Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 team

Class 9 and 10 pupils work together as a cohort. Class 9 is taught by Mrs Haslam and Class10 is taught by Mr Goff but both teachers work with the whole cohort!  Mrs Baker, Mrs Vaughan and Mr Rogers also work with the Year 4 children to enhance the curriculum on Fridays. In addition, Sports Coaches add their expertise to the team. Working together, we have made progress, developed Milford Values and had fun along the way!

Year 4 pupils have had an exciting and productive half term. Milford Values have been on display in the classroom, playground and on several visits offsite. Visit hosts have commented on our outstanding behaviour.  Keep going for gold Year 4!



Following our initial visit to Clifton Library last half term, we have been back to enjoy the wide choice of authors and genres available. Links with Clifton Library have encouraged us to think about the book choices we make. We continue to extend the genres and authors we read.  As a cohort, we have created author and genre tally charts to help us broaden our reading experiences and question our reading habits.

Have you read books by Michael Morpurgo, Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams or Anne Fine?

Have you read a newspaper article, poem, information text or adventure book recently?

What’s your favourite book?

Guided Reading

Guided Reading helps Year 4 pupils develop reading skills and strategies. Predicting, identifying interesting phrases, asking questions, summarising events and making inferences about characters are all skills we have made progress with. Group discussions continue to help us make links between themes and deepen our understanding of the texts we read.


This half term, the wonderful descriptive phrases of Carol Ann Duffy have fascinated us! We have been reading, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ with dark, fairy tale links. We have picked out many phrases and features that captured our interest as we read.  We noticed fronted adverbials, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Going further, we enjoyed discussing the interesting similes and personification she used.

Drama helped us visualise and describe the dark, threatening forest in the story.

When describing the evil old woman in the text, we came up with phrases in the style of Carol Ann Duffy.  Can you picture her from our shared ideas?

‘The vicious woman had eyes that blazed like fire and skin as crinkled as paper.  Her nose was curved like a fishing hook and her nails were as sharp as cleavers.’     By Year 4


This half term, division has been the key focus. We have learned how to use different strategies to divide, eventually learning the short efficient method called the ‘bus stop’ method. This means we have now learned the formal written method of all four operations. Learning these methods has helped us to improve our arithmetic test scores. We aslo put these methods to the test to solve problems. At the end of this term we are starting our work on fractions and decimals and this will form the bulk of our work next half term

We continue to work on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ to improve our multiplication facts. Many of us are getting quicker and making links to related facts and division facts.


Our science next half term will look at 2 main areas. Our topic of healthy lifestyles will help so consider how what we eat and how we exercise will impact on our bodies. We will be planting a number of crops to support this topic so will examine the conditions needed to allow the seeds to germinate and to thrive.

In addition to this we will revisit our ‘Animals, including humans’ topic and look at food chains and food webs and learn about the relationships between predator and prey.

Topic:  How and why is Clifton changing?

During this topic, we began trying to understand where Clifton is in the world. From this point, we started to look at why places change and studied examples of changes due to natural disasters or regeneration of derelict areas. We understand that places change for many reasons.

Using satellite images, we observed changes to the school site from 1999 to present day and discussed why these changes had happened. It was fascinating to see how much our school had changed as well as how much it had remained the same. We found that increasing numbers in our school and the need to play safely had produced key changes.

We then looked at changes to the area around school and began discussing land use. Can you think of residential, commercial and recreational areas in Clifton?


START Partnership Project with the  Nottingham Contemporary (continued)

Year 4 began their START project in conjunction with the Nottingham Contemporary with an inspirational visit to the ‘Still I Rise’ exhibition in November.

The exhibition displayed art in many forms including: drawing, painting, photographs, poetry, sculpture, writing and dance! Milford pupils were fascinated by the wide variety of art in the exhibition.

Following the Gallery visit, there were two workshops in school with project artists who will developed ideas from the exhibition with us.  Milford pupils then ran away with ideas and methods the artists introduce. Pupils created wonderful dance movements based on everyday chores, free drawings with stories woven into them and wire sculptures inspired by the dance movements.

The project ended spectacularly with an exhibition of the children’s work at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery. Pupils saw their outstanding Art work displayed by curators alongside Art work from other schools. Everyone felt very proud to view their work at this level. Several Year 4 pupils made speeches at the exhibition and their confidence and pride shone through.

One Year 4 commented, “I feel proud of my achievements and I see that Art can be many things; drama, dance, sculpture, photography, free drawing and painting!”

Another said, “My favourite part was free drawing because it lets your imagination run away and there is no right or wrong!”

 See School Life –  Nottingham  Contemporary  Partnership Project 2018 -2019 for more details of this project

Holy Trinity  Church  Visit

Year 4 were invited by Holy Trinity church in Clifton  to take part in an ‘Easter Experience’.

At the church, pupils participated in workshops to experience the Easter story and reflect on their own hopes and dreams.


This half term, Year 4 pupils have continued to write simple algorithms using, ‘Logo’. During the lessons, commands such as forwards, backwards, left, right, pen up and pen down  have enabled us to draw squares and rectangles. From these algorithms we worked out how to create different sizes and shapes. We used the snipping tool to save our creations. Going further, we have tried to draw different polygons looking at the different angles in the shapes. Using the formula 360/the number of angles, we have worked out the degree of turn in regular polygons. We’ve had to use lots of Maths skills, creative skills and problem solving skills in these lessons.


Class 9  has P.E. every Thursday afternoon.

Class 10 has P.E. every  Friday afternoon.

Table tennis skills have been developed this half term. While improving our table tennis, we have developed personal skills such as self -control, perseverance, resilience and determination.

The Year 3 and 4 athletics team have gone from strength to strength winning both the heats and semi- finals in a multi-school competition.

One of our Year 4 pupils has shown outstanding skills representing the Milford Academy in a gymnastic competition where she placed 2nd out of 47.

At the Milford Academy, we continue to make links between healthy eating, staying active and making progress!

Special Events

World Book Day

Everyone enjoyed sharing their favourite books and dressing up!

Red Nose Day

Well done to everyone in school raising money for good causes!

Year 4 pupils


The children will have guided reading, spelling and times tables homework given to them on Monday. The children have a week to complete the guided reading and tables homework. Spellings will be tested on Fridays.

Working together, staff, parents and pupils can achieve amazing things!

Well done Year 4!

Mrs Haslam and Mr Goff