Year 3 Upcoming Events

Clifton Library

Year 3 will visit Clifton Library on Tuesday 24th March to enjoy the wide selection of books and community events on offer there.

Nottingham Contemporary Gallery Visit

Year 3 will visit the Nottingham Contemporary gallery on Wednesday 4th March. They will view exhibitions and take part in artist led workshops.

Roman Day

Year 3 Roman Day is Wednesday 11th March. We will immerse ourselves in Roman times and explore Roman artifacts.

Class 8 P.E.

Class 8 will now have P.E. on Wednesday mornings and not on Friday afternoons.

Please ensure that pupils have appropriate kit in school for their lessons on Wednesday mornings.

No jewelry should be worn in a P.E. lesson and it is the responsibility of pupils to take their ear rings out or tape over them.

During the cold whether, pupils need to have additional warm layers, such as sweat shirts and track suit bottoms to enjoy outdoor lessons.

Participating actively in P.E. lessons helps pupils develop healthy minds and bodies.

Thank you,

Mrs Haslam

Christmas Sing along

Congratulations Year 3!

We’re so proud of the way everyone in Year 3 sang and performed our Christmas songs.

Year 3 pupils showed great confidence and singing skills.

Well done,

Mrs Haslam

Rainbow Reading

Rainbow Reading has been launched. There are many exciting books and authors on the Year 3 list.

Soon, the Rainbow Reading shelves will be full with the new books but until then, we’re discussing the wonderful titles and authors!

We will record Rainbow Reading titles once the books arrive!

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Haslam and Miss Marshall

Parents Evening

Parents Evening for Class 7 and Class 8 takes place on Wednesday 6th November and Thursday 7th November.

Please check the lists outside rooms or ask if you are unsure of your time slot. Please sign up if you haven’t yet got an appointment.

Appointments will be strictly 10 minutes to ensure we keep on schedule.

We look forward to talking with you and working together to ensure the best outcome for Milford pupils!

Thank you,

Mrs Haslam and Miss Marshall