Birthday Bonanza

It has been a week full of birthday celebrations this week, with three of our children turning three years old. Everyone has had a wonderful time celebrating with food, singing and dancing.

Here is a tiny snapshot of our week:

Everyone contributed towards the baking of two big birthday cakes.

After all of the hard work whisking, our birthday girl earned the job of licking the whisk.

Our ‘threenagers’ enjoyed being sung to.

Peek-a-boo birthday surprise.

We took balloons on to the school field and ran with them.

We added to our science experience this week by making simple slime out of wash gel and PVA glue.

It was stretchy, gooey and sticky.

Not everyone enjoyed the texture but most loved it!

Some of the children ‘lost their feet’.

We will return for our next opportunity of learning through fun on Tuesday June 5th.

Enjoy a wonderful week off!

Mrs Gibson 


Our Bodies

This week the children have been learning the basic names for their body parts.

Our song this week has been Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. All of the children joined in with the actions and words.

We have been using our senses to touch, smell, see, hear and taste.

Everyone ran around the 200 meter track.

We used our eyes to watch in complete wonder as one of our children ran 1,500 meters before announcing that he’d run out of power. He was 100 meters short of a mile!!

“Look a spiders web”.

Taste buds were brought to life when eating the sandwiches that the children had made themselves.

Picnicking under the shade of a tree.

Sharing a deliciously, tasty, handmade picnic.

Feeling the sticky glue and selecting materials to stick.

Braving the climb, looking from high up and listening to the instruments.


Making and smelling peppermint play dough.

Making play dough at home is cheap, simple and great fun to play with. Our children loved making it, then instantly playing with it. It will keep for a good amount of time if stored in a plastic bag or container too.

Mix 1 cup of flour with 1/4 cup of salt.

Add 1 tablespoon of oil, paint or food colouring, then gradually add approximately 3/4 cup of water.

Add more flour or water if you need to, after stirring and kneading.

Painting the shed.

This weather is perfect to get a small pot of water and an old paintbrush out, to paint fences and pavements. It is entertaining for the children and a great way to develop movement and control.

School closes on Thursday 24th and re-opens on June 5th as we have inset days.

Next week we will be partying!

Mrs Gibson

Our Little Seedlings

It’s been a messy week with plenty of sensory experiences for all of us.

The children have been preparing their own individual pots and larger pots before planting seeds.

Carefully filling up a plant pot.

Sowing seeds.

We found seeds in tomatoes and pips in apples.

Filling large plant pots together.

We have planted sunflowers, cornflowers, radishes and carrots. Each day the children have checked their individual pots, in search of green.

Extra messy time, making a giant mud pie.

Making a potion with petals, grass, dandelions, soil, sand and water.

Social skills have been improved this week after many tea parties and the making, selling and buying tissue paper ice-creams and ice-lollies.


Afternoon tea.

The Twinkle, Twinkle Stars.

You have never heard Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star sung so amazingly!


Explorers and Risk Takers

This week we have been out and about, exploring the school grounds, looking for mini beasts and pushing the children to be extra brave.

They have held spiders and worms in their hands or in containers, climbed up and down steps without holding hands, braved climbing blocks, slides and Nursery’s trim trail.

There has been a great sense of self pride for the children, we have been very proud of them too.

Meeting this huge spider was exceptionally brave.

We made our own spiders by blowing black paint.

Each child made their own unique ladybird.

They each spotted mini beasts, hiding under rocks in our wildlife area.

We looked amongst and smelt the flowers.

The children improved their balance by running on our school field.

Their imaginations led them on a dinosaur hunt down exciting tyre tracks.

Never stop exploring our world!

Next week we will be getting muddy so wear your oldest clothes!

Mrs Gibson



We wouldn’t expect our two year olds to form solid friendships at such a tender age. Although children often play together, they are busy taking part in parallel play. This means that they play beside one another, without communicating much.

We are such a small group that we tend to break the mould. Everyone has lots of fun friends to giggle, share and play with.

See-saw margery-daw

“You can’t catch me!”

Working along side one another to complete peg puzzles. This is great for hand/eye co-ordination.

Hide and seek always creates a lot of excitement.

Scrunching up tissue paper to create cherry blossom.

When the children run, jump and climb they are developing what we call gross motor skills. These are the children’s larger muscles, needed for balance and big movements.

When the children do tiny, fiddly activities, we refer to it as improving fine motor skills. This develops the children’s ability to do very small movements such as writing neatly and tying laces, in later life.

We made a slippy mess with our whole hands using paint, then scraped it with straws.

Bubbly water play was fun and necessary to clean the last traces of that very messy paint off.

Although we try to keep your children as clean as possible, play clothes are essential as they can get VERY messy.

Sleeping bunnies.

One of the children’s favourite rhymes:

See the little bunnies sleeping til it’s nearly noon, come let’s wake them with a merry tune.

They’re so still, are they ill?


Jump little bunnies hop, hop, hop. Jump little bunnies hop, hop, hop. Jump little bunnies hop, hop, hop.

Hop, hop, hop.

Mrs Gibson