Year 2

Hello and welcome to the page for both Class 5 and 6! The teachers in Year 2 are called Miss Liddle (Class 5) Miss Brennan & Mrs Rowe (Class 6). Mrs Gibson & Mrs Cutts are supporting both classes.

This half term our Topic was ‘Our Local Area’.


In Maths we have been developing our knowledge of pictograms and tally charts. We have become experts at interpreting data from different graphs and have been enjoying explaining our understanding with our peers.

We have also enjoyed learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have been learning new vocabulary such as ‘vertices’, ‘edges’, and ‘faces’. We created our own 3D shapes using nets and used stickers, felt tip pens and highlighters to count the vertices, edges and faces of different 3D shapes.

Look at our fabulous cones!


In English we have been using Kit Wrights ‘Magic Box’ poem to create our own Milford Magic Box poetry. To make this poem outstanding we used repetition, lines and verses and can you believe it? Expanded noun phrases!

Check out our Year 2 collaborative Milford Magic Box Poem below! We enjoyed performing this to our class.

Our collaborative poem

We have also been consolidating our understanding of imperative verbs (bossy verbs!) through instruction writing. We made our own delicious Easter Egg Nests – check out our recipe below!


In Art we have been learning about the fantastic Artist, Jean Metzinger. Metzinger created abstract mosaic artwork which has inspired us to create our own landscape mosaic pictures to represent our beautiful local area!


Our topic this half term in Science has been Everyday Materials. We enjoyed going on a hunt around our school to see how many different materials and uses of those materials we could spot. We have also carried out an experiment to see which materials are flexible. Using our Scientific vocabulary, we were able to see whether materials such as fabric, plastic, wood and metal could stretch, bend or be twisted.

We enjoyed experimenting!

In our Science Vipers we have had an interesting discussion as to which materials would be suitable to make a door. We debated this in depth and decided that although a paper door would be cheaper to make – it wouldn’t be very good at keeping rain and robbers out!


In Geography this half term we have been enjoying learning all about Our Local Area. We have discussed what makes Nottingham and Clifton so special and have thought about our favourite places in our city. We love riding our bikes in the Flower Park and we think that the Goose Fair is super exciting!

We also used a compass to draw our own maps of our playground (from memory!) see a fantastic map below.

Our map of our playground

We have also enjoyed using Google Earth to find out more about our local area. We know that the main land uses in Clifton are: transport, economic activity, residential areas, public services and open spaces!


In Music we have been consolidating our knowledge of different genres. We have enjoyed using our listening skills to listen to different pieces of music and select whether they belong to the Classical or Pop genre.

We have also been enjoying linking our music lessons to our topic. We have used the outside spaces of our school to create our own outdoor orchestra! We have enjoyed experimenting and exploring the outdoors – there are lots of objects that can be used as instruments! We composed our own rhythms and beats and performed them outside.

We found out we could even make instruments using sticks!
Composing a rhythm.

Year 2’s Amazing Reading

In Year 2 we love reading! In VIPERS we have been enjoying reading ‘The Bear and the Piano’ by David Litchfield and ‘The Magic Finger’ by Roald Dahl.

Our Class Readers ‘The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me’ and ‘The Enchanted Wood’ have been making us laugh! This half term we have also started ERIC (Everyone Read In Class). This is time for us to independently read in our classroom – even our teachers join in!

We enjoy our ERIC sessions

We have continued to enjoy reading with our friends in our fantastic KS1 library. Did you know our author of the month is Mick Inkpen? He has written some fantastic books including ‘The Blue Balloon, Honk!, Kipper’s Monster and Fred.

Together Again!

To help us all settle back in to school routines we have introduced circle time. We enjoy reflecting on our week, having a chat with our teachers and classmates and demonstrating that we follow our Milford Values. The children that have impressed us the most every week have been awarded Star of the Week in our whole school assembly. Well done to you all!

We have really enjoyed our first few weeks back together again. We can’t wait for some more exciting learning and to continue being with our friends next half term.

Keep checking Seesaw to see what we’re up to!

The Year 2 Team.