Year 5

Hello and welcome to Class 11 and 12! We are a cohort of brilliant and hardworking Year 5 children and our teachers are called Mrs Cassidy (Class 12) and Miss Groves (Class 11). Class 11 will have Mrs Baker on a Wednesday afternoon whilst Class 12 with continue having Mrs Beri on a Friday.


In English, we have finished our work on ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare by writing a diary entry. Class 11 wrote a diary entry from Macbeth which focused on when he met the witches whilst Class 12 explored the character of Lady Macbeth. We have focused on exploring feelings, emotions and motives of characters in our writing. Alongside this, we have been developing our grammar skills such as informal language, subordinate clauses and apostrophes to show contraction and possession. Our Guided Reading and reading comprehension skills have continued to be developed in weekly sessions.


In Maths, we have been learning about division and area and perimeter. We have developed our written division method and we are applying this to word problems. We have also started exploring shape, specifically area and perimeter. In Class 11 we have progressed from counting squares to applying a formula to calculate area. Class 12 are now looking at finding areas of compound shapes with missing lengths.

Times Table Rockstars

We are continuing to play Times Table Rockstars at the beginning of every Maths lesson and are really improving our speed at answering times-table questions. We are also playing the games at home. Our teacher can see who has the most coins and the quickest time. We can play it on a tablet, phone or computer. We can also customise and name our Avatar.


Both classes are completing the same science investigation to find out the effect different liquids have on grass growth. We have been feeding grass tap water, salt water and Coca Cola to test how they affect the growth and condition of grass.

We have also been learning about famous scientists such as Leonardo da Vinci, David Attenborough, Margaret Hamilton and Eva Crane.


We have been using the music programme ‘Charanga’ to listen and learn to sing the song ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. We have also looked at other music from the 90s that follows a similar style. We have been improving our rhythm with a variety of clapping games.


Our Topic has continued to look at how crime and punishment has changed in Britain through the Tudor period to modern day. Our trip to The National Justice Museum helped us learn more about these changes.

All Year 5 children spent a day at The National Justice Museum where they took part in acting out a court case of a Victorian girl, Isabella Makin. The children sat in a Victorian court room and were given props to help them get into character! We also had time to explore the museum and the dungeons that would have been used many years ago to house the prisoners. James Bonnington (a jailer) and Elizabeth Fryer (a campaigner for prison standards for women) were on hand to tell us about their roles.


We are now close to completing the D.A.R.E programme and graduating! We have covered topics such as drug use, choices and consequences, knife crime and stress. Both D.A.R.E officers have been impressed with the discussions and questions asked by pupils. We have really enjoyed discussing these areas and learning more about the risks involved and how to stay safe.


As part of our ICT, we have learnt about programming and have used the program ‘Scratch’ to develop algorithms. We have made short animations using our sprites making them speak, draw and change costumes.


We completed work and art regarding ‘peace’ during RE lessons. In Class 11, with Mrs Baker we made ‘peace shakers’. We were so kind we made Miss Groves one too! We have also enjoyed sketching and making posters using peace symbols.

Afterschool clubs

Some of the afterschool clubs we have taken part in have been Table Tennis Club, Area Band and Football Club. On Tuesdays some people go to table tennis. First we practise strokes (backhand – topspin – forehand) before we start. We also play matches and practise with the sports coaches. We also play a game called Around the Table. Area Band takes place on a Monday. We travel to Emmanuel on the coach. We took part in a concert at Emmanuel last half term where parents and families were invited to hear what we had been practicing, one of the songs was ‘Ghost Busters!’ Boys’ football is held on Monday and girls’ football is on Friday after school. Year 4, 5 and 6 go to football and Year 5 and 6’s play for the brilliant football team led by Miss Marshall and Miss Robinson.


We have been doing fitness with Miss Robinson, Mr Gibson and Miss Marshall. We have been testing and improving our speed and endurance. All children completed the ‘bleep test’ and really enjoyed the healthy competition!