Year 5

Hello and welcome to Class 11 and 12! We are a cohort of brilliant and hardworking Year 5 children and our teachers are called Mrs Cassidy (Class 12) and Miss Groves (Class 11). We will be taught by Mrs Beri on a Tuesday morning in Class 11 and on a Friday in Class 12. Mrs Rowe will be supporting the Year 5 cohort. We also have Miss HIll, who is a student teacher, supporting and teaching in Class 12.


In English, we have been reading ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare. We are focusing on our speech punctuation and the ways we can build suspense and atmosphere in our writing. We have looked at the witches scene and explored what a moor would look, sound, smell and feel like. Alongside this, we have been developing our grammar and our Guided Reading and reading comprehension skills.

Experiencing the moor


In Maths, we have been learning about multiplication. We have developed our written multiplication method and we are applying this to word problems. We have also explored factors and multiples.

Times Table Rockstars

We are continuing to play Times Table Rockstars at the beginning of every Maths lesson and are really improving our speed at answering times-table questions. We are also playing the games at home. Our teacher can see who has the most coins and the quickest time. We can play it on a tablet, phone or computer. We can also customise and name our Avatar.


We have been learning about life cycles and comparing the life cycle of birds, amphibians, insects and mammals. We have looked at different animals from each group and observed how they live, grow and reproduce. So far we have looked at a frog, a blue tit and a butterfly.


We have been learning about Adele and her music. We have listened to and been learning how to sing ‘Feel your Love’. We have been improving our rhythm with a variety of clapping games.

Panto Pandemonium

At the beginning of last half term, we performed our amazing pantomime to the school and our parents. We did a brilliant job and our teachers were very proud of us. All of us had a role – from the actors, to the choir, to the computer operators – and we worked very hard to learn our lines.


Our Topic has looked at how crime and punishment has changed in Britain since the Roman period. We have looked at crime and punishment in the Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman times. We have learnt about these historical periods in school before now so we are able to recap and reflect on our prior knowledge to help us compare and contrast. To support our learning, we are also going on a trip to The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham this half term.


In Art we have been working with Mrs Baker around the topic of plants and flowers. We used a technique of bashing flowers on to fabric to make some beautiful imprints. We have spent time sketching flowers and have begun making our own 3D papers out of paper and wire.


As part of our ICT, we have learnt about programming and have used the program ‘Scratch’ to develop algorithms. We have made short animations using our sprites making them speak, draw and change costumes.


In class on a Friday we learn about R.E which means Religious Education. We’ve learnt about Forgiveness. We have looked at why forgiveness is important to religions and how we could apply this learning to our own lives.

Afterschool clubs

Some of the afterschool clubs we have taken part in have been Table Tennis Club, Area Band and Football Club. On Tuesdays some people go to table tennis. First we practise strokes (backhand – topspin – forehand) before we start. We also play matches and practise with the sports coaches. We also play a game called Around the Table. Area Band takes place on a Monday. We travel to Emmanuel on the coach. The instruments that people play are clarinet, brass, trumpets and guitar. If you go to Area Band you will take part in concerts and play songs. Boys’ football is held on Monday and girls’ football is on Friday after school. Year 4, 5 and 6 go to football and year 5 and 6’s play for the brilliant football team led by Miss Marshall and Miss Robinson. Did you know football is good for your health?


We have been doing athletics and gymnastics with Mrs Robinson and Miss Marshall. We have been testing and improving our ability and endurance. Sometimes we play dodgeball or bench ball.

Written by the children in Year 5