Year 5

Hello and welcome to Class 11 and 12! We are a cohort of brilliant and hardworking Year 5 children and our teachers are called Mrs Cassidy (Class 12) and Miss Groves (Class 11). We will be taught by Mrs Beri on a Tuesday morning in Class 11 and on a Friday in Class 12. Mrs Rowe will also be supporting the Year 5 cohort.

English and Topic

We have been using our knowledge from the Topic lessons to write a report about the Vikings. We have been using the punctuation and the conjunctions we have been learning about in class in the report. We have learnt lots of information about the Vikings. Such as, they had brutal punishments. One was the ‘cake punishment’. You would eat a slice of cake and if you choked on it you were guilty.  They came from Scandinavia on longships. The ships were small enough to fit down narrow rivers. They were made out of planks of oak. They used the stars and moon to navigate.  The boats had dragon heads to scare away evil spirits. They called this dragon head the ‘spirit of the ship’. When they went to places peacefully they would take off the dragon head.  The Vikings used seal skin as sleeping bag. They folded the sail to make a tent roof.

As part of our Topic work we have also made 3D Viking longships. We have used a template and carefully cut out the shape of the ship before putting it together, painting it and making the shields and sail.


In Maths we have been learning about factors and multiples. We have found out lots of facts about our timestables, particularly the 9s, and about odd and even numbers. We have also been completing maths investigations involving the Towers of Hanoi and frogs and lilly pads. We have explored how we can record our results using algebra.


In Science, we have been learning about Buoyancy. Buoyancy means if something is able to float. We tried to see if tin-foil ‘boats’ would float with paper clips on them. We have learnt that if the object sinks then it hasn’t displaced enough water and if it floats then it has displaced more water. For instance, if you were to put a rock in a container full of water it would sink because it does not displace enough water whereas a feather would not sink because it does. You can experience the water displacing in the bath when you get in. When we did the experiment the 20 x 20 cm square held 172 paper clips! The 10 x 25 cm rectangle held 116 paper clips. The 3cm diameter circle held only 3 paper clips.

Eco Club

Eco Club happens every Thursday at lunchtime. A group of children work with Joy, the gardener, to help garden around the school. At Eco club we have planted tiny seeds.  We don’t know what they are but we are excited to see what they grow into. We have watered soil and we have taken out weeds.


In gardening we are planting all kinds of seeds such as: tulips, crocuses and dandelions. We also learnt how to cut rosemary.  We planted some onion bulbs in the soil and we also chose two other bulbs to plant. As well as that we were inspecting different seeds. Some had large shoots and some little shoots.


In ICT we have been taking photographs of flowers, trees and other nature. We’ve then uploaded these to the computer. We have also cropped them to make them look better. We have used the pictures in a PowerPoint all about Autumn and seasonal changes.


We have been learning all about the meaning of Christmas to Christians. We have looked at the meanings of traditional carols and why Christmas is such an important religious festival. We have designed cards showing the true meanings of Christmas. We also looked at non secular and secular Christmas cards.

Panto Pandemonium

Year 5 and 6 are putting on a pantomime in January. We have been busy rehearsing. The play includes characters such as: the giant, the seven dwarfs, Aladdin, the Good Fairy and many more. We are very excited about our performance!

Area Band

Some children in Year 5 go to Area Band every Monday. We travel to Nottingham Emmanuel on the coach. Some of the instruments that people play are brass, trumpet, clarinets, piano and drum. Some people play the violin at concerts. On Wednesday 12th December we performed at a concert at the Royale Theatre Concert Hall. We played the songs: Carmina Burina, Ghostbusters and Can`t Stop the Feeling!


We were given the opportunity to apply to be librarians. The new Year 5 librarians have been chosen and our being trained by the Year 6 librarians. To be a librarian you have to work as a group and to help others if needed. You also have to complete your Reading Diary, remember your date and when you are on and you also need to know the password to get on the librarian website. We have learned about how to scan books in and out and also how to order and know where everything is. One of our main aims is to encourage younger and older children to read a book that is suitable for their year group.


In Class 11, on Tuesdays, we play table tennis. In table tennis there are different strokes they are called topspin, forehand and back hand. We play matches to help us learn how the points work. In Class 12, on Mondays, we are practising for a handball tournament that is coming up in January. Previously we have been playing the English way but in the tournament they play the American way. We have also been participating in different stations for example sprints, speed bounce and Javelin.

Sports hall Athletics 2018

We have competed in the semi-final and we did very well. Our events were speed bounce, chest push, javelin, long jump, triple jump, vertical jump and running. We trained very hard to do our events and we trained most days. We want to say thank you to the sport coaches for taking us and for taking the time to train us.

Written by the children in Year 5