Year 3

Year 3 celebrating Red Nose Day with our own red nose designs!

Welcome to Year 3!

This half term, Year 3 pupils returned to school positively after learning at home or in a small bubble. Everyone has worked incredibly hard to quickly set high standards and focus on learning and progression. We are so proud of the way Year 3 pupils have adapted to all of the changes. Well done Year 3! You are amazing.

Year 3 is an enthusiastic, hard- working, cohort! Class 7 is taught by Miss Marshall, Class 8 is taught by Mrs Haslam and Miss Fell supports the whole cohort.

The Year 3 team work alongside sports coaches and other colleagues within school to support pupils and parents. When we all work together, we can achieve amazing things!

Year 3 pupils have been working hard to develop the Milford Values and many pupils have now achieved their bronze band. We will continue to make progress with our learning, attitudes and behaviour.

Our Curriculum


Year 3 continue to develop the key reading skills of vocabulary, inference, prediction, explaining, retrieving and summarising. These skills have been developed through the shared text, ‘Escape from Pompeii’ by Christina Balit, VIPERS sessions, phonics, group work and one to one sessions. Our inspiring shared text, ‘Escape from Pompeii’ has also helped us develop grammar and punctuation skills as well as writing composition skills. You will be impressed with our rich vocabulary, use of conjunctions, adverbials and varied sentence structure. We have also made progress with direct speech this half term, through the shared text. We will continue to proof – read and edit our own work. We have also continued weekly handwriting and spelling activities to improve our writing.

Brody wrote, At that moment, a big shower of silver ash shot down on Pompeii. Livia said, “Tranio! I can’t…breathe…”

Isaiah wrote, BOOM! It’s top exploded with screams. The scorching, blazing lava was spraying out of the volcano.

David wrote, The sky was full of clouds, thick with pumice and black ash!


As well as developing reading through the shared text and VIPERS sessions, our corridor book band system, classroom collection and school library choices have helped us expand the authors and genres we read.

We have enjoyed developing knowledge of authors through the author of the term. We enjoyed exploring Jeff Brown and the Flat Stanley books last term and this term we have been amused by Any Stanton and the Mr Gum books. Do you have a favourite author?

World Book Day

Home learners and pupils in the Year 3 bubble celebrated the wonderful world of books! Through Teams, we shared creative reading tasks and read lines from our favourite books with expression!


Year 3 have focused on multiplication and division this half term. We explored equal grouping and dividing using different representations, such as, arrays and number lines. We have also developed fluency with multiples of 3, 4 and 8 and embedded this knowledge within reasoning and problem contexts. We consolidated and extended our skills multiplication and division skills. As ever, we have looked for patterns and relationships between facts. We have discussed the commutativity of multiplication and addition. Times tables skills have been extended further through Times Tables Rock Stars, oral fluency and discrete lessons. We’re extending our fluency starters, such as, number of the day, true or false, pattern spotting and sorting activities.


Year 3 were fascinated by rocks this half term. Pupils were able to give examples of natural and human-made rocks. They were able to compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and simple physical properties. We enjoyed using pipettes to group rocks as permeable or impermeable. We have also developed the scientific skills of making and recording observations accurately as well as asking questions.

We were amazed and intrigued by the different types of rocks and their different properties!
We carefully used pipettes and our observation skills to group rocks as permeable or impermeable.


Year 3 have been developing programming skills. We used Logo to develop, explore and test algorithms to create and extend shapes. We has also been revising ways to stay safe on line and consolidating our word processing skills.

Topic – The Romans

We have continued to learn about life in Roman times. We have further explored aspects of the Romanisation of Britain, such as, the building of Roman roads, Roman mosaic and Roman baths.  We have continued to develop key historical skills such as understanding chronology, using evidence to find out about the past and considering different interpretations of the past.


Art and Design

We had a very exciting bespoke virtual gallery tour with the Nottingham Contemporary and artists Laura Eldret and Charlotte Tupper. As well as having a tour of the gallery, Charlotte answered our questions about the Grace Jones and Jimmy Robert exhibition. We then used ideas from the gallery tour to create our own artwork.

We linked with artist Charlotte at the gallery and our school artist, Laura joined the tour as well. It was great to view the exhibition, even though the gallery is closed!
We created our own sculptures, inspired by the exhibition.
We worked creatively and collaboratively! We love sharing and developing ideas in Year 3.

Year 3 have continued to be inspired by Roman mosaics and patterns. We discussed and evaluated images of Roman mosaics and patterns. We developed our own ideas through this inspiration. We also studied the work of mosaic artist Antoni Gaudi, and used his techniques and styles to create our own mosaic designs using a variety of media. We also considered Roman patterns to plan our print work.


This half term, we have continued to develop the Milford Mile. We have also developed strength, balance and fitness.

Year 3 developing strength, speed, balance, agility and general fitness!


Year 3 explored and discussed The Hajj. We considered special journeys and discussed the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

What a busy and productive half term we have had!

Keep up the hard work Year 3!

The Year 3 Team