Year 2

Hello and welcome to the page for both Class 5 and 6! The teachers in Year 2 are called Miss Liddle (Class 5) and Mrs Heiden (Class 6). Mrs Gibson & Mrs Cutts are supporting both classes.

This half term our Topic was ‘How does the weather affect our lives?’


In Maths we have been improving our addition and subtraction skills. We have been learning how to add and subtract two 2-digit numbers. We know that drawing dienes can help us to solve number sentences.

Another skill that we have been learning is adding by making 10. We used our tens frames and counters to show that 9 + 7 is the same as 10 + 6. We did this by stealing counters from our learning partners!

We have also started learning about multiplication. We know the difference between equal and unequal groups. We have also been learning how to draw arrays and how we can use them to help us solve multiplication sums.

Making arrays using counters


In English we have been reading non-fiction texts about the weather. We learned lots of facts about the weather – did you know that Antarctica is actually a desert? We have been developing our use of question words and using them to construct our own questions about the weather. We have become experts at remembering to put a question mark at the end of our questions!

We have also been reading the book and watching the DVD of the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have been working on making our writing more descriptive by using some fantastic adjectives. We have also learnt what a noun is and went on a hunt around our classroom to identify nouns and adjectives. Here is what we found!


In Art we have been exploring the skill of printing.


This half term we have been learning about Christianity and Christmas in R.E. We have enjoyed finding out about the Nativity and Advent. We even made our own Christingles and were very interested to learn what each part of the Christingle represents!


In Science we have been learning about how exercise affects our bodies. We know that exercise helps us to be healthy and strong. Lots of us enjoyed doing star jumps. We found sit ups the hardest!


We have continued to enjoy visiting our Key Stage 1 Library every week. We particularly enjoy reading books about our Topic and sharing our favourite books with our friends.

VIPERS and Class Reader

In VIPERS we have been reading some more brilliant books by Julia Donaldson. Cave Baby and Charlie Cook’s Favourite Books have been our favourite! You can find out more about VIPERS on our website. Our Class Readers, Flat Stanley and George’s Marvellous Medicine have also been making us laugh.

Keep checking Seesaw to see what we’re up to!

Year 2 Team