The Nottingham Contemporary Partnership Project 2017

Year 4 pupils have taken part in an exciting, inspirational project with the Nottingham Contemporary. The project evolved over several stages from a gallery visit to workshops with artists and culminating in the pupils exhibiting their own work at the gallery!

Pupils initially visited the ‘States of America’ photography exhibition and experienced a wide range of emotions while considering the images. Workshops helped  pupils reflect on the images, connect with them and imagine the emotions of the photograph subjects.

Pupils, parents, teachers, gallery staff and artists colaborated well to produce a positive, inspiring experience.

Following the Gallery visit, pupils and artists worked together at the Milford Academy  using ideas inspired by the photographs.

Pupils were fascinated by the facial expressions in the gallery images and decided  to create 2D and 3D masks showing some of the emotions we thought photograph subjects were feeling.

Pupils were also intrigued by photographs in the gallery accompanied by notes written by the photograph subjects. We decided to use our own self portraits to make notes about ourselves.  This activity made us really think about what is important to us!

Look out for the finished art work and exhibition…

Pupils continued to develop the masks, poetry and portrait work that started with the artists, in their own time and in their own creative way.

Pupil Exhibition

Finally, the pupils’ art work was display, along with other schools in the project, at the Nottingham Contempoary gallery. What an achievement!

Mrs Haslam