Year 5

Hello and welcome to the page for both Class 11 and 12! The teachers in Year 5 are called Mr Goff (Class 11) and Mrs Hickling (Class 12). We are also extremely lucky to have Mrs Walker-Jones and Mrs Vaughan supporting both classes. 

This half term our topic has ‘The Vikings’. After studying this topic, we now know who the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings were, where they came from and in which time period they lived. We can explain why Vikings settled in the UK, where they settled and what their everyday experiences were here. We learned about the law and justice systems Vikings had and their religious beliefs. Through learning this topic, we can now see the influence that Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings have had on our lives today. 

In Maths, we have been developing our understanding and knowledge of number. Each class has engaged in weekly number sense sessions to teach number facts, strategies and confidence. This has enabled the children to apply their knowledge to addition, subtraction and multiplication questions and learn how to use written formal methods in these operations.  Alongside this, we have also further developed our understanding of place value and we have worked with numbers all the way up to one million. We have also had weekly arithmetic lessons to improve our arithmetic skills and strategies to be able to recall facts quickly.   

In English, we have been improving our descriptive writing. We have used the age-old and infamous story of Beowulf, adapted by Michael Morpurgo, as inspiration for our writing.  Using this story, we gathered a bank of ambitious words and phrases from which we could select suitable examples to use in our own writing.  Alongside this, we have learned about relative pronouns and relative clauses. We then applied this in our own character description of the monster Grendel from the story. To develop our reading skills, we have continued to develop our VIPERS skills to unpick the class text alongside a range of other genres. 

In Science we have learnt about Earth and Space. We can now describe the movement of the Earth and the other planets relative to the sun. We can now also describe how we get day and night on Earth.  We also have a good knowledge of the planets in our solar system. 

Coming up… 

Next half term we will be studying all about World War Two. Our English lessons will be closely linked to this topic as we will be reading My Secret War Diary by Flossie Albright by Marcia Williams and using this to write diary entries and letters. In Science, we will be learning about Forces and Magnets. As for Maths, we will be learning all area and perimeter then following this, we will be studying statistics. 

We hope that you all keep safe and well over the school break and as always keep up to date with news on the Seesaw app. 

Many thanks, 

The Year 5 team