Next week in F2…

Here is a little bit of information about what we will be covering next week in F2.  Each week this will be displayed on the classroom door for parents to see.  If you have any questions, please pop in and ask at the end of the day.

Week Commencing 15th October:

Topic My Community
Literacy Focus Phonics
Maths Focus Capacity
PSED Taking turns
Phonics e, v, w, z
Craft Collage
Outdoors Child initiated activities with a variety of equipment set out throughout the week
PE Parachute games
UW/EAD Painting
Music Exploring genres of music
Story of the week FunnyBones
Visits / Notes  

F2 Visit to the Library and Flower Park

F2 Visit to the Library and Flower Park

On Thursday 25th October the F2 children will be taking a walk to Clifton Library and the Flower Park. The aim  is to talk about the autumnal changes that are happening this time of year and to encourage children’s love of stories and books, all in the local community. Children may bring their library cards and take out some books if they wish. If this is the case, please let us know and make sure they have their book bag.

We are in need of parent helpers to accompany our walk. Unlike many of our Nursery trips, this is not a family trip. If you are able to spend the session supporting our walk, please let us know. Without extra volunteers we will not be able to leave the school site. Please complete the form at the bottom and hand it back to your child’s teacher.

Many Thanks

Mrs Smith and Mrs Litchfield

Monkeys and Cubs taste some fruit

This week we have been learning about healthy lifestyles, in particular a balanced diet.

The children tasted a number of different fruits, from strawberries to flat peaches.  We were especially pleased that all the children took part and tried a fruit they had never tasted before.

After tasting all the fruit, the children voted on their favourite.  They then made a class pictogram of the most and least popular fruits.  As it happened, both classes chose the same winner….strawberries!

We believe it is important to encourage the children to always try new things, including school dinners, how else will we know if we like them?

Mrs Smith & Mrs Litchfield


A Great Start

The children in Foundation 2 have had a wonderful start to the Academic Year.

They have settled well into the daily routines and are now joining in with daily maths and phonics sessions.

Each week we have a focused activity which all children participate in.  So far we have been talking to the children about their families, using the photos as a talking point.  Thank you to those that have already brought their photo in.  It is not too late to bring one in this week if you haven’t already done so.

Please remember to bring reading diaries and communication folders to school every day.  If you have any notes or messages you need us to see, please put them in the communication folder, eg family photo.  Library books will only be changed once a week, we encourage children to read books from home and record those in the reading diaries as well.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Litchfield