Donated Wii- Thank You

A huge thank you to a family who attends MOOSE, for donating a Nintendo Wii.

The children (and staff) are looking forward to using it.

Mrs Lane

We enjoy being outside

At the end of a busy school day, M.O.O.S.E. get the chance to let off some  steam and get rid of some extra energy.

Here are some of the things we enjoy:

Tyre games are one of the children’s favourite.

Shooting hoops.

We also get the chance to sit and chat with our friends about our day.

Our learning does not stop at school, we also like to play at being teachers with our friends.

Happy times.

Mrs Lane

Autumn Half Term

This Half Term we decided to explore a magical theme. We tried a variety of experiments. Some of our experiments worked and some did not but we had lots of fun trying them out.

Take a look!

Floating Eggs.


Why did our eggs not float? We have no idea!!

Self Inflating Balloon.

Success it worked.

Erupting Volcano!

Another great and visual success.

We also enjoyed Hall Games, Cooking and Free Time.


Mrs Lane