D.T. Healthy Lifestyles Project

The Milford Academy is working alongside Suzanne Gomersall, Senior Lecturer  at N.T.U  on an exciting Healthy Lifestyles Project.

At the Milford Academy, a cooking and nutrition  topic has been planned into each year group, as part of the D.T. curriculum.

The Healthy Lifestyles project aims to help pupils understand the importance of healthy eating and  gives them the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy nutritious food!

As part of the project, Year 1 parents and pupils completed questionnaires and food diaries. Some of the headlines are :

87% of children like cooking

95% of children have breakfast every day

78% of children have made cakes or biscuits rather than a healthy dish (hopefully this will be a percentage that changes over the years)

Parents were given ‘top tips’ sheet about breakfasts – we hope  this will be useful.

We challenged pupils to  eat some ‘green’ foods more frequently.

Working with a chef

Year 1 pupils  worked  with the chef, Idris Caldora.  Pupils were all  given aprons and chefs hats!

Idris was impressed with the knowledge demonstrated by the children naming vegetables. The only one which stumped them was beetroot!


Look out for more news on the Healthy Lifestyles Project!

Mrs Haslam