Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Year 4 is a hardworking, co-operative, energetic team. Class 9 is taught by Mrs Haslam and Class 10 is taught by Mr Goff.

Mrs Baker, Mrs Vaughan and Mr Rogers will also work with the Year 4 children to enhance the curriculum on Fridays, each week. Miss Sanderson will also work with pupils throughout the week to develop specific key skills. In addition,  Sports Coaches will add their expertise to the team.

All adults and pupils will work together as a team, teachers and teaching assistants will work with either class. Working efficiently together, we will make amazing progress!

All Year 4 children will have the opportunity to reach their full potential and be the best they can be. Year 4 pupils will show the Milford Values: Motivation, Independence, Learning, Forward Thinking, Outstanding, Respect and Determination. Year 4 pupils will progress with their learning, make personal achievements, work as a team and enjoy school life!


Next half term, Year 4 will be studying the text, ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’. Through the text, we will rehearse and improve sentence structure and develop rich vocabulary. Grammar from the text will be examined and used in our own writing including conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs and fronted adverbials. Role play and drama will help us develop vocabulary and understand story structure. Look out for our entertaining, descriptive stories!

Within English, pupils will study key Year 4 spelling patterns and the Year 4 tricky words. Each week, there will be a spelling pattern to consider, learn and explore.

The Milford School Library will help us extend our knowledge of genres and authors and Year 4 will visit regulary on a Tuesday afternoon.

Guided Reading

Guided Reading will take place in Year 4 on a Monday morning. All children will need their reading book and diary with them on this day. Year 4 pupils will master key reading skills such as predicting, making inferences about characters and summarising events. Be prepared to step further into the wonderful world of books…


Place Value is a key area of Maths which all pupils will explore at the start of term. After mastering place value skills, Year 4 pupils will move to addition and subtraction skills. Alongside this work, Year 4 pupils will continue to learn their multiplication and division facts. By the end of Year 4, pupils need to know all facts up to 12 x 12 to be secure!


Sketch by Jordan

Our topic journey begins in Ancient Egypt! Year 4 pupils will study the beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. Key historical skills will be developed as we find out about the past.

During transition, we were fascinated by Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and how the Rosetta Stone was used to decode these intriguing symbols. Year 4 pupils tried writing their names in this ancient script. We also began studying Death Maths which we will explore further with the beliefs of Ancient Egyptians next term.

Sketch by Osawe

Our names in heiroglyphs!


Year 4 will focus on I.C.T. skills on a Tuesday afternoon.  Pupils will continue to develop their understanding of e safety, use key processing skills  and begin to programme throughout the year.


Class 9 have P.E. every Thursday afternoon.

Class 10 have P.E. every Wednesday afternoon.

All children will need appropriate kit, enthusiasm and determination!

The Year 4 team are looking forward to an action packed, productive Autumn term!

Working together, as staff, parents and pupils, we will achieve great things…



The children will have guided reading , spelling and times tables homework given to them on Monday. The children have a week to complete the guided reading and tables homework. Spellings will be tested on Fridays.

Thank you,


Mrs Haslam and Mr Goff