Foundation 2

Hello and Welcome to F2!

We have 2 classes making up our Foundation 2 Unit and we work very closely together. We are known as the Monkeys Class (class 1) and the Cubs Class (class 2).

Our Teaching Team

Mrs Simons is the teacher in the Monkeys class and Mrs Litchfield is the teacher in the Cubs class.

Miss Weatherall and Mrs Barton are our full time Teaching Assistants.

Mrs Butler teaches in the Monkeys class on Thursday mornings and Mrs Baker in the Cubs class on Friday afternoons.

Everyday Life in F2

We learn in Foundation 2 in lots of different ways. We work closely with our teachers on focused activities during the week and we have group or class times every single day to learn more in phonics and maths. It is important for us to have time to practise what we have learned; we do this indoors in the classrooms and the conservatory, and also outdoors in our garden and on the climbing equipment in the playground.

We learn ways to work with each other and to be independent, thinking about what we are doing and finding ways to improve.


Our topics during the year will cover predictable and seasonal themes, as well as including areas of interest and fascination for the children in the classes. A newsletter will be sent home every half term to inform families of what the children will be doing in school.

This half term our topic has been on Space, looking at space travel and planets, but mainly an imaginative topic using stories such as ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. The highlight of our half term was an Alien called Egbert crash landing on our playground! He has set us challenges, which we have completed with enthusiasm. He wanted us to do some writing, to build a home for him and find out about the planets to help him. We also have to help him mend his spaceship using our maths skills.

We have continued our maths sessions this term learning all about the numbers 8,9, and 10. We are getting very good at counting, manipulating numbers and recognising how many in different arrangements of objects. We have also been learning how to record numbers. Next term we will be moving on to the teen numbers and problem solving.


Next half term our topic is ‘Growing’ and we will be concentrating mainly on animals and their young, looking at different lifecycles. We are planning a visit to Manor Farm in April.

F2 Information

  • ¬†Every child has a ‘communication folder’ – a small plastic wallet with their name on. They will need to bring their wallet to school every day and put it in the basket. We will put all letters and communication into the wallet so please check it every evening. You can send information to us too by putting a note in the wallet. We go through all the wallets in the morning.
  • The children all have a reading diary and will bring home a ‘library book’ that they have chosen themselves to share with family members at home. We ask parents and carers to write in the diary to begin with and gradually encourage the children to write for themselves as they become more confident over the year. When they bring home their reading book, this will be recorded too.
  • P.E. kits need to be brought to school at the beginning of the half term and left in school on the children’s pegs. They will be sent home in the holidays for washing. Children in F2 classes do not need P.E. shoes or trainers until the Summer Term as all P.E. lessons will be indoors. P.E. will be on Monday mornings with Miss Robinson and Mr Bonner.

We are really looking forward to next half term.


Mrs Simons, Mrs Litchfield, Mrs Barton and Miss Weatherall