Year 4

In Year 4 we have two classes, Class 9 who are taught by Mr. Goff and Class 10 who are taught by Miss James. Both classes are supported by Mrs. Vaughan.

Class 9 have their P.E. on a Tuesday afternoon and their homework is given/collected on a Wednesday. Class 10 have their P.E. on a Wednesday morning and their homework is given/collected on a Monday.


This term in English, we used the book ‘The Hunter’ as inspiration for both our reading and our writing. We improved a number of reading skills such as predicting and summarising. We also learned how to use evidence from the text to inform our opinions of what we had read and answer questions about it. We used this text to help us learn how to write fronted adverbials. Our writing culminated in a rewrite of the story. We have begun our next text ‘The Iron Man’ and will continue this into the beginning of next term. During next term we will focus on our grammar and word class knowledge.


Our maths topic this half term has been learning the formal written methods of the four operations. We have learned how to use column addition and subtraction and short multiplication. We have used these methods to answer simple arithmetic calculations as well as more complex word problems and problem solving. Next half term we will finish our work on multiplication and then move on to division before we start our fractions topic.

Topic and Science

This half term our topic has been ‘Monsters and Mechanisms’. This tied in with our science topic ‘Electricity’.  During these lessons we learned how to build electrical circuits, conducted an investigation into which materials are conductors and which are insulators and how to build switches. We then then designed and made our own monster themed light. Our class text ‘The Iron Man’ supported with this topic. Next half term our Topic is ‘Life in Roman Times’ which will have a history focus.


We all very much enjoyed putting together and performing our Christmas sing-a-long and would like to thank all parents who attended.

Next Half Term

Guided Reading

Guided Reading will continue every Wednesday for Class 9 and every Monday for Class10 . We will be given a book and weekly activities to complete for the Guided Reading lesson.

Spellings and Times Tables Rock Stars

Weekly spellings will be sent home for us to learn ready for our tests on Thursdays in Class 9 and Tuesdays in Class 10.  We need to remember to go onto Times Tables Rock Stars to practise our times tables.

Rainbow Reading

We have our rainbow reading lists and we will be able to begin borrowing books from this list to take home. We could always get a head start by visiting Clifton library and seeing if any of the books are there for us to borrow.