Year 2

Year 2 – Autumn B

Year 2 is made up of two classes. Class 5 is taught by Miss Watts and Class 6 is taught by Mrs Baggley and Mrs Cutts. Mrs Beri, Ms Sanderson and Ms Ralph also support Year 2 throughout the week.


In English we have enjoyed the book and film adaptation of “Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, which tells the story of a boy who finds a penguin on his doorstep. First of all, we focused on using our five senses to write a setting description of the seaside village where the boy lives. We also became researchers for the week, finding out all we could about Emperor Penguins with the help of David Attenborough’s “Dynasties”. Using our research, we created fact files. We have also recently begun to look at how to use commas in lists.

This half-term we have all shared the text “The Last Polar Bears” by Harry Horse in class. We started each week by learning new vocabulary linked to the text. Then our teacher read us a short extract from the text and we listened carefully for the vocabulary. We then read the extract several times in pairs, before answering questions on the text. Our favourite part of Whole Class Reading is learning new vocabulary and using this in our own writing and conversations.


We began the term by focusing on money. We were able to build on our knowledge of coins and notes from Year 1 to find different ways to represent the same amount of money. We also worked on solving simple word problems involving money and worked on calculating the correct amount of change needed. More recently we have been practising our 2x, 5x and 10x tables and applying these to solve word problems. We have found creating our own arrays particularly useful when solving multiplication problems.

D & T

In D&T we have designed, resourced and built our own planes. Both Miss Watts and Mrs Cutts were very impressed with our designs and the way in which we used recycled resources to build our planes. We definitely showed high levels of independence!


In P.E. we have been developing our teamwork skills through various team games, as well as continuing to develop our throwing and catching skills.

Topic (R.E.)

Our topic this half-term has been Churches. We began by sharing everything we already knew about churches with the class. Then we explored the key external and internal features of a church and discussed how not all churches look the same. Perhaps the most exciting part of this topic was when we visited St Mary’s Church! Whilst we were there we completed a church quiz and Reverend Owen spoke about why the church is so important to Christians.


We have been lucky enough this term to be able to spend some time with Liz, our School Counsellor. Liz has worked with us to help us understand our emotions better as well as introducing us to some excellent collaborative games. We have also focused on showing kindness to one another and ensuring that we follow the Milford Values.

We enjoyed carefully blowing and catching feathers in pairs.


We used the cameras to take pictures of our friends.

In ICT we have been looking at Photography. Mrs Rowe has taught us how to safely handle a camera, as well as the names of different camera parts, including the lens. We have begun to use cameras to take pictures of the school site.


We have looked at how music can evoke different emotions and tell us stories. We have enjoyed practising our songs for the Nativity. Many of us have attended KS1 Choir.


In Art we examined a variety of different stained-glass windows. We then designed our own stained glass windows on paper before creating one using acetate and tissue paper.


Miss Watts