Year 2

Year 2 – Spring B

Year 2 is made up of two classes. Class 5 is taught by Miss Watts and Class 6 is taught by Miss Allen and Mrs Cutts. Mrs Beri, Ms Sanderson and Ms Ralph also support Year 2 throughout the week.


This half-term we have linked our English and Topic work by using our knowledge of our local area to inform our writing. We began by producing fact files about ourselves. We learnt what the purpose of a heading is and practised using possessive apostrophes in our writing. Next we recounted our visit to Glapton Woods, using expanded noun phrases and our senses to describe what we experienced.

We have also had lots of fun writing our own poems inspired by a poem written by the people of Nottingham called ‘Our Nottingham Things’. You can find the original poem here:

To help us write our poems, first we went on a virtual tour of Clifton and its surrounding areas; speaking to our partners and using post-it notes to share our favourite things about our local area. Then we started to write our poem which was very exciting. We counted the syllables in each line, and enjoyed reciting and singing our poems to one another. We also leant what a stanza is!

Click below to hear one of our poems. There are more to come!

Sharing our ideas on our virtual tour of Clifton.


This half-term we have continued to read a range of books in school and at home to develop our fluency. We are particularly enjoying taking home a new book from the Year 2 Library every week! To help develop our comprehension skills we have been focusing on the meaning of different question words. For example:

where – place or location

when – time or date

who – person or character

why – give a reason (often needs because)

what – thing or action
In Whole Class Reading we have started a new book called ‘Jack’s Fantastic Voyage’ by Michael Foreman.  We are enjoying sharing this book together and exploring new vocabulary each week. Here is the vocabulary we have been looking at this half-term: Spring B Vocabulary List


In Maths we have been focusing on using blank number lines to solve addition and subtraction problems. We initially began by looking at subtraction by just taking away 1s. We then moved on to taking away 10s and 1s. We repeated this with addition and we are feeling much more confident with using blank number lines now. Many of us are beginning to use them to solve missing number problems as well! We have also continued to practice partitioning numbers through weekly Number Target challenges, as well as practising our multiplication and division skills using arrays. At the start of the term we also looked at measurement and enjoyed using rulers and weighing scales to measure and compare the length and weight of different objects.

Using a blank number line to subtract 1 digit numbers.

Science and Gardening

Our focus in science this half-term has been Plants. We started the term with a gardening session where we helped Joy with various tasks on the school site. Some of us helped to dig up weeds and enjoyed looking at the roots of the weeds as we pulled them up. Another group of replanted plants that had grown too big for their pots and some of us help Joy to dig over a plant bed. In the classroom we recapped the functions of different parts of a plant and conducted our own experiment to prove that plants suck up water.

Busy weeding the plant beds.


In P.E. we have been developing our teamwork skills through various team games, as well as beginning to develop our sprinting skills in preparation for the Summer term. We have also been lucky enough to practise field events such as javelin and long jump. The sports coaches are very impressed with our behaviour during our P.E. lessons.


We have been looking at Ceremonies in R.E. We have looked at ceremonies from across a range of faiths, including Sikhism, Christianity and Judaism. Do you know what a Bar Mitzvah is?


Our Topic this half-term has been ‘Our Local Area’ and we have been exploring the question ‘What is the Geography of Where I Live Like?’. To help us answer this question we looked at maps of Clifton using Google Earth. We identified the similarities and differences between Clifton in the past and present and discussed the changes that had occurred in Clifton during our lifetimes. We also went on a trip to Glapton Woods to explore Clifton further. We made sure we followed the map so that we didn’t get lost!

Walking into Glapton Woods.

Looking at the tall trees.


We have been lucky enough this term to be able to spend some time with Liz, our School Counsellor. Liz has worked with us to help us understand our emotions better as well as introducing us to some excellent collaborative games. We have also focused on showing kindness to one another and ensuring that we follow the Milford Values.


In ICT  we have been looking at coding.  We have learnt what debugging means and worked hard to solve problems independently when using the computers. Miss Watts is very impressed with how quickly we have got used to setting up and using our headphones!

Reminder: Please ensure that your child completes their Reading Diary tasks on a weekly basis. To help develop their times table knowledge please make sure your child practises their times tables on Times Table Rockstars at the following link – .

Year 2 Team (Miss Watts, Mrs Cutts and Miss Allen)