Homework Club

Year 6 Homework Club is taking place every Wednesday straight after school until 4.15pm. During this time, the children can complete their weekly homework with the support of Miss Richardson, Mrs Cassidy and Mr Shaw. There will also be opportunities to work on the iPads and for the children to receive extra support with their learning from the school day.

Thank you to all the hardworking children who are already attending this club.

Just a reminder that the session on 6th November is cancelled due to Parents Evening.

Mrs Cassidy and Miss Richardson

Goose Fair Trip reminder – Friday 4th October 2019

The Year 5 and 6 children will be going on a trip to Goose Fair on Friday to link with our topic, Fairgrounds. We will be leaving school at 11.30 am and returning to school for 3.15 p.m. Remember to send your child to school with a packed lunch unless they have already ordered one from our school kitchen. 

You can send your child with a maximum of £10 for the visit so that they will be able to go on rides or stalls.  This needs to be in a purse or wallet with your child’s name on.  Each child will be responsible for their own money. Please note, we will only let the children on rides which are suitable for their age and height.

Mrs Cassidy

Nottingham Trent Graduation Day

Dear parents and carers,

On Friday, year 6 will be visiting Nottingham Trent University. Please note that the pupils will require a packed lunch for this trip, if they have not ordered a sandwich bag.

Many thanks

Mrs Hickling

Year 6 Residential Food Orders

Dear parents/carers,

In preparation for our trip to Ambleside, we are required to provide the YHA with food orders for the week. We would appreciate it, if you could help your child to make their choices by ticking their main and dessert option on the sheet, which was sent home on Monday. (Please note that these selections will be taken with us and therefore the children will not be able to change their chosen meal.)

We are required to notify the YHA of the food orders as soon as possible so please return your dinner choices by Friday 3rd May 2019.

Kind regards

Mrs Hickling and Miss Richardson

Thank you to P.C.S.O Mattison

Year 6 and the staff are extremely grateful to P.C.S.O Mattison who has visited us on two occassions this year. Firstly, she advised us on how to stay safe on the internet and the importance of using social media correctly. More recently, she has spoken about our need to stay safe when out and about, in particular, in derelict buildings.

Once again, thank you!

Year 6, Miss Richardson and Mrs Hickling.