Easter Holiday 2019

Dear Parents,

The Easter Holiday is fast approaching and the MOOSE Club staff are beginning to plan the holiday activities in school, the event and trips over the holiday out of school and plan the menus.

If you require a place at the club during this time, could you please book it on line or contact the Office Staff. To ensure you secure a place, bookings need to be paid in advance.

Ms. V. Grinnell – Moose Club Co-ordinator

Mad Science

This week we have all become scientists. We have been trying out a variety of experiments, some have worked and some have not.

Our first experiment was to try and recreate a rainbow.

Colour changing flowers.

The flowers did not change colour so we then tried again with celery and this was successful.

What do you think could happen to the egg?

Bouncy eggs. Wow! (This was our favourite experiment of the week)

We made our own pizza base with fresh yeast. It was interesting to see the reaction of the yeast. (This process is called fermentation)

“It was really interesting to see the products work together to make an amazing science experiment.”

Can you guess how we inflated the balloon?

At the end of the week we tested our taste buds with different foods that we have never tried before. Sweet, Sour, Tasty and Bitter.

Well done to all the children this week, you have achieved your mad science award.

Mrs Lane  Mr Gibson





Easter Half Term

This half term we have had a busy two weeks. At the beginning of the holidays we took a trip to Toys r Us to buy some new toys.

We read the map to find out which bus to take ?

After our trip to Toys r Us we went  shopping to buy our tea.

We need to make sure everywhere is clean and tidy, ready  for tea.

We enjoyed some unexpected sunshine and had some well earned chill time.

A trip to the local park was fun. We went to see the new improvments.

During week two of the holidays we held our very own fun fair,  all of the children helped to make the games and activities.

We played games to win tickets.

Higher or lower?

The children and staff had lots of fun making and participating in the fun fair themed week. They finished off by exchanging their tickets for prizes.


Mrs Lane

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to the wonderful members of staff for donating a bike and two mini football tables. The children will have hours of fun with them.

Thank You

Mrs Lane