Art Club

 A group of enthusiastic and talented pupils meet after school each week to deepen their creative experiences, develop ideas further and choose a wider range of techniques and media. They are inspired by artist studies and partnership projects.

The school grounds provided inspiration for our talented artists.  

Art Club explored Print Techniques
Pupils worked on ceramic tiles  in partnership with East Midlands Airport
Art Club have been creating iconic images of the East Midlands on ceramic tiles.  We hope to display them at East Midlands Airport.
Do you recognise landmarks, sport clubs,  culture and entertainment venues?
Hoodwinked BookBench Project  (Sponsored by East Midlands Airport)
Congratulations to the talented artists at the Milford Academy who designed, drew and painted an amazing BookBench. Pupils created a design that represented a reading journey through the Milford Academy showing the diverse genres and interesting authors children meet along the way!
Pupils sketched out ideas on paper, planned the areas faintly on the unpainted bench then created the design using acrylic paints and posca pens for outline detail. Finally, the BookBench was varnished.
Georgia O’Keeffe  artist study
Art Club have been inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keeffe to create their own work in pastels, chalk. oils and watercolours.
Faces proved an interesting topic for Art Club and shading techniques were developed while focussing on specific features.
Art Club studied the artist Roy Lichenstein and used his comic strip style art to create their own work.
Observational Sketches
resize angel 2
resize hand shading
resize hand sketch 3
Can you see shading techniques?  Can you see where pupils have chosen different pencil grades for effect?
Environmental Art
Art group studied the artist Andy Goldsworthy and were inspired by his environmental art. They used natural resources to create group art work in the school grounds.  Autumn colours were used to create art that would blend into the school environment.
Picasso Study
Inspiration was taken from the artist Picassso. Pupils began the study  by copying famous paintings form the Blue Period as well as some Cubist work.picasso copy 2picasso nudeExtending ideas
Picasso sketches  were used as inspiration to explore different media. Colours, shapes, textures and moods were developed on fabric!picasso fabric
Water colour  and pastel TechniquesA group of pupils  were experimenting with water colours and pastels. The colours blended creatively  with paints and  the pastels created interesting smudge colour shot resizegroup 2Mask MakingPupils created a unique paper mache mask design. Everyone was given a standard plastic mask and used paper mache to extend and enhance them in individual styles! Pupils used their imagination and paint techniques to bring these masks to life. Do you like our finished  mask designs? Can you guess the inspiration for each?

finished masks

A pupil commented, “I’ve really enjoyed the mask making because you can let your imagination run wild!”

mask detailed resize

Outstanding art work from Milford pupils!
Mrs Haslam