Year 5

Hello and welcome to Year 5’s webpage!

In maths, we have been exploring fractions, the mathematics surrounding them and looking at how to solve reasoning problems with them. We have explored equivalent fractions, how fractions with different denominators can be the same. To explore fractions further, we have examined changing improper fractions into mixed number fractions and vice versa and we have also explored finding fractions of amounts. This led us into work on decimals, in which we have looked at comparing and ordering decimals and applying some of the place value skills we have already learnt.

Four children have taken part in Explore Learning’s Mathematicians Award in Beeston. The children were encouraged to use their already existing mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems and investigate numbers. They were also asked to use their maths skills to build pyramids using cardboard boxes.

In English, we have been reading the story ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. The story was set during the second world war and has been chosen as it runs alongside out topic on World War 2. We have explored writing character descriptions based on the characters in the story and we have written diary entries as if we were characters in the book. This allowed us to explore writing in the past tense and writing in the first person. We have also written a newspaper report giving an overall account of the story. To do this we have looked at writing direct and indirect speech.

In reading, we have introduced “VIPERS” which aims to develop children’s comprehension and teaches children to retrieve, infer, predict, explain, summarise and look at vocabulary in a range of small texts. We look at the text in more depth in order to gain a greater understanding of it.

This half-term, our science topic has been “Living Things and Their Habitats’. We have looked at the different ways plants reproduce. We followed up our learning in the classroom with our gardening lesson where we looked in more detail at asexual reproduction and have been out planting rosemary and sweet peas. From this, we moved on to look at the different life cycles of certain creatures from insects to amphibians to mammals and comparing their life cycles. Finally, we have looked the work Jane Goodall has done in protecting and studying chimpanzees.

This term, P.E. lessons have focused on keeping active and healthy lifestyles alongside playing handball. Can we please remind you that P.E. kits need to stay in school at all times to ensure that all pupils are prepared and ready for their lessons.This includes warm clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and long-sleeved tops/jackets. Kits can be taken home in the holidays to be washed. Next half term the children will be looking at fitness and circuits.

Next term, we will be looking at the book ‘Then’ which will continue the theme of World War 2 and we shall also explore the story of Anne Frank and the implications and significance of World war 2 in the wider social context. In maths we will continue with looking at decimals and also move on to percentages and area and perimeter. Our science will continue to explore living things and their habitats focusing on the different habitats that animals live in. In ICT we will looking at  ‘Flowol,’ a programme that allows students to develop logical reasoning and problem solving talents, develop programming skills and explore the world of automatic, autonomous systems and robots. In R.E. we shall look at the main aspects and ideas behind the Islamic faith.

We wish you all a wonderful half term!

Many thanks,

Miss Groves, Mr Dickinson and Miss Clarke