Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page. There are two classes in this cohort: Class 14 (Mrs Hickling) and Class 15 (Miss Richardson). Mr Rogers will also be supporting us this year.

Here is some important information about Year 6.

In Year 6 we expect everyone to try their hardest – to always aim to do a little better than the day before. If we can do that, we will all do really well! In order to achieve our best there are some expectations.

  • To follow our Milford Values and school rules
  • To listen to advice and act upon it
  • To listen really well and be ready to learn, keeping a positive mind set
  • To be well organised and have everything you need in school, including a full PE kit and your reading diary

These are all achievable if we work together as a team and support each other!


In English have been reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo to support our topic work. We have written character descriptions for both King Hrothgar and Grendel. We have also re-written part of the story from Beowulf’s perspective – it was the particularly gory part where he kills Grendel’s mum!


In maths, we have worked hard to improve our knowledge of place value and using formal methods for the four operations. As we worked so hard and quickly, we have been able to spend a lot of time solving problems and looking at reasoning questions. Although these can be tricky, we are really starting to get the hang of them and we are growing in confidence when faced with challenges!


Our topic this term is The Vikings. It would take us too long to tell you everything that we have been learning about the Vikings, but here’s a little taste…

We now know: where they came from, why they travelled here, how they survived, what they did to make them so famous and whether they were always the vicious people they are portrayed to be.

We were visited by Bjorn (a traditional Viking person) who took charge of our Viking Day. Here are some photos.

Using the stone to grind grain for flour. It was harder than it looked!

Ready for battle. Here we are in a shield line facing our opposition!

A brilliant outfit, well-suited to this vicious Viking!

Bjorn shared with us many stories about Viking life.


Our science topic is all about animals (including humans). This half-term we have learnt about the digestive and circulatory system. In particular, we have looked at how much sugar is on our favourite foods and what effect it has on our bodies. We have also started a ‘Class to 5K’ walk/run to improve our fitness and general wellbeing.

Religious Education

In R.E we have been listening to and learning about the different creation stories from different religions and cultures.


This half-term, we have been improving our athletic ability in both track and field. We have also been fortunate to be visited by a professional footballer who gave us a very special, one-off coaching session.


Mrs Baker has been working with year 6 to improve our art work. We have been focusing on the use of water colour. As autumn has approached we have also used the sketching pencils to produce our own autumnal pieces.

Year 6