Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year 1! Class 3 is taught by Miss Liddle and Mrs Baggley on a Thursday.  Class 4 is taught by Mrs Baggley and Mrs Rowe. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Gibson, Miss Madden and Miss Fell. 

This half term our topic has been ‘The Great Fire of London’. 

English and History

The fire started in Pudding Lane in Thomas Farriner’s bakery.  He was the King’s baker.  In London, in 1666 the houses were very close together which is one of the reasons why the fire spread so quickly.  The houses were also made out of wood and there was a strong wind.  When looking at pictures of The Great Fire, the water pumps looked like they were also made of wood so they also burnt in the fire.  Initially, no one was fighting the fire because they were all trying to escape so it kept spreading. 

In English, we loved reading about Vlad and Boxton.  Vlad is a flea who loved eating blood and Boxton is a rat.  They were alive during the Great Fire of London and the Plague.   They described how Samuel Pepys kept a diary during The Great Fire of London.  Samuel Pepys was very important as he worked for the King.  He was worried about the fire spreading to his house so buried his wine and cheese.  He suggested using gunpowder to blow up some houses.  If there was a very big gap, it would stop the fire spreading.  13, 000 houses were destroyed during the Great Fire of London and 6 people lost their lives.

We have been writing newspaper reports about The Great Fire of London.

In Art we liked building houses out of cardboard boxes.  We used hay to make the roof and cut out some windows.  We also painted pictures to show what London looked like during The Great Fire.


We have continued to work hard on our Phonics.  We have been working hard on consonant clusters, for example, spring, and squirt.  Keep an eye out on the whiteboards for the phonemes we are covering each day.


We are still enjoying our Number Fluency.  We are getting very good at our number doubles and number bonds to 10 and 20.  We have started to use tens and units cubes to make 2-digit numbers.  We have been using mathematical apparatus to help us add and subtract numbers to 20.  We have also enjoyed experimenting with Numicon.

We used scales and counting bears to understand that = means ‘the same as’.

We have been on 2D and 3D shape hunts around the room.  We found lots of different shapes.


In Science, we have been doing an experiment to find out which week had the most rainfall.  We made a rain gauge and left it outside.  Each week we checked it and measured how much rain was in the bottle.  We then recorded the measurement on a graph.  The last week of this half term had the most rain.  The week when we had storms and snow!

We have also been discussing the seasons Autumn and Winter.  We will continue to look at the different seasons throughout the year.


In RE, we have been learning about Easter.  We have been learning about what happened and how it is celebrated.  We have talked about what happened on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


We have been enjoying PE.  We have worked on our throwing and catching skills.  PE will continue to be on a Friday.  Please remember to bring in all of your kit (including warmer clothes in case we go outside).  Please make sure all of the kit is labelled with your child’s name.

We have managed to fill our marble jar this half term.  We decided to have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Please remember Guided Reading is on a Friday.  Please return all reading books.


Next half term our topic will be ‘How does your Garden Grow?’  Can you complete some of the holiday challenge?

  • Draw and label some of the plants and trees in your garden / local area.
  • Create a model of a plant / tree.
  • Keep a diary of some seeds you have planted.
  • Create a magical garden.

The Year 1 Team.