Nottingham Contemporary Art Project 2015

Regan's animal/human theme inspired by a sculpture at the Gallery.

Regan’s animal/human theme inspired by a sculpture at the Gallery.

Ten lucky children in Years 4  and 5 were chosen to take part in an exciting Art Project in school with the help of Jo Dacombe, an artist from The Nottingham Contemporary.  This is their art journey.

We have taken  part in all sorts of  creative activities! The first session involved lots of group discussion where  we were encouraged to voice  our  opinion, and speak confidently. The  theme was ‘Rights Of Nature’ so we talked about what nature meant to us, and the world around us. We looked at different pieces of art work by a variety of artists. We discussed what kind of messages the art work could be trying to get across. We researched nature and took a stroll around school on the hunt for inspiration! We took the iPads and captured lots of photographs of  the nature around us.

100_1896resizedAfter we found inspiration, we thought of our own individuals themes related to the main group theme. On the second session we explored  school again,  taking photographs with cameras this time. We developed our photography skills,  making sure that photographs were in focus and  suggesting ways to improve our  photographs. Fraya said,  “I make sure that I stand really still so that the photo is clear.” We also learnt how to use the zoom option on the cameras. We created pieces of work that would be used in our final masterpiece and exhibition. This was very exciting and we enjoyed having ownership and responsibility of our  own work!  Ruby said,  “I like that we could make whatever we liked and that we were in charge of our work!”

We went on a very exciting trip to the Nottingham Contemporary where we went to see an exhibition called ‘Rights Of Nature’. We found the building very interesting, we hadn’t seen anything like it before. George said,  “The building was strange, it’s not like the buildings I see.” The exhibition related to our own work so we  were able to gain inspiration to use in our  themes. We saw a number of different pieces of art, made out of different materials.  It was shocking to see that art wasn’t just paint, colouring pencils and drawing. It opened  our  eyes and showed  us that art can be anything we  like. One of Allan’s favourite pieces of art was a man made out of wood. The man looked down hearted and was trying to pass a message across. We discussed what this message could be. Allan said,  “The man might be trying to tell people that he had been hurt before because a hole is in his hand, he looks in pain.”

By visiting the gallery  we realised that through art, we can express our feelings and thoughts. We really enjoyed being in a different environment. Keira said,  “I really liked going to the gallery. I’ve never seen art like that before.” We came back to school and were thoroughly inspired by the work we had seen at the Nottingham Contemporary.

Ruby's stone theme with a stone soundscape!

Ruby’s stone theme with a stone soundscape!

In the final week of the Art Project we created our very own exhibition, just like the one we saw at The Nottingham Contemporary. We presented our own work and made backgrounds white so that our work stood out. We were very proud of the art pieces we created. Cameron said,  “I’m really excited for all of my friends to see because I’m proud of my work.”  Fraya said,  “My work looks really special so I’m excited for people to come and see it.”  Allan said,  ‘I want to share my hard work and good ideas with my friends.”  Our classes and some of our parents came to see  our exhibition in school. We were so proud to show off their hard work. We even got a comment book full of fantastic feedback from our peers.


Artists explaining their ideas.

Artists explaining their ideas.

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