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Welcome to The Milford Academy Website

Welcome to The Milford Academy website.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about the school and how the children learn and enjoy their time at Milford.  2020 has of course been an incredibly challenging year for everybody but we are so pleased to welcome all the children back to school and clearly they are as determined as we are to have a successful year.  This term the Academy Board will be appointing a new Head Teacher who will bring a new energy and enthusiasm to the school and will be able to work with our fantastic team and of course yourselves to keep improving Milford and the quality of education offered to your children.  Reading is as ever the key to being a successful learner so please support us in any way you can to help your children learn to love reading.

The Milford Values

M– Motivated

I– Independent

L– Learning

F– Forward Thinking

O – Outstanding

R– Respect

D– Determined