Year 5

Hello and welcome to Year 5’s webpage! Sadly, we are saying goodbye to Mrs Hickling on Friday as she will be on maternity leave after Christmas. However, we are excited to be introducing Mr Dickinson to the team who will be teaching in Class 12 for the rest of the academic term. Read on below to see what we have been up to this half-term.

In maths, we have been revisiting and developing our knowledge of multiplication and division. We have looked at multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000, using place value grids and counters. To further embed our understanding of multiplication and division, we have developed our ability to use the written formal methods. Some of us have even been multiplying four-digit numbers by two-digit numbers! We have applied these skills to word problems and problem-solving tasks.

We also explored cubed and squared numbers using multi link cubes to show their size and value.
Year 5 children took part in a Mathematician Award delivered by Explore Learning. Children had to use addition and problem solving skills to make the most efficient and least efficient ways through a map of The National History Museum. Four children will go on to represent the school in the next round of the award programme.

Four of our girls took part in a maths and business enterprise event at The Nottingham Girls’ High School. They designed a game that incorporated maths skills and areas of reading. We are delighted to announce that the group of girls won the ‘Judges Choice Award’ and their game will be made into a prototype – we are extremely proud of what they have achieved!

Here are our girls in action!

In English, we have read the book ‘Rain Player’ by David Wisniewski. This book has been closely linked with this term’s topic ‘Maya Civilisation’ in order to develop our understanding and knowledge of this period in history. We retold part of the story (Rain Player) and wrote a non-chronological report on the Mayas. We used writing features of a non-chronological report including formal language, subject specific vocabulary and features such as bullet points and sub headings. In our English lessons, we have also learnt about the three different reading skills: literal, deductive and inference. We have developed these skills in order to gather and write predictions of texts and within our guided reading groups focused on retrieval and inferencing skills. To continue driving our standards in reading, the year 5 pupils have been streamed into four different reading and spelling groups.

This half-term, our science topic has been ‘Earth and Space’. The pupils started this unit by describing the movement of the Earth and other planets in the Sun’s solar system. We developed this knowledge by exploring the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth and how the orbit of planets differ. Children learnt about how the Earth’s position on a tilted axis causes an orbit which creates the seasons we experience. Year 5 children conducted a science investigation into the angle of light and the length of shadow. They discovered that as the angles of the torch decreases so does the size of the shadow.

Children created the orbit of planets on the playground. They simulated the orbit shape and size.

‘The Ancient Mayas’ has been our topic this half-term. The children have learnt about the beliefs, gods, method of writing and evolution of this civilisation. Children used information learnt during topic lessons and facts they had researched to write a non-chronological report.

This term, P.E. lessons have focused on table tennis and invasion skills. Next half-term, the children will be learning about the importance of keeping active to live a healthy lifestyle and will be completing fitness activities during lessons. Can we please remind you that P.E. kits need to stay in school at all times to ensure that all pupils are prepared and ready for their lessons. This includes warm clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and long-sleeved tops/jackets. Kits can be taken home in the holidays to be washed.

Next term, we will be studying ‘World War 2’. The children will continue to work on both fiction and non-fiction writing. In maths, we will be developing our knowledge and understanding of fractions and their relationship with decimals and percentages. Then we will progress onto calculating the perimeter and area of shapes. In science, our topic is ‘Living things and their Habitats’ and our R.E. topic revolves around the Jewish celebration ‘Passover’.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Many thanks,

Mrs Hickling and Miss Groves