Phonics Introduction

At The Milford Academy we teach phonics in a very systematic way. We largely follow the Nottingham City Council’s phonics programme but also use a commercial scheme called Phonics Play.

In Key Stage 1 we have two 15 minute phonic sessions a day.  During the first session the children work in smaller groups with other children who are working within the same Phase.  During the second session the children work within their class at the age-related Phase. During both of these sessions the children learn different sounds (phonemes) and how to read (blend) and write (segment) using the knowledge of these sounds.  The children then try to  apply all of this knowledge in their writing.

For further information about learning through phonics visit the Department for Education website.

The Phonics Screening Check

The phonics screening check is a short assessment carried out with all Year 1 children on an individual basis in the Summer Term.  The aim is to identify whether or not the children have met the expected level of phonic knowledge and skills in blending.

Parents will be informed as to whether or not their child has met the expected level.

Children who have not met the expected level will retake the phonics screening check in Year 2.  Every effort is taken to identify children who are struggling to meet the expected level or who need additional support in Year 2.  The Pupil Premium funding is used to support children eligible through interventions.


Why not visit Topmarks to find out more information about phonics.  There are also many exciting games which will support your child’s learning.