Year 2

Year 2 – Spring A

Year 2 is made up of two classes. Class 5 is taught by Miss Watts and Class 6 is taught by Miss Allen, Mrs Baggley and Mrs Cutts. Mrs Beri, Ms Sanderson and Ms Ralph also support Year 2 throughout the week.

English and Topic

This half-term we have linked our English and Topic work by using a variety of texts to answer the question “Why is Florence Nightingale considered to be a significant person?” To start with, we looked at Florence’s childhood and researched why she wanted to be nurse. Next we watched videos, looked at images and read non-fiction texts to find out what the hospital in Turkey was like when Florence and her nurses arrived. We discovered that the hospital was disgustingly smelly, unhygienic and filthy. Finally we explored how Florence improved the hospital.  We enjoyed developing our knowledge of non-fiction texts and writing a letter from Florence to her parents.

Later in the half-term, Miss Watts and Miss Allen needed our help making jam sandwiches. We had to give them very precise instructions to make sure they did it correctly! Miss Watts even put jam on her nose! After this we made our own sandwich and wrote instructions so that others would be able to make a jam sandwich too. We made sure we used time conjunctions like first, then, next, after that and finally.

Working together to make a jam sandwich.


“I read this book two times on Sunday and now I know all about space art!” – Year 2 child to a friend.

This half-term we have read a wide range of texts and worked on our ability to answer questions about what we have read. We have loved choosing our own books from the Year 2 Library each week and reading these alongside our guided reading books.  Many of us have also enjoyed reading and performing poems by Michael Rosen including “Hot Food” and “Me and My Brother”. You can find more of his poems at .


In Maths we started the half-term by focusing on division using arrays. Following this we also looked at fractions, exploring halving  and quartering shapes before moving on to amounts. We enjoyed using practical apparatus such as paper shapes and counters to help us with this. More recently we have begun to look at shapes. We have also been continuing to learn our 2x, 5x and 10x tables and some of us have been practising at home using Times Table Rockstars. To embed our maths knowledge (particularly the four operations) we are now doing Maths morning work at the start of everyday. This includes times tables, number target and partitioning.

Finding shapes around the school site. Here are some diamonds.

Science and Gardening

Our focus in science this half-term has been Plants. We started the term with a gardening session where we observed the differences between seeds and bulbs. We also investigated and named the different parts of a plant such as the stem, roots and leaves. Joy the gardener was impressed with how much we remembered from our last gardening session. In the classroom we have also been exploring different types of plants, including plants we eat. We have just begun to investigate how different conditions impact upon a plant’s growth.

Identifying the different parts of a plant.

Our cress seeds. Hopefully they will grow!


In P.E. we have been developing our teamwork skills through various team games, as well as beginning to develop our sprinting skills in preparation for the Summer term. We have also been lucky enough to practise field events such as javelin and long jump. The sports coaches are very impressed with our behaviour during our P.E. lessons.


We have been looking at Rules and Routines in R.E. We have examined the rules and routines of various religions including The Ten Commandments (Christianity), The Five Pillars of Islam and Shabbat (Judaism). We have also explored humanism and considered what good choices look like in our everyday life.


We have been lucky enough this term to be able to spend some time with Liz, our School Counsellor. Liz has worked with us to help us understand our emotions better as well as introducing us to some excellent collaborative games. We have also focused on showing kindness to one another and ensuring that we follow the Milford Values.


In ICT  we have been looking at coding.  We have learnt what debugging means and worked hard to solve problems independently when using the computers. Miss Watts is very impressed with how quickly we have got used to setting up and using our headphones!

Reminder: Please ensure that your child completes their Reading Diary tasks on a weekly basis. To help develop their times table knowledge please make sure your child practises their times tables on Times Table Rockstars at the following link – .

Miss Watts