milford pupils were fascinated by the wide variety of art in the exhibition.

During the visit, Milford pupils and their wonderful parents explored ideas through practical work.

Pupils and parents explored dance movements based on Blondell Cummings ‘Chicken Soup’ dance video.

They displayed wonderful teamwork skills while creating sculptures made from tights inspired by Senga Nengudi’s work

Story telling ideas were explored through   Xenobia Bailey’s Mothership 1 and Jeneen Frij Njoolil objects.  Story telling ideas were developed further around the Oracle Stones.

Pupils and parents expressed themselves freely while responding to Guo Fengyi’s  free drawings.

The gallery visit gave everyone a fantastic opportunity to view a wide range of art forms as well as try sculpture, dance, story-telling and free drawing!

A huge thank you to all pupils, parents and staff that participated enthusiastically within all activities!

What’s next in the START project?

Following the Gallery visit, there will be two workshops in school with project artists who will develop ideas from the exhibition with the children. Children will then create their own art work.

The project will end in an exhibition of the children’s work at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery .The exhibition will take place on the weekend of  9th and 10th March but pupils will also visit the exhibition at the gallery with school on the  7th March.

We are all very excited about the project. It is an amazing opportunity for the children to explore ideas, get creative, discuss issues, develop confidence and enjoy exhibiting their work!

Mrs Haslam