Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 team

Class 9 and 10 pupils work together as a cohort. Class 9 is taught by Mrs Haslam and Class10 is taught by Mr Goff but both teachers work with the whole cohort!  Mrs Baker and  Mrs Vaughan  also work with the Year 4 children to enhance the curriculum on Fridays. In addition, Sports Coaches add their expertise to the team. Working together, we have made progress, developed Milford Values and had fun along the way!

Year 4 pupils have had a short but action packed half term. Milford Values have been on display in the classrooms, on the playground and while hosting visitors. A few children have achieved their Gold Award and many are on their way to achieving it!  Keep going for gold Year 4!

Design and Technology kite project

Year 4 began this half term by researching, designing, making and evaluating kites. At each stage of the process, there were many problems to solve.  We used Milford Values to persevere and learn to adapt our designs. Many of us learnt how to create strong and stable frames through strengthening.

Pupil comments on the kite project:

I have learnt the names of different parts of a kite, such as, spar, line, bridle and sail.

I have learnt to work as part of a team and join everyone in.

I have learnt the history behind kites.

I know how to make a strong frame and strengthen joints!



This half term, we have dipped into the wonderful world of Roald Dahl by studying ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. Through this amusing text, we have discussed Year 4 grammar structures such as, fronted adverbials, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions and prepositions. Everyone enjoyed playing with words and letting our imagination run wild as we considered ingredients for our own marvellous medicines.

There were interesting discussions about which precise verb would be the best choice for each ingredient. Do you know the important but subtle differences between these verbs?

squeezed,  squirted,  sprayed,  scooped,  drizzled,  trickled,  splashed,  dripped,  dropped,  sprinkled,  plonked,  plopped,  emptied, tipped, poured, glugged

At the back of the messy shed, George spotted some miracle strength plant food so he sprinkled it into the pan. It oozed, popped and whizzed around the dusty pan.  “That ought to make HER grow!” laughed George deviously.     By  Keianna and Mollie

The relationship between Grandma and George gave us the opportunity to write interesting conversations and show off our ability to use inverted commas for direct speech.

Drama and role play have helped us visualise how George created his marvellous medicine.


Year 4 pupils have continued to read as widely as possible. Regular visits to Clifton Library, the school Library and our Year 4 book selection have extended our’  ‘reading diet’. We continue to extend the genres and authors we read.  As a cohort, we are continuing to add to our author and genre tally charts to help us broaden our reading experiences and question our reading habits.

Do you prefer reading fiction, non-fiction, poetry, newspaper articles or comics?

Do read a varied ‘diet’ of  book genres?

Which author is YOUR favourite?

Guided Reading

Guided Reading helps Year 4 pupils develop reading skills and strategies. Predicting, identifying interesting phrases, asking questions, summarising events and making inferences about characters are all skills we have made progress with. Group discussions continue to help us make links between themes and deepen our understanding of the texts we read.


This half term, we have continued to apply our Mathematical skills to reasoning tasks and problems.

We continue to work on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ to improve our multiplication facts. Many of us are getting quicker and making links to related facts and division facts.

We’ve used our times table facts and division knowledge while exploring fractions. Can you name equivalent fractions?


Within Science, we have explored how food, such as, common herbs and tomatoes are grown.  We’ve  developed our knowledge of how plants grow and what they need to be healthy. In addition, linking with our ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ topic, we are beginning to explore a balanced diet an the nutritional value of the food we eat.

Topic:  Healthy Lifestyles

Our focus this half term, has been on the cooking and nutrition element of design and technology. We have planted herbs, tomatoes and potatoes in the school grounds and will be cooking with them next half term. We have also been observing, smelling and tasting herbs and different varieties of tomatoes. We are learning a lot about where food comes from, how food is grown, it’s nutritional value and how we might cook with it.

“I have learnt that there are a variety of herbs and that they taste and smell very different!”  Lina commented.


This half term, we’ve used fruit and vegetables as inspiration for our Art work. We have used charcoal, graded pencils and pastels to represent a variety of fruits and vegetables such as peppers, pineapples and cabbage. We’re also using collage techniques to represent these healthy foods. Next half term, Year 4 will represent foods using clay.

This half term, we’ve also enjoyed discussing artists who work with fruit and vegetables.

Have you seen the work of Carl Warner and Caravaggio?


Year 4 have revisited our safety on line knowledge and are keeping discussions alive about personal safety.

Do you know how to keep yourself safe on line?

What are the dangers to be aware of?

What should you do if you feel uneasy in a situation on line?

We’ve also continued to develop our presentation skills and research skills.

Keianna stated, “I have learnt to protect myself on-lone. If someone is asking me for personal details or making unkind comments, I can tell an adult, not respond, come off the game and block the person!”


Class 9  has P.E. every  Friday afternoon.

Class 10 has P.E. every Tuesday afternoon.

Table tennis skills have been developed by Class 10 this half term. While improving our table tennis, we have developed personal skills such as self -control, perseverance, resilience and determination.

Dance Workshops

This half term, Year 4 pupils have had the opportunity to develop their dance skills. Groups worked together to create their own street dance. The workshops also gave individuals a chance to develop their own style of movement!

At the Milford Academy, we continue to make links between healthy eating, staying active and making progress!

Special Events

Year 4 pupils were visited by Lilian Greenwood MP who spoke to the pupils in response to letters they wrote to her concerning the rain forests.  Milford pupils became concerned about the rain forest during their  Spring term Geography topic. After visiting Milford Academy, Lilian Greenwood MP  voiced the concerns of Year 4 pupils in a Parliamentary debate about climate change. We can make a difference!


The children will have guided reading, spelling and times tables homework given to them on Monday. The children have a week to complete the guided reading and tables homework. Spellings will be tested on Fridays.

Working together, staff, parents and pupils can achieve amazing things!

Well done Year 4!

Mrs Haslam and Mr Goff