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This term we have started our new scheme in MESU,  the children take turns to take home a book and share it with their family.

Thank you to all the parents and carers for all your comments and reviews.

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Mrs Lane


Pond life

Our theme throughout this term is all about Water.

We started our term looking at pond life. the children really enjoyed creating their very own pond and filling it with different types of  pond life and foliage.

Firstly we visited our school pond to get some ideas for creating our own pond.

The children collected leaves, twigs, logs and other exciting things to put our pond.

We carefully placed the frog  in the area of fresh water on the pond.

By using the magnifying glass we could search for creatures living in the pond.

Next week we will be at different types of habitat where some animals find shelter or food.


Mrs Lane



People Who Help Us

Over the last Half-Term we have been looking into people who help us, and the roles they play in our daily lives.

We began the Half-Term pretending to be Doctors taking care of patients in our Home Corner,

which we turned in to a Hospital.

The children were very caring doctors.

Our next topic of the week was the police, whose job is to keep us safe.

We enjoyed designing our own police cars.

The children were having fun dressing up and role playing as fire fighters.

Dentists help us to look after our teeth. ‘Open Wide’.

The Dentists use a variety of different equipment to check up on our teeth.

Using the computer, our ‘dentists’ had fun, but also improved their fine motor skills.

How many teeth do you have?

Lots of our children enjoy pretending to be teachers, they love learning and teaching each other their ABCs.

These were just a few examples, there are lots of other individuals who help us out in our day-to-day lives.

We appreciate all these individuals who are helping us to learn, develop, and more importantly keep us safe.


Mrs Lane

Mother’s Day Gifts

This week our children have been making something special for their loved ones.

Take a look at how busy they have been.

“It is messy, it sticks to my hands”

The children showed great concentration when decorating their gifts.

Using the paint brushes, the children were able to improve their fine motor skills whilst also completing their presents.

Choosing their favourite colours to finish their creations.

While working on their cards the children engaged in conversation and built up their social skills.

Busy working on our gifts.

Making the flowers was tricky but with the help of our fine motor skills, the end product looked amazing.

Applying the last finishing touches to our gifts.

we hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your presents.

Mrs Lane





All about me

All week we have been learning about ourselves.

At the beginning of the week we started by painting self portraits.

Looking in the mirror helped to identify features  i.e. eyes, hair and nose.

Look at our budding Picasso’s!

Learning what’s inside our body’s was interesting and creating our own skeleton was fun.

Here we made sandwiches and chose the filling. …Egg and Cheese ?

The children showed great concentration when spreading the butter on the bread.

This child has recognised body parts and where they belong.

The children  made healthy choices for their lunch boxes.

All week the children have been bringing in lots of spare change for Pudsey. Look how much we collected, WOW.

Next week activities are planned around our five senses

Seeing,Hearing, Smelling, Tasting and Touching.

Mrs Lane