Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page. There are two classes in this cohort: Class 14 (Mrs Hickling) and Class 15 (Miss Richardson). Mr Rogers will also be supporting us this year.

Here is some important information about Year 6 and what we will be learning in the Autumn Term.

In Year 6 we expect everyone to try their hardest – to always aim to do a little better than the day before. If we can do that, we will all do really well! In order to achieve our best there are some expectations.

  • To follow our Milford Values and school rules
  • To listen to advice and act upon it
  • To listen really well and be ready to learn, keeping a positive mind set
  • To be well organised and have everything you need in school, including a full PE kit and your reading diary

These are all achievable if we work together as a team and support each other!


In English we will be reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo to support our topic work. We will be using our inference skills to find out about the different characters. We will also be writing our own character descriptions and narratives linked to the story. We will have weekly reading sessions to improve our reading skills and broaden our vocabulary.


In maths, we will be improving our knowledge of place value, including decimal numbers and reading and writing numbers. We will be also revisiting and continuing to practise formal methods for the four operations. Each week, we will have an arithmetic lesson to improve our skills and increase the speed at which we answer questions.


Our topic this half term is The Vikings. We will be finding out about where they came from and what they were famous for. We will also place them on a timeline in relation to other important dates in history. We look forward to telling you about our Viking day that is coming up soon.


Our science topic is all about animals (including humans). We will be learning about the different systems in our body and looking in particular at the different parts and functions of the circulatory system. We will focus on how different nutrients move around the body and the effect that too much sugar can have on us.

Religious Education

In R.E we will be listening to and learning about the different creation stories from different religions and cultures. We will be recognising the similarities and differences between them.


Our PE lessons will be on a Friday afternoon. This half term we will continue to improve our athletic skills and particularly look at indoor athletic activities such as speed bounce and standing long jump. Each week we will continue to better our previous scores and times and challenge each other to achieve our best.


Each week you will receive reading activities linked to your reading book. We will also give out homework linked to what we have been doing in class that will support your learning. Although, there is no expectation for you complete all your homework, it is good to keep your brain active at all times.

Miss Richardson, Mrs Hickling and Mr Rogers