Off Site Learning

At The Milford Academy we offer all children the chance to be educated outside of the school in a wide variety of settings including the young lambs at Calke Abbey, for the Nursery, and the outdoor experiences of camping for Year 6. Many of these trips are day visits but increasingly we provide opportunities for children to have residential experiences that are memorable but also strengthen the relationships between the children and the staff.

All of our trips have aims and objectives, following the core aims of the National Curriculum which are to produce pupils who are:

Responsible citizens– which includes understanding identity, valuing diversity and working cooperatively to promote positive change.

Confident individuals- developing independence, self awareness and moral judgments.

Successful learners- to develop inquiring minds and be engaged in the big issues in our world.

On this section of the website you can see for yourselves the variety of experiences we offer and the enjoyment of the children is often clear to see in the photographs.


Mr Magner