Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 is a hardworking, friendly and motivated cohort!

Class 7 is taught by Miss Marshall and Class 8 is taught by Mrs Walker-Jones.

Mrs Baker and Mrs Baggley teach in both classes every Thursday. Mrs Dickens, Mrs Burrows and Miss Fell also support the cohort.

The Year 3 corridor is located by the field.


This half term, Year 3 have continued to focus on  ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ by Carol Ann Duffy. We have been looking at the interesting vocabulary used in the story, building up to writing an extended piece of work about the forest.

We have been focusing on using adjectives, similes and speech marks in our writing!

We have also been working on improving our handwriting, presentation and grammar skills.

Within English, we have continued to learn Year 3 spelling patterns and the Year 3 tricky words. Each week, there will be a spelling pattern to consider, learn and explore.

We have been going to The Milford School Library every Tuesday afternoon which has helped us to extend our knowledge of genres and authors .

Guided Reading

Guided Reading takes place in Year 3 on a Monday morning. All children need their reading book and diary with them on this day. Year 3 pupils have been mastering key reading skills such as predicting, making inferences about characters and summarising events. They have also been working on reading with expression and fluency.  To do this, we have been learning about how we need to change our expression when we see different pieces of punctuation.


We have been learning about Fractions this half term. We now know that Fractions are a part of a whole. We have looked at halves, quarters, thirds, fifths, sixths, sevenths, eighths and tenths of shapes and amounts. We have also counted up in fractions.


This half term with Mrs Baker, Mrs Baggley and Mrs Dickens, we have been learning about Sikhism. We have learnt about the way Sikhs like to celebrate and the different types of clothes that they wear.


The first week back at school this half term was very exciting! We designed and made our own kites in pairs. We learnt about Diamond, Rokkaku, Sled and Delta kites and their different features. We then designed and made our own diamond kites using our chosen resources. We made a frame and then added our sails. We then tested them on the field!























Our new topic ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ has launched this half term. We went Gardening with Anna and we planted different types of herbs and tomatoes, which supports the Edible Garden section of this topic. We have also looked at a range of herbs in class and described the way they smell and taste.


Art also supports our Topic this term. We have been focusing on drawing a selection of fruit and vegetables in our sketchbooks. We have sketched peppers using charcoal and mushrooms, cabbage and pineapples using pastels! We have really enjoyed this. Our teachers have also been impressed with our final pieces of work!
























Year 3 enjoy working on their I.C.T. skills on a Friday afternoon.  We have developed our understanding of e safety and we understand how to stay safe online. We have also been using the program Revelation Natural Art to create our own pictures using a range of shapes, colours and lines.


Class 7 have P.E. every Friday morning.

Class 8 have P.E. every Friday morning.

All children will need appropriate kit, with their names clearly labelled.

Many thanks

Miss Marshall and Mrs Walker-Jones