Breakfast Club


Our Breakfast Club takes place every day between 8am and 9am. Children are able to attend from starting school in our Reception classes.

We are located in the Junior Hall and the club is staffed by 7 members of staff.

Breakfast Club is £1.50 per day and the cost includes a healthy breakfast. Children must arrive before 8.20am if they require breakfast.


  • Toast
  • Selection of Cereal
  • Milk & water to drink


Our Breakfast Club offers:

  • Support for working families
  • Time for children to socialise with peers and make new friends
  • Time for children to read and complete homework
  • A healthy breakfast to start the day



Places need to be booked in advance unless an exceptional circumstances.

Please can Breakfast Club money be sent on Mondays in a clearly labelled envelope alternatively you can pay online using Schoolcomms. You will need to download a Smart Phone App or visit the School Gateway website.

If you require a place at Breakfast please speak to Mrs Ford.