Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 is a hardworking, friendly and motivated cohort!  Class 7 is taught by Miss Marshall and Class 8 is taught by Mrs Haslam. Mrs Dickens, Miss Fell, Mr Shaw and sports coaches also support the cohort.

Year 3 have made clear progress this half term. They have mastered key skills and developed strategies and techniques. Pupils are displaying the Milford Values in all areas of school life. Many children have achieved their Bronze Band and are on their way to Silver! We’re looking forward to children achieving Gold at the end of the year. Look out for the many areas of success Year 3 have shown.

Our Curriculum



Reading continues to be at the heart of everything we do at The Milford Academy. In Year 3, we continue to develop reading comprehension skills and enjoy a wide range of authors, genres, styles and themes.

Our Year 3 shared text, ‘Escape from Pompeii’ has helped us develop key reading skills such as retrieving and recording  information, explaining words and phrases in context and making inferences. We are also getting much better at visualising events and using evidence to predict what might happen next. We have made progress in questioning and wondering about the texts we read.

Using our sketch books, we developed our visualising skills for key parts of the text, ‘Escape from Pompeii’.

In addition to our shared texts, non- fiction texts about the Romans and Pompeii have supported our understanding and widened our experience of text type.

So far this year, we have enjoyed many high quality class readers, including:

  • Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl
  • The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson
  • The Adventurous Snail by Dick-King Smith
  • The Iron Man by Ted Hughes
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  by C.S. Lewis
  • Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit
  • Non – fiction Roman texts

We continue to read a wide variety of genres such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry.


This half term, we have developed a Year 3 poetry table and pupils are ‘picking up a poem’ and reading aloud with expression. Some of the Year 3 favourites are ‘Spaghetti, Spaghetti’, ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ and ‘Chocolate Cake’ We enjoy reading poems by Michael Rosen and Spike Milligan.


In Year 3 we are benefiting from Vipers sessions which help us develop key skills for comprehending the texts we read. We have focussed on ‘retrieve and record’ skills including scanning for key words and text marking. We have also started developing our ‘wondering’ skills to make inferences.

Rainbow Reading

Rainbow Reading continues to challenge us to read a wide range of genres and authors. In Year 3, there are many genres available and a fantastic range of authors, including Anthony Browne, Roald Dahl, Jill Tomlinson, Anne Fine, Jill Murphy, Michael Morpurgo and Dick King- Smith. Year 3 pupils are enjoying recommending books to each other.

Which authors do you enjoy reading?

Which book is your favourite?

Which topics or themes do you enjoy reading about?

Book Selection

We are enjoying selecting books from a variety of sources such as the classroom Reading Corner, the school library and the Rainbow Reading shelf.

We are also visiting Clifton Library to enjoy the wide range of books and events on offer there. 


‘Escape from Pompeii’ has inspired us to write a short Roman story with speech. We focussed on developing rich, high quality vocabulary and phrases as well as introducing inverted commas. In Year 3, we have extended the range of punctuation we read and this is evident in all of our writing! Many of us have included inverted commas in our stories and some have accurately punctuated a conversation between the main characters.

One pupil wrote,

Mount Vesuvius roared and screamed with terror. Lava and a blanket of ash fell on Pompeii. Tranio and Livia jumped in the boat and sailed away. Lava whooshed out of the top of the volcano and streams of lava flowed down until it reached the sea.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”  Mount Vesuvius roared. “Boom! Boom! Boom!” Tranio and Livia had left just in time…

Another pupil wrote,

Suddenly, Mount Vesuvius exploded. Fiery molten lava sprayed from it. Tranio and Livia ran to a boat and hid. “Tranio… I’m starting to choke!” Livia said.

Another Year 3 wrote,

Suddenly, something happened and the ground shook… The volcano erupted! Quick as a flash, colourful, vibrant flames rose up to the dark sky.


This half term we have focussed on multiplication and its link to division. We have used equipment, such as, Cuisenaire Rods to help us understand multiples and repeated addition. We can represent multiplication in a variety of ways including arrays, bars and repeated addition.

Our reasoning skills are developing and we can explain why number statements are true or false using mathematical vocabulary. We are showing our strategies and methods, drawing pictures to help us solve problems and using a guess and adjust approach.

Year 3 pupils continue to develop multiplication fact knowledge and speed through Times Table Rock Star. We really are increasing our speed and accuracy!  We hope to know our x 3, x4 and x8 by the end of the year.


Year 3 had a forces and magnets focus week at the beginning of term. We enjoyed investigating friction using toy cars on different surfaces. We predicted and tested which surfaces would create the most friction. We also tried to find out which magnet was the strongest. How would you find out about the strength of magnets?

Our main Science topic this half term was Light. We have explored reflective surfaces and classified materials as transparent, translucent or opaque.


Year 3 have developed their word processing skills. We have created folders, used split screen techniques and the snipping tool. We’ve also changed font, size, colour and used the align tool and bullet points. We used our Roman topic as a context for our word processing skills.

Topic ‘Life in Roman Times’

We’ve stated to find out who the Romans were, where they came from and how they invaded Britain. We are developing our understanding of chronology and exploring ways to find out about the past. Over the next half term we will continue to find out more about life in Roman times.

.Art and Design

We will continue to use different pencil grades and shading patterns. We will link Art and Reading through visualisation. Good readers can visualise the text and our sketching development will help us ‘see’ what is happening in the text. We creates sketches of the volcano erupting in ‘Escape from Pompeii’

Linking with our Roman topic, we have explored the art technique of mosaics. We have created mosaics using stone and paper. We have also studied the artist Gaudi and created bright mosaic creations inspired by his work.


This half term we have focussed on the Christianity and the celebration of Lent. We have enjoyed discussing the Christian faith and other World religions. We are developing respect for the beliefs of others.


Class 7’s PE lesson is Thursday morning and Class 8’s lesson is Wednesday morning.   Appropriate school PE kits help us enjoy lessons safely.  During the colder months, pupils need to ensure they have appropriate warm clothing with them for outdoor PE. Long hair is tied back and all jewellery is removed or taped. At the Milford Academy we understand the importance of staying active and healthy.

This half term, Year 3 have focussed on developing athletic skills. The Year 3 and 4 Sports Hall Athletics Team displayed outstanding performance against other schools. Well done.

Snack and Water Bottles

In Year 3 the children are provided with a mid-morning cracker to help keep a good level of concentration. Drinking water and plastic cups are available in our classrooms. Children can bring in a water bottle that can be kept by the sink during the day.  Year 3 pupils are learning that it is important to keep hydrated as this helps us learn!

Upcoming Events

Clifton Library

Year 3 will visit Clifton Library on Tuesday 24th March to enjoy the wide selection of books and community events on offer there.

Nottingham Contemporary Gallery Visit

Year 3 will visit the Nottingham Contemporary gallery on Wednesday 4th March. They will view exhibitions and take part in artist led workshops.

Roman Day

Year 3 Roman Day is Wednesday 11th March. We will immerse ourselves in Roman times and explore Roman artifacts.

The Year 3 team,

Miss Marshall, Mrs Haslam and Mrs Dickens