Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 team

Class 9 and 10 pupils work together as a cohort. Class 9 is taught by Mrs Haslam and Class10 is taught by Mr Goff but both teachers work with the whole cohort!  Mrs Baker, Mrs Vaughan and Mr Rogers also work with the Year 4 children to enhance the curriculum on Fridays. Mrs Rowe also supports pupils in the cohort. In addition, Sports Coaches add their expertise to the team. We work together to make progress, enjoy learning and develop personal skills.

Year 4 pupils have had an exciting, productive half term. We can all be proud of the progress made! Many pupils have displayed the Milford Values and achieved their Bronze Award! Some children are even working towards their Silver Award. Keep making progress with Milford Values Year 4!

Can you see examples of: Motivation, Independence, Learning, Forward Thinking, Outstanding, Respect and Determination?


This half term, we have continued to link our English work to our Ancient Egypt topic but with a non-fiction focus.

First, we discussed and explored Ancient Egyptian non -fiction texts.  Can you name devices that help us organise texts? What is a glossary for? How do sub-headings help organise texts?

Then we used key features of non- fiction texts to write about mummies. We used sub-headings, such as, ‘Why were mummies made?’ and ‘How were mummies made?’ We also used topic specific vocabulary, such as, mummification process, canopic jars and natron salt. We used fronted adverbials, such as, ‘In Ancient Egyptian times’.  Using these grammatical features, non -fiction text features and topic vocabulary, we wrote informative texts about mummies!

Guided Reading

Guided Reading takes place in Year 4 on a Monday morning. All children need their reading book and diary with them on this day. Year 4 pupils develop and master key reading skills such as predicting, making inferences about characters and summarising events.  This half term, we also discussed phrases that interest the reader  and themes within texts.  Group discussions continue to help pupils make links between themes, authors and genres as well as developing comparison skills.  Year 4s love reading!


This half term, we have thoroughly explored addition and subtraction and have developed written methods. We are continuing to use our methods within problem solving contexts. As well as this, we developed our reasoning skills and mathematical vocabulary.


This half term we have continued our exploration of habitats. In addition, we have completed an investigation into conductors of electricity.

Outdoor Learning

Year 4s were very excited to plant shrubs in the new memorial garden! While planting the shrubs we discussed the needs of the plants and were fascinated to get a close look at the root systems of the shrubs.


We have continued our topic journey back in time to Ancient Egypt… We have further explored the interesting beliefs held in ancient times! Key historical skills have been developed as we find out about the past.

We have continued to use topic vocabulary with increasing confidence. Do you know the meaning of: preserved, organs, sarcophagus, casket, mummy, mummification, mummify, natron salt, linen amulet, canopic jar, urn, hieroglyphs and scrolls?

We focussed on mummies this half term, to gain deeper understanding of Egyptian beliefs. We linked our topic work to our English work and wrote non – fiction texts about mummies and the mummification process!

The highlight of our topic work was a trip to the Birmingham Museum where we participated enthusiastically in practical workshops on Ancient Egypt.

During the mummification workshop we actually removed organs from a ‘body’, hooked brains out of a nostril, placed organs in canopic jars, wrapped a body in linen, held a funeral party and consulted the Gods about the afterlife!  What a lot was achieved!

In the Ancient Egyptian Artefact workshop, we were able to handle objects from ancient times!   We also conducted condition reports on a range of artefacts and learnt how the museum cares for artefacts.

See Off- Site Visits for more details and images of our trip.

Ancient Egyptian Artefacts:

Ancient Egyptian Mummification:

Finally, to conclude our ancient Egyptian topic we made our own Death Masks. We used our knowledge of ancient Egyptian beliefs, as well as, a range of Art skills and techniques while making our masks.


START Partnership Project with the Nottingham Contemporary

Year 4 began their START project in conjunction with the Nottingham Contemporary with an inspirational visit to the ‘Still I Rise’ exhibition.

The exhibition displayed art in many forms including: drawing, painting, photographs, poetry, sculpture, writing and dance! Milford pupils were fascinated by the wide variety of art in the exhibition.

During the visit, Milford pupils and their wonderful parents explored ideas through practical work.  Everyone enthusiastically created dances based on household chores, free drawing, story- telling and even group sculptures made from tights!

What’s next in the START project?

Following the Gallery visit, there will be two workshops in school with project artists who will develop ideas from the exhibition with the children.  Milford pupils will then create their own art work.

The project will end in an exhibition of the children’s work at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery .The exhibition will take place on the weekend of  9th and 10th March but pupils will also visit the exhibition at the gallery with school on  Thursday 7th March.

See School Life for more details of this project


Year 4 have focused on their I.C.T. skills on a Tuesday afternoon.  Pupils will continue to develop their understanding of e safety, use key processing skills and begin to programme throughout the year.

This half term, Year 4 pupils have been developing their camera skills, uploading photos and manipulating images. We have also been inserting chosen images into Word and Power Point presentations.

Anti –bullying

During anti -bullying Week, Year 4 pupils participated thoughtfully in many discussions, role plays, written activities and debates around the theme, ‘Choose Respect’.  Wearing odd socks reminded us that difference is something to celebrate!  We also enjoyed listening to ‘Andy and the Odd Socks’!

Although anti –bullying was a focus for a themed week, it’s an issue that Year 4 will refer to again and again. It is wonderful to see how the Milford Values and anti –bullying debates are helping us to make progress with our personal skills.


Class 9  has P.E. every Thursday afternoon.

Class 10 has P.E. every Wednesday afternoon.

Table tennis skills have been developed further this half term. While improving our table tennis, we have developed personal skills such as self -control, perseverance, resilience and determination.

Year 4 pupils have represented the school in a table tennis event.  Several pupils also represented the academy in a hand ball competition. What a lot of sporting opportunity!

At the Milford Academy, we continue to make links between healthy eating, staying active and making progress!

Working together, as staff, parents and pupils, we will achieve great things…


The children will have guided reading, spelling and times tables homework given to them on Monday. The children have a week to complete the guided reading and tables homework. Spellings will be tested on Fridays.

Keep making progress Year 4!

Mrs Haslam and Mr Goff