Phonics morning

No less than 54 adults came to the phonics and reading morning. What amazing support! We would like to thank all of them for sparing the time and hope that they found it useful.

Naomi Atamaniuk

Year 4 Visit The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery

Class 9 and 10 visited The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery at the start of an exciting project!

Children viewed the photographs on exhibition and carried out creative workshops with artists.  The interesting images helped them explore emotions, recreate scenes and use descriptive language.

Wonderful parents helped children on the visit and joined in the workshops with them. Thank you to all parents who attended this event.

Milford pupils were engaged, polite, enthusiastic and creative! The photographs in the gallery inspired the children to create their own art work.

What an exciting start to our partnership with The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery!

Many thanks to everyone involved.

Look out for further developments in this project

Mrs Haslam