Seaside Day in Nursery

The Nursery children had a lovely seaside day in the sun.

We made sandcastles, paddled in the pool and had ice creams.

Mrs Smith

New climbing equipment in Nursery

The Nursery children have been very excited!

Last week they watched their climbing frame being dismantled…only to have an amazing new one built!

They watched eagerly through the windows at the workers as they built their new climbing frame.

This week we have been able to use it and the children are loving it!  It allows them to develop their confidence, independence, upper body strength, coordination, perseverance and so much more.

Mrs Smith

Bike and scooter day

Today, the children brought their bikes and scooters to Nursery.

The children have been working very hard to develop their pedalling and balance skills in the Nursery garden so we wanted to celebrate their achievements.

We went on to the playground and we all had a special ticket attached to our bikes and scooters.  We had to see how many laps of the playground we could do. each time we passed a teacher we got a special stamp.

Here are a few photos of the fun we had!

Mrs Smith

Nursery Family trip to White Post Farm

We had a fantastic family visit to White Post farm.  The weather was beautiful and the sun was shining.

First, we had to get our bands when we got off the bus.

There were so many animals to see and some of us were brave enough to feed and stroke them.  The goats were very greedy and kept making us jump when they tried to climb the fence.

Feeding the greedy goats

Looking for Meerkats

Feeding the birds from our hands

This half term we have been learning about growing and we found the incubator where they keep the eggs.  We even saw one chick start to hatch.

The incubator

Hatching eggs

Once we had seen lots of animals, we stopped and had our lunch on the picnic benches.

Having a yummy picnic

After lunch we walked around the fields and went to the adventure play area.  It was great fun and we all practised our climbing and balancing skills.

Driving practise

Bouncing on the trampolines

Indoor sledging…with the teachers!

As usual, children of The Milford Academy Nursery did us proud and displayed brilliant behaviour throughout the day.

We had a fantastic time at White Post farm and we would love to go again.

Mrs Smith