KS1 Choir Perform at The Farnborough Academy

Last Thursday evening, twenty two children from the  KS1 Choir sang in a concert at The Farnborough Academy. They performed three songs by themselves, as well as two joint numbers with choirs from The Glapton Academy and Farnborough. The children were a credit to the school and I have received lots of positive feedback from audience members and parents who attended the concert. Well done for your super singing KS1 Choir, I look forward to working with you next year!

KS1 Choir performing at The Farnborough Academy.

Attendance W/E Friday 13th July 2018

Our attendance this week was 94.9%

Class 8 had 100% attendance, AMAZING!!

Classes 9 and 11 had great attendance too.

Classes 7 and 12 were all on time every day.

Mrs Butler

Year 5/6 Sportshall Reward to Colwick Park

The Year 5 and 6 Athletics Team won a Bronze Medal at the Sportshall Athletics Finals. They had worked so hard to achieve their amazing medal winning performance they earned themselves a reward. We headed to Colwick Park for a fun filled action packed day where the children took to the skies to climb the high ropes, showed off their Robin Hood skills at Archery and made a splash in the lake whilst canoeing.

All the children had a fantastic day. They were praised by all members of staff at Colwick Park for their fantastic behaviour and sporting abilities.

The Sports Team

Little Gardeners

Three weeks ago our two year olds filled their planter with little plants and flowers, with help from Anna. They water it most days and look how much it has grown  already!

21st of June.

12th July.

The children love to watch things grow.

Mrs Gibson