Year 6

Hello and welcome to Class 14 and 15! We are a cohort of brilliant and hardworking Year 6 children and our teachers are called Mrs Cassidy (Class 14) and Miss Richardson (Class 15). Mr Shaw is our Teaching Assistant and he will be supporting both classes.


To go alongside our topic, ‘The Maya Civilisation’, we have been completing work around the book ‘Rain Player’ by David Wisniewski. We have used this book as inspiration for a rewrite of the Mayan game of pok-a-tok and have explored ways to build tension and atmosphere.

We have also used our skills of retrieval and summarising to record information from a variety of non-fiction texts including online texts. We have developed our understanding of the devices and grammatical structures used in non-narrative writing and have written our own non-chronological report on the Maya.

We have continued to focus on improving our engagement and attainment in reading. We have been completing our weekly guided reading sessions and have used the school library regularly. We have continued with ‘Rainbow Reading’ and are excited to read as many books from our book list as possible.

As part of our weekly comprehension lessons, we have developed our reading skills and used drama activities to help us to understand the events and the feelings of the characters in a variety of texts including an extract from ‘Julius Caesar’ by William Shakespeare (Act III, scene II):


We have been learning all about the Ancient Maya civilisation.  We have explored their religious beliefs and the use of sacrifice to honour their Gods. We have learnt about how archaeologists have found out about ancient civilisations using artefacts. We have also looked at the Maya’s writing and number system.


In Maths we have consolidated our learning about division. We have then explored fractions. We have looked at fractions and the four operations, equivalent fractions and fractions of amounts. We have used Cuisenaire to support us to physically see how fractions can be used in reasoning problem and how to solve these problems.

 We have been completing weekly arithmetic tests and have been achieving amazing scores on Times Tables Rock Stars.


In Science we learnt all about light. We have used torches to investigate how light moves and why we can see things. We have looked at how mirrors work and designed and made our own. working periscopes.


In R.E, we have learnt all about the Christmas story. We looked at how the story we know is similar and different to the traditional Bible story. We have discussed interpretation and how the meaning of a story can still be the same even if certain details have changed.  

‘Aladdin Trouble’

We have been practising in preparation for their show ‘Aladdin Trouble’. We are very excited about performing this to parents and the rest of the school and it is looking like it will be spectacular show!

The Year 6 Christmas Market

We put on our own Christmas Market on the 18th December. We chose the products we wanted to make and sell, designed the posters, chose the pricing for our products and stayed afterschool to sell our products to parents. The profits from the sale are going towards our Year 6 residential.

Next Half-Term

World War Two

Our topic for next half term is World War 2. We need to remember to complete our topic homework in order to begin next half-term with some important knowledge to support our learning.

Aladdin Trouble

This year’s Year 5 and 6 pantomime will be Aladdin Trouble. Our performances will be on Thursday 16th January 2020 at 10am, and Friday 17th January at 2pm and tickets are available from the office.


P.E will be taught throughout the year and will be taught on Friday for Year 6. We need to make sure we bring our full P.E kits into school on Monday and leave them in school throughout the week. There may be unscheduled P.E activities that take place at different times during the week and we need our P.E kits ready so we do not miss out.

Spellings and Times Tables Rock Stars

Weekly spellings will be sent home for us to learn ready for our tests on Mondays.  We need to remember to go onto Times Tables Rock Stars to practise our time tables.

Rainbow Reading

We have our rainbow reading lists and we will be able to begin borrowing books from this list to take home. We could always get a head start by visiting Clifton library and seeing if any of the books are there for us to borrow.  

Homework Club

Year 6 Homework Club is taking place every Wednesday straight after school until 4.15pm. During this time, we can complete our weekly homework with the support of Miss Richardson, Mrs Cassidy and Mr Shaw. There will also be opportunities to work on the iPads and for us to receive extra support with our learning from the school day.

We are looking forward to another fun year! Watch this space for lots of interesting and exciting updates about our work in Year 6!