All about me

All week we have been learning about ourselves.

At the beginning of the week we started by painting self portraits.

Looking in the mirror helped to identify features  i.e. eyes, hair and nose.

Look at our budding Picasso’s!

Learning what’s inside our body’s was interesting and creating our own skeleton was fun.

Here we made sandwiches and chose the filling. …Egg and Cheese ?

The children showed great concentration when spreading the butter on the bread.

This child has recognised body parts and where they belong.

The children  made healthy choices for their lunch boxes.

All week the children have been bringing in lots of spare change for Pudsey. Look how much we collected, WOW.

Next week activities are planned around our five senses

Seeing,Hearing, Smelling, Tasting and Touching.

Mrs Lane


This week we have been focusing on colours.

Building towers with colourful building blocks. 

At snack time the children take turns to give out the coloured plates and pair them with the matching coloured cup.

We used different objects to create bright colourful firework art.

Look at the effect the tubes made.

The children enjoyed watching the marbles make interesting patterns in the small tub.

It was even better when we tried it on a larger scale outdoors.

Using tweezers to sort the pom poms into the correct pot is another way that helps us remember our colours and improves fine motor skills.

The children enjoyed mixing the vibrant sand to create new colours.

There are colours everywhere, help your child learn their colours next time  you walk to school or when you’re out and about.

Mrs Lane

Pirate Adventures

Our theme this week was Pirates. We have had lots of fun building our own Pirate Ship and learning about pirate life.

We started the week working on our pirate ship.

First of all we needed a Flag.

Portholes are like windows in the side of our ship.

Anchors away.

Making treasure maps using paprika paint , X marks the spot.

Digging for buried treasure was fun but unfortunately we did not find any.

One of our children came as a real life pirate, Oh ahhhh.

At the end of a swash buckling week, we were ready to set sail.

Sailing the seven seas with our friends.

Join us next week for another adventure.

Mrs Lane


Ice Age

Yikes Stinkysaurus ! What a stinky Dinosaur.

Our story this week was about a stinky dinosaur who refused to take a bath. Yuck!

First we had to help the dinosaurs hatch from their eggs.

Here we are creating new species of dinosaurs.

Our birthday boy chose to make cookies. Yummy!

Great concentration.

Sharing birthday cookies with friends makes them taste even better.

Outside we played on the see-saw just like Stinkysaurus and his new friends.

We gave Stinkysaurus and his friends a bath.

At the end of another busy week we had our own bubbly fun.

Mrs Lane

Bug Week

This week we have been reading the story of Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell.

We have had lots of fun exploring and learning. Take a look.

Making swirling patterns for Norman’s shell.

Playing with the playdough, look at the snails we have made.

We found  lots of bugs and insects in our sand.

On Tuesday we decided to go exploring, we visited the wildlife area and saw lots of fish in the pond.

The children were very careful when looking for bugs.

Making slime just like Norman the slug.

Hiding in boxes just like the snails was fun. Peek a boo !

Printing with cotton reels to make great shapes. Perfect for snail shells.

All the activities we enjoy help and encourage our fine and gross motor skills.

Printing, painting and writing with different objects is fun and help our fine motor skills by using the small muscles in our hands.

Running, jumping and walking around the school exploring helps with our gross motor skills using the large muscles in our arms and legs.

Mrs Lane