Year 4

Hi and welcome to Year 4’s Summer 1 web update.

This half term we have been looking at our Changes to Our Community for our Topic. This has allowed us to explore how the school has changed over time and how it has acquired more buildings and the playground has been adapted. We have also compared Clifton from 1883 to modern day Clifton and looked at how the area has changed.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on fractions. We have explored equivalent fractions and their equivalent families. Adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator has been a focus of our learning this term too. We have investigated unit and non-unit fractions and looked at tenths. Furthermore, we have continued to use the Chili Challenge to help improve children’s fluency in the four number operations.

‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Anne Duffy has been our focus in English this term. We have explored writing settings and describing characters from the story. To improve our grammar, we have looked at using expanded noun phrases to enhance our descriptions. We have continued to use fronted adverbials and prepositional phrases to start our sentences. In order to add some figurative language, we have looked at using similes in our writing. We continue to revise identifying word classes through our reading and morning work.

Our VIPERs this term has focused on exploring the text of ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ and have been working on enhancing our understanding of inference. We have also begun to look at explaining how the author describes parts of the text. Summarising sections of the text has also been a focus of our lessons.

Science, with Mr Shaw, has been centred on how living things and their habitats have been affected by climate change. This has been linked to our topic work and the children have looked at how the local area has been affected by these changes and what can be done to enhance the proliferation of wildlife in Clifton.

In PE, Year 4 have been working on their team work, coordination skills and agility through a variety of movement drills. We have also been running the Milford mile, where the children spend five minutes going around the playground as many times as they can.

RE has had us looking at the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi and the 5 K’s of the Sikh religion.

We have enjoyed a gardening session, helping maintain the school grounds and learning about the different classifications of plants into bulbs, grasses, trees and shrubs.

Next half term our Topic will focus on the Ancient Greeks and how they have influenced our civilisation and given us democracy. In English we shall be exploring the Greek myths and legends. Maths we shall continue with fractions and start to uncover the secrets of decimals.