Philosophy Of English At Milford.

English is at the heart of education and as such is central to everything we seek to achieve at Milford.  It remains our biggest challenge and priority at Milford despite the progress we have made in recent years in Reading, Writing, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar standards.  Many of our children enter the Academy with poor Speaking and Literacy skills which impacts on progress and attainment in later years and this has influenced our early years practice.

The Academy has endured that our youngest children have excellent play provision and resources to encourage high levels of social skills, and the development of Speaking and Listening.  This is also supported by early engagement with Parents through Getting Reading for Nursery classes and involved in the Getting Ready for Nursery classes and involved in the 2 Year Old Pilot.

We are working with our parents at Early Excellence in Huddersfield to help us improve our standards in the early Years Foundation Stage and deliver a range of focused activities that encourage early acquisition of Key Literacy skills.

In Key Stage One our rigorous approach to Reading Diaries is designed to ensure that all our children, parents and carers fully appreciate the importance of Reading every night accompanied by good levels of comprehension.

We appreciate that not all our children reach key early milestones in English so our systematic programme of interventions are designed to ensure that all our children become literate and vulnerable groups (e.g. FSM) achieve similar standards to their peers.  Speaking and Listening remains a key skill in Key Stage One.  Our children have made significant progress in their ability to articulate their feelings and views while still needing to be more articulate in national terms.  This will require a wider range of educational opportunities to be provided for them and a greater exposure to a breadth of Literature to enable them to develop a far greater vocabulary to allow them to achieve this.

Progress here will enable our children to comprehend complex text, lead to higher levels of inference and an ability to write at a more sophisticated level for all age groups.  This requires a whole school approach and commitment to English because without it our children will not ultimately access higher education and are therefore compromised to seeking gainful employment in the future.

Updated:  October 2016

Review: September 2017

The review is taking place in the Spring Term 2018