SMSC at The Milford Academy

At The Milford Academy, we recognise that social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is central to the education of all pupils. It is reflected in the behaviours of individuals, their interactions and also in the provision of teaching, resources and learning environments. SMSC development is taught through and reflected in all areas of the curriculum and through all aspects of school life. Here are some examples of the SMSC objectives in action:

The children in Nursery have been using imagination and creativity in their learning. Spiritual Sp1

The Nursery children really enjoyed growing potatoes and were fascinated by the results. Spiritual Sp2

In Reception our ‘Creative Conservatory’ allows children to use their imagination and learn in creative ways. Spiritual Sp3

The children develop a sense of enjoyment and fascination through their Science enquiries and investigations and through exploring using Google Earth. Spiritual Sp2

The Upper Key Stage 2 children developed their respect for different people’s faiths and feelings through their Topic: World War 2. Spiritual Sp1

The children experience imagination and creativity when they visited ‘The Nottingham Contemporary’. Spiritual SP3

The children experience creativity and imagination in  action in our annual IMAGE Theatre productions. Spiritual SP3

The children use their imagination and creativity in the Art Room in the Hub. Spiritual Sp3

The children use creativity in their performances including ‘Aladdin Trouble’ , ‘Milford at the Musicals’, The Nativity’ and the ‘Christmas Extravaganza’. Spiritual Sp3

The children at Milford learn about the world around them using our world map. Spiritual Sp2

The children enjoy learning about others and the world around them on their school trips. Spiritual Sp2

The children enjoy learning about others and the world through their themed school dinners. Spiritual Sp2

The children enjoy learning about others and the world around around them through the annual Culture Day. Spiritual Sp2

The children respect different people’s faiths feelings and values through the religious celebrations explored through the R.E curriculum and assemblies. Spiritual Sp1

One of our Milford Values is ‘Respect’. Through our work in class and our assemblies we develop an acceptance of other people and of combatting discrimination (Odd Socks Day). Moral M6

The Nursery children explored moral issues around the story of The Billy Goat’s Gruff. Moral M4

The children learn about the difference between right and wrong and the consequences of their behaviour and actions through their DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) sessions, On Track sessions, our Topic: ‘Crime and Punishment’ and they take part in a Nottinghamshire Road Safety Competition and half termly e-safety sessions. Moral M1, M3

The children learn about moral and ethical issues through watching and discussing Newsround. Moral M4

The Voice of Milford children have a responsibility to share the viewpoints of others on issues affecting our school. Moral M4

The children learn about and respect the public institutions and services in England through their celebration and fund raising on Armistice Day and through the topic: Famous People – Florence Nightingale where the children learn about the NHS. The children also visit the Clifton Library regularly and have a chance to interact with students and tutors from Nottingham Trent University. Moral M5

The children learn about the importance of combatting discrimination through their learning about World War 2 and their visit to ‘The Holocaust Centre’. Moral M6

Children are encouraged to take responsibility for a particular job role both in and out of the classroom including The Voice of Milford, The Librarians, Celebration Assembly Leads and Milk Monitors. Social So1

Children use a range of social skills in a variety of contexts and social settings including: class trips, choir trips to Royal Concert Hall and the Clifton Care Home, sports events, Milford Out Of School Experience, gardening, Eco Club and The Speaking and Listening Competition. Social So2

Year 6 held their own Christmas Market selling their produce to parents. Social So2

Art activities are linked to the topics to allow the children to experience a variety of different art from different cultures including Mayan, Roman, Egyptian. Cultural Cd4

The children show respect for their community by contributing throughout the year to Clifton Food Bank. The children also fund-raise for Sports Relief, Children in Need and Comic Relief. Cultural Cd5

Through our History overarching theme of ‘Invasions’ the children learn about how cultural influences have shaped their heritage and those of others. For example: The Romans, The Vikings, The Normans. Cultural Cd1

The children learn about the History of Nottingham through their topic work on Goose Fair, Nottingham Castle, World War 2 and the legend of Robin Hood. Cultural Cd1

The children participate in a variety of artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities including:  art work with Milford’s artist in residence, displaying their art work at The Nottingham Contemporary and at East Midlands Airport, Using the kilns at Nottingham Trent University, performing alongside the actors from IMAGE and Partake Theatre, performing at ‘Christmas in the City’, the Hoodwinked Book Bench Project, Area Band and cookery sessions with our chef, Idris.

Mrs Cassidy and Mrs Baker