Behaviour Band System at Milford

At Milford we are proud of how children behave in school and when they represent us out of school. We talk to our children a lot about our shared values, what they mean and how they influence us at school and in the wider community. Our children are now far more articulate about their emotions and how this can influence the way they think and behave but we also want to encourage the children to be more articulate about their learning and learning behaviour. At Milford we are looking to produce positive, aspirational and independent learners who understand how their attitude and approach to their learning, each other and the adults who teach them can help them reach their goals in life.

The Milford Bands represent our values on a day to day basis. The children demonstrate them every week during the Autumn Term, earning marks towards a bronze band. They thenĀ earn a Milford bronze band. In turn this can lead to a silver and then a gold band. Every time a child achieves a new band they can also choose a reward but this will take time to achieve. We want to help the children to understand that you canĀ get rewards in life but normally this takes time and hard work to achieve.

milford-bands-page-625So many of our children come to school every day, work hard, help each other, read daily and join our after-school clubs and we want to recognise the contribution they make at Milford. We want them to feel proud of their achievements while always striving to be the best they can be and the Milford Band System means we always have an intelligent conversation with them about this process.


Mr Magner