Hello and welcome to Milford Nursery!

We have a dedicated team of staff in Nursery, led by Mrs Simons, our Nursery Teacher.  Mrs Wallace is our Senior Teaching Assistant and the rest of the team is made up of  Miss Faulks and Ms Fitzgerald. Mrs Elvin works in nursery on Friday mornings. We are also joined by Ms O’Hara in January.

Nursery Session Times

From January 2021:

Morning session – 8.45am-11.45am

Afternoon session – 12.30pm – 3.30pm

Please note the door will close 15 minutes after the beginning of the session. Doors will be opened 5 minutes before the end of the session for a safe hand over. Please do not be late collecting your child as the staff have a quick turn around and often have meetings after school. If you are going to be late please ring school and let us know so we can reassure your child.

Nursery Life

Children in the Nursery are based in one of two groups – we have Penguins and Owls. The children have stories, snacks and group time together and may be split into smaller groups for different activities.  Our group times include teaching sessions on communication and language, literacy, maths and social skills. Some of our activities may include circle games, songs, sharing stories and counting rhymes. In phonics we give the children a wide variety of experiences with listening to and making sounds, preparing for later learning on listening to letter sounds.

Each group has a furry animal friend. Every week a child earns the title of “Owl of the Week” or “Penguin of the Week” and they are invited to take Percy the Penguin or Rosie the Owl home to play and spend time with them and their family. Each animal has a special book or diary in which the adult can write detailing what they did, what they played with or an activity they decided to do. The child can also draw pictures and take photographs to display in the book showing what fun they had! The child who has worked hard, had a fantastic attitude or behaviour and a positive outlook to learning that week, is the child who gets to become our “Animal of the Week”

As we have so many wonderful children, there are often times when more children deserve a reward. We also have a “Friday Box”  for those children to choose from, filled with treats such as small toys. The child can take their treat home and tell their families what they have done to deserve a “dip in the Friday Box”.


One of the Academy’s main school improvement priorities is Reading. In our Nursery we want to give the children the best possible start to achieve well in this area. From day one, we work with children on listening skills and our regular phonics sessions concentrate on listening to and differentiating between sounds, making our own sounds and thinking about how sounds fit together.

Tapping the rhythm of our names in phonics

Whilst the children are at Nursery they are immersed in stories, books and rhymes. Each topic has 2 or 3 stories, which the children get to know extremely well over 2 or 3 weeks. They are also introduced to age appropriate information books connected to the theme. Many activities around the nursery are connected to the story and the children will always have different opportunities to retell the story in their own way.

Whilst the children are at home we encourage parents to share stories with their children. Our Rainbow Reading system supports this and many children enjoy filling in their booklets with their parents.

Our older children will tell you about their “Zippy Bags” in nursery. The zippy bags consist of a story book or non fiction picture book along with a toy, game or other interesting items to support the book in a clear, strong wallet. The children choose their own zippy bag to take home and share with an adult. It is important for the system to work well that the zippy bags are returned and changed on a regular basis.


We change our topic every half term and try to include the interests of the children, as well as current themes such as festivals, seasons and cultural events. A newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of every half term to inform families what we will be doing, including any special activities. Here are a few photos of our activities last half term:

We have a fantastic outdoor space at Milford and spend lots of time in the garden, whatever the weather so we ask for children to be suitably dressed, especially with footwear. Please make sure your child’s coat is marked with their name as we have a few children with the same coats! Thank you for co operation on this. Here are a few pictures of the different things we can do in the garden:

This half term our theme is “Let’s Read!” and we will be looking in depth at the traditional stories of ‘The Billy Goats Gruff’, ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Our Personal Social and Emotional Focus is “Keeping Myself Safe” and we will be thinking about people who can help us stay safe, what we can do to keep safe indoors and outdoors and looking at warning labels.

Waiting List 

We take children’s names on our waiting list from birth and admit them soon after their 3rd birthday.

To put your child’s name down or to arrange a visit please contact school by telephone or email.

Please keep an eye on the Nursery News tab for more details about our upcoming events.

Mrs Simons