Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page. There are two classes in this cohort: Class 14 (Mrs Hickling) and Class 15 (Miss Richardson). Mr Rogers will also be supporting us this year.

Here is some important information about Year 6.

In Year 6 we expect everyone to try their hardest – to always aim to do a little better than the day before. If we can do that, we will all do really well! In order to achieve our best there are some expectations.

  • To follow our Milford Values and school rules
  • To listen to advice and act upon it
  • To listen really well and be ready to learn, keeping a positive mind set
  • To be well organised and have everything you need in school, including a¬†full PE kit and your reading diary

These are all achievable if we work together as a team and support each other!

This half-term has been packed full of interesting and exciting things that we can’t wait to tell you about.

As part of our science topic on light we have taken part in many investigations. Below are some photos to show what we have been doing, including an investigation with mirrors where we had to reflect the maximum number of images into our eyes. This involved using a protractor to make accurate measurements and counting each image carefully. We also made colour wheels with a spectrum of colour and pin hole cameras which worked brilliantly.

How many figures can you see?

We used a protractor to measure the angles to place the mirrors.

Preparing our colour wheels.

To conclude our topic on the Vikings, we learnt all about Viking ships; their importance and the special design features they had. We then designed and made our own. We hope you like them – we had great fun making them!

Our Viking long ships.

In R.E. we have looked carefully at the Christmas story and the importance of Christmas to the Christian faith. We learnt about Advent and made our own Christingles, learning what each part of it meant.

A Christingle.

Next half-term will also be full of interesting and exciting learning. Our English topic will be based on the stories of William Shakespeare where we will be focusing on the story of ‘Macbeth’. In maths, we will be linking our learning on fractions to decimals and percentages. Our science topic is all about evolution and how animals adapt to live in different climates and habitats. In topic, we will look at crime and punishment through history to present day and link this to our R.E. work where we will be thinking¬†about justice and freedom.

We look forward to sharing our work with you next time!


Year 6