Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

The Year 4 team

Class 9 and 10 pupils work together as a cohort. Class 9 is taught by Mrs Haslam and Class10 is taught by Mr Goff but both teachers work with the whole cohort!  Mrs Baker, Mrs Vaughan and Mr Rogers also work with the Year 4 children to enhance the curriculum on Fridays. This half term, Miss Grigg and Miss Seabright have  also taught in Year 4.  In addition, Sports Coaches add their expertise to the team. Working efficiently together, we have achieved astonishing things!

Year 4 pupils have had a creative half term. We can all see the progress we are making!  Milford Values are on display in everything we do, from opening doors for each other to tackling difficult problems. Keep making progress with Milford Values Year 4!

Can you see examples of: Motivation, Independence, Learning, Forward Thinking, Outstanding, Respect and Determination?



We are extending the genres, authors and themes we explore.  A visit to Clifton library helped us consider trying new authors and topics. We also learnt about interesting events held in the library and the importance of our local library in the community.

Thank you to all staff at the library and Ian Stone for explaining the library service to us as well as inspiring us.

What’s your favourite book?

Guided Reading

Guided Reading takes place in Year 4 on a Monday morning. All children need their reading book and diary with them on this day. Year 4 pupils develop and master key reading skills such as predicting, identifying interesting phrases, asking questions and summarising events.  This half term, we have been making inferences about characters using words and phrases from our texts.  Group discussions continue to help pupils make links between themes, authors and genres as well as developing comparison skills.


Our English work has linked to our topic as work has been inspired by, ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ by Lynne Cherry.

Through this thought provoking book, we have continued to develop our use of fronted adverbials, adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. In addition, we have focussed on using direct speech. We know how to punctuate speech accurately and we are confident using inverted commas. Many of us even remembered to use a new line for a new speaker!

Enjoy reading our descriptive stories with direct speech!


This half term, multiplication has been the key focus. We are all working on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ to improve our multiplication facts. Many of us are getting quicker and making links to related facts and division facts.  It’s all about connections!


We have continued to develop our understanding of plants and animals. We have extended our understanding, linking our ideas to our topic, ‘Why are Rainforests so wet and Deserts so dry?’ We have studied plants carefully and now understand how  features of plants link to their habitat.

How are cacti adapted to survive in a desert climate?

Topic: Why are Rainforests so wet and deserts so dry?

During our topic work we have been trying to understand that there are different climates and that these climates have specific features. We’ve been learning a lot of new vocabulary connected to our topic. Ask a year 4 to explain these terms:

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Temperate
  • Rainfall
  • Habitat
  • Biome

We’ve really enjoyed learning about Amazon rainforests and the amazing animals and plants that live there!

A highlight for Year 4 pupils was a visit by rainforest and desert animals to our classrooms! Thank you to Megan’s parents bringing this treat to Milford! Year 4 pupils were amazed to see snakes, scorpions, leaf insects and millipedes!

Would you be brave enough to touch a snake?

Can you work out where in the rainforest the animals might live?

START Partnership Project with the  Nottingham Contemporary

Year 4 began their START project in conjunction with the Nottingham Contemporary with an inspirational visit to the ‘Still I Rise’ exhibition last half term.

The exhibition displayed art in many forms including: drawing, painting, photographs, poetry, sculpture, writing and dance! Milford pupils were fascinated by the wide variety of art in the exhibition. During the visit, Milford pupils and their wonderful parents explored ideas through practical work.  Everyone enthusiastically created dances based on household chores, free drawing, story- telling and even group sculptures made from tights!

Following the Gallery visit, there were two workshops in school with project artists who will developed ideas from the exhibition with us.  Milford pupils then ran away with ideas and methods the artists introduced…

Pupils created wonderful dance movements based on everyday chores,  free drawings with stories woven into them and  wire sculptures  inspired by the dance movements.

The project will end in an exhibition of the children’s work at the Nottingham Contemporary Gallery .The exhibition will take place on the weekend of  9th and 10th March but pupils will also visit the exhibition at the gallery with school on  Thursday 7th March.

See School Life for more details of this project


Year 4 have focused on their I.C.T. skills on a Tuesday afternoon.  Pupils will continue to develop their understanding of e safety, use key processing skills and begin to programme throughout the year.

This half term, Year 4 pupils have been writing simple algorithms using, ‘Logo’.  During the lessons, commands such as forwards, backwards, left, right, pen up and pen down enabled us to draw squares and rectangles. From these algorithms we worked out how to create different sizes and shapes. We used the snipping tool to save our creations. We’ve had to use lots of Maths skills and creative skills in these lessons!


Class 9  has P.E. every Thursday afternoon.

Class 10 has P.E. every Wednesday afternoon.

Table tennis skills have been developed this half term. While improving our table tennis, we have developed personal skills such as self -control, perseverance, resilience and determination.

Year 4 pupils have been very busy preparing for an athletics event. Well done to all pupils representing the school.

At the Milford Academy, we continue to make links between healthy eating, staying active and making progress!

Working together, as staff, parents and pupils, we will achieve great things…


The children will have guided reading, spelling and times tables homework given to them on Monday. The children have a week to complete the guided reading and tables homework. Spellings will be tested on Fridays.

Mrs Haslam and Mr Goff