Songs & Stories

This week we have been reading the children Jez Alborough’s Where’s My Teddy and It’s The Bear. The children made a huge bear. The children tore or cut up tissue paper before sticking it down.

Tearing tissue paper.

Getting sticky.

We have received a stack of new books.

Re-telling a story.

Playing with snow.

Creative building.

Something special.

We’re making something very special this week and next for our loved ones.

Our song of the week was Around and Round the Garden, Like a Teddy Bear.

Mrs Gibson

Mark Making

Mark making is important as it develops the children’s writing skills. Anything from drawing with a pencil to dragging a stick through mud will help to improve those skills.

When colouring in, encourage your child to hold a pencil correctly.

Making marks in the sand.

Colouring in together.

Self registration.

Whilst hunting for creatures we found a BIG, wriggly worm.

We chased gulls but they were too fast for us and flew away.

We read The Tiger Who Came To Tea last week. Come inside to look at our beautiful colouring and paintings.

Mrs Gibson

Winter Wonders

This week the children have been learning about winter.

We bid a fond farewell to one of our children who chose to make cake and dance on her final day. She’s only moved next door to our fabulous nursery.

Here is a snapshot of our week:

Birthday girl.

There were mixed reviews on the end result.

All of our children enjoy dancing. We do so most days. It’s a fun way to improve balance and coordination.

Each of the children made a penguin.

Drop in to find your child’s penguin which are displayed alongside their personalised Inuits.

The children have been dressing in warm winter clothes.

Dressing dolls is an excellent way to improve self help skills. It also teaches children how to control their fine motor muscles, which are the small and fiddly movements where we usually use our fingers.

Our dolls have been dressed appropriately too.

Tucked up with cosy blankets.

Putting on socks.

Covering up toes.

Painting winter scenes.

Arctic creatures were frozen into ice. The children were asked how they might get them out. There was a lot of discussion. Their experiments were very closely supervised.

Here is what they came up with:


Hammer time!

Finally the children poured on warm water and the creatures were free.

Making new friends.


Next week we will be focusing on mark making.

Mrs Gibson

Busy, busy busy!

Our first week has been super busy!

Wonderful new children have joined our setting. We are delighted that our original children have been extremely welcoming, helping to settle the new starters quickly. You should all be very proud of how wonderful your children are!

Here is a small snap shot of our week…

Threading fruit loops and having a cheeky nibble.

Braving the stage to show off his threading skills.

“Look everyone, I painted my Daddy!”

Having a boogie.

Unique food creations.

Playing together.

Improving our balance and leg muscles.

Imaginative cookery.

Sharing ‘Imagination Soup’.

Getting to know one another.

Making some NOISE!

Creating rhythms.

Running then calling commands, “stop, go!”

Discovering that you need glue in order for the tissue to stick.

Imaginative snack time.

Unprompted cleaning.


Being loving and caring.


Taking turns.

Balancing to improve risk taking skills.

Stepping and jumping.

Filling and pouring.

Daring to go down on tummies.

Next week we will begin our topic on winter. We’ll be discussing the science behind snow, frost and ice. Giving the children a choice of clothes to wear in the cold weather. Dressing the dolls appropriately for the season. We will also be creating a new winter display with our budding artists.

Christmas Celebrations

We’ve had great fun this week it was filled with festive fun!

We painted him…

…we pretended to be him.

We listened for him, sang for him and…

…he came!!

It has been a very exciting week of learning all about Santa Clause.

It can be an anxious time for children when visiting Santa. It’s a good idea to discus him at length before any visits.

Santa bought each of us two books. He must have been watching us because we love books!

We posed in order to create snow globes for our families.

Each of us designed our own 2018 calendar.

We made Christmas cards.

We made Christmas decorations as gifts for our families.

We exchanged Christmas cards.


Playing party games.

Bouncing balloons.

Dancing The Conga.

Even the teddy bears enjoyed dancing.

Party snacks with our siblings.

Brother, sister fun.

Brotherly laughter.

We have bid a fond farewell to several children who will join our wonderful nursery. We will see them regularly as they are only next door.

Mrs Lane and I wish you all a fabulous Christmas and an exciting 2018!

We will be opening our doors on Monday 8th January 2018, when we look forward to seeing all of you.

Mrs Gibson