World Book Day!

We had a fantastic day at school celebrating all of our favourite books.

We brought our favourite books to school.

Our teachers were so impressed with the effort we made preparing our book character costumes!


We enjoyed reading to each other and sharing stories

Reading ‘Go to Sleep Little Bear’

We loved hearing other teachers read their favourite children’s story books to us.

Reading in the book corner

Keep reading and enjoying books!

Year 2 Team

Partake Theatre

Yesterday, Partake Theatre came into school and we acted out scenes from The Great Fire of London! The boys had to wear waistcoats and the girls had to wear skirts.

King Charles II wore a curly wig and a black hat with a feather in it. We really enjoyed it because we learnt all about how the fire started. We learnt that the baker, Thomas Farriner forgot to put his oven out with water and sparks from the oven started the fire. The fire raged for 4 long days. We talked about how people tried to escape the fire by getting in boats.

Thank you to all the parents who brought in their pound to help us have this fantastic experience!

Year 2 Team

Christmas Dinner

We all enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner!

Christmas dinner in our Christmas jumpers!
Enjoying our second helping

We finished it off with a yummy chocolate cake!

The best of friends
We even tried sprouts!

Year 2 Team

Christmas in the City

On Wednesday 11th December the choir performed at The Royal Concert Hall with lots of other schools and a live orchestra.

Waiting to go on stage.

We sang ‘Never Too Late’ from the new Lion King film, ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ and ‘If Every Child Could’.

The children were given finger lights for dramatic effect and the orchestra played songs from Frozen II which we really enjoyed.

Performing with other schools at The Royal Concert Hall

Santa arrived at the end to spread Christmas cheer and congratulate on their fantastic performance!

Year 2 Team

Outdoor Learning – Science

Today we went around the school grounds looking at living things and their habitats.

Listening to Anna our gardener

We saw lots of wildlife outside! We saw a frog and worms in the mud near the polytunnel. (Owen) We found a centipede under compost and learnt that they have 100 legs because ‘cent’ means 100 (Samuel)

A centipede

We saw native slugs and slugs eggs! (Brody) We saw a new bud growing on a plant. (Xander) We saw some native birds, including robins, sparrows, magpies, wrens and a grey tit in the hedges (Jorgie & Jayne)

We saw a goldfish in the pond
Slugs eggs

Year 2 Team