Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 is an enthusiastic, hard- working, cohort! Class 7 is taught by Miss Marshall and Class 8 is taught by Mrs Haslam  and  Miss Fell  supports the whole cohort.

The Year 3 team work alongside sports coaches and other colleagues within school to support pupils and parents. When we all work together, we can achieve amazing things!

Year 3 pupils are displaying the Milford Values and developing positive attitudes and behaviours. We are working towards a Milford gold band! We are setting ourselves high standards and we are keen to progress.

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Our Curriculum



Our love of reading is developing further in Year 3 and we are expanding our range of authors and genres. We all read much as possible at home as well as in school.  We aim to read a wide variety of genres, including:

  • Non-Fiction books
  • Fiction books
  • Poetry
  • Comics
  • Newspapers
  • Recipes

We have had an exciting new collection of Year 3 books!  Classroom collections, corridor choices and school library selections give us a huge range of exciting books and authors to choose from. We enjoy choosing from fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Daily phonic lessons help us to decode words and progress with spelling. We are consolidating and developing key reading skills.

We are growing in confidence during VIPERS lessons and our Reading comprehension skills are developing alongside our decoding. We have revised our retrieval skills and have had more focus on inferencing this half term. We have also explained texts, considered vocabulary choices in context, made inferences, made predictions and have summarised texts.

Through the inspiring text, ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ by Shirley Climo, we have analysed vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation and character description. We have used our VIPERS reading skills to understand the text.

The true story of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun has also been a stimulus to wonder,  question  and visualise. We enjoyed the interesting topic words, such as, sarcophagus and archaeologist .

We have also used non- fiction texts linked to ancient Egypt, Science and artists to develop our reading skills.


The text, ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ has inspired our writing composition. We have focussed on the rich vocabulary, punctuation and conjunctions in the text to help us write out own sentences. This half term, we have  developed our understanding of paragraphs further and our independent writing shows the progress we have made with this.  Within punctuation, we are using more of a range and some of us are now using inverted commas for direct speech.

We have also written an account of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. We used the vocabulary and sentence structure we explored in the text.


This half term, alongside number fluency skills, we have focussed on addition and subtraction, building and extending our place value skills. We have developed mental Maths skills and have made progress finding 1, 10 or 100 more and less than a number. We are starting to see patterns on a hundred square to help us with this. We have also learnt column written methods to help us with addition and will continue subtraction after Christmas.

We have continued our weekly mental maths and arithmetic tests, building confidence and slowly progressing with our scores. Times Table Rock Stars will be used to help us increase speed and accuracy with tables as well as exploring patterns in tables.


We have continued to develop our scientific skills, such as, making observations, asking questions, investigating and analysing results. Year 3 have enjoyed exploring forces and magnets. We have compared and grouped a variety of everyday materials on the basis of whether they were attracted to a magnet. We identified materials as magnetic or non-magnetic. We have also explored forces in terms of pushes and pulls. We used our Scientific skills while investigating the strength of a range of magnets.


We continue to discuss ways to stay safe on-line. This half term, we started to discuss research techniques, key search questions and sharing webpages. We have also begun to develop word processing skills which we will continue next half term.


Ancient Egypt has been an interesting topic which has grabbed our attention! As Historians, we have  discussed who the Ancient Egyptians were and how they have influenced the way in which we live our lives today. We have compared everyday life in Ancient Egypt to the present day.  We have been fascinated by the story of Howard Carter and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Throughout the topic we have considered how we learn about the past through artefacts. We have closely linked our topic work with our English and Art. Our English and VIPERS work have been inspired by Ancient Egyptian non-fiction texts, The Egyptian Cinderella and accounts of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.


This half term, we have been ‘valuing differences’.  Through paired, group and class discussion, we have explored friends and acquaintances and what makes us who we are!

We have also been caring for our school grounds and learning how to help each other, connect with nature and understand about growing food to stay healthy.

Art and Design

We have continued to develop the drawing skills we began in the first half term. In addition, we have been exploring portraits and mask in preparation for making our own masks. Through visualising tasks and art evaluation we have been ‘wondering’ skills. Being able to question and wonder about artwork and artists will help our reading skills. We considered the portrait work of David Hockney and Chris Ofili. We have also evaluated a range of different masks in preparation for making our own!

Look out for our 3D Egyptian inspired masks using a paper mache technique!


We have been learning a range of skills to build upon body strength, balance and control. We have focussed on team- work, co-operation and developing sequence. We have enjoyed dance workshops and trying a new sport – curling!


In Year 3 we have studied Hinduism and in particular, the God Ganesh and the festival Ganesh Chaturthi. We are discussing beliefs and showing respect for the views of everyone. We have also considered the Christian nativity story.


As musicians we have listened to songs linked to our Egyptian topic. We have also considered the importance of musicians such as Aretha Franklin. We listened to and appraised her famous song, ‘Respect’. Listening and responding to music has given us enjoyment and helps us feel emotionally well.

Christmas celebrations

We have enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner, Snow Queen theatre production, party day and Cinderella pantomime (virtually of course)!

What a busy and productive half term we have had!

Keep up the hard work Year 3!

The Year 3 Team