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Welcome to The Milford Academy Website

Dear Parents / Carers


Welcome to The Milford Academy website. We hope you enjoy finding out more about the school and how the children learn and enjoy their time at Milford. We remain committed to building on our successful OFSTED inspection  and ensuring all our children reach their potential. We have now refurbished all the classrooms in the school and have single year groups throughout. This really helps the staff and children focus on all the new challenges in the new National Curriculum and higher National Standards set by the Government.

We are delighted that our children continue to make good progress in their learning despite the harder challenges but we know there remains lots to do. Reading is currently our biggest challenge so in partnership with yourselves we need to increase our efforts to help all our children become successful readers but also develop a love of reading. This year we want all our children to speak in full sentences and demonstrate our MILFORD values:

M– Motivated

I– Independent

L– Learning

F– Forward Thinking

O – Outstanding

R– Respect

D– Determined

on a daily basis.

It is a real privilege to lead a school where the staff and children work so hard together to achieve while treating everyone with respect and tolerance. We may all be different but we are all proud, as I hope you are, to be part of The Milford Community. We of course would welcome your suggestions about how we can improve the website or indeed our school. We are confident that 2019/2020 will be another successful year and we are very appreciative of the support you offer us and your children.

Yours sincerely

D Magner
Head Teacher