Foundation 2

Hello and Welcome to F2! We have 2 classes making up our Foundation 2 Unit and we work very closely together.

We are known as the Monkeys Class (class 1) and the Cubs Class (class 2). Mrs Smith is the teacher in the Monkeys class. Mrs Litchfield is the teacher in the Cubs class. Miss Madden and Mrs Barton are our full time Teaching Assistants. Ms Sanderson and Mrs Burrows also work with children in the reception classes

In Foundation 2 we love to explore and learn through play inside and outside.  In a typical day the children are actively involved in a range of different child initiated and adult let activities. Children have the opportunity to free flow in all areas of the unit at different points of the day, including our 2 classrooms, our conservatory and our garden. All children take part in a daily phonics and maths session where they are taught discrete skills to support them in their reading, writing and maths development. The children also enjoy weekly PE sessions with our sports coaches.

Reading is one of our priorities and our children are fully immersed in a reading environment where we encourage a love of reading and stories. We take part in daily story session where we spend 3 weeks unpicking different aspects of a story through practical, cross curricular ways. Each week the children take home a reading book matched to their reading level and a library book of their choice. We also have weekly library sessions where we share stories together and read books with our friends.

Our Reading Area

Last half term we learnt about different occupations and people who help us. We thought about what we would like to be when we grow up and shared about our aspirations. At school and at home, we enjoyed playing doctors and nurses whilst writing prescriptions and giving lots of first aid and TLC to the patients! We enjoyed reading non-fiction books which helped us to learn information and vocabulary.

This half term our topic is Growing.  We will be looking at how plants, flowers and food grow.  We are excited to do lots of planting activities and find out about what plants need to grow.  We will also be learning about human growth and comparing things that we can do now that we could not do when we were babies, and things we look forward to doing as we grow up.  Finally we will be exploring life cycles, in particular the life cycle of a caterpillar. Our two key texts this half term are Jack and the Beanstalk and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Our Maths theme is To 20 and Beyond. We will be building numbers beyond 10, whilst continuing to consolidate our understanding of numbers to 10. We will also be exploring patterns, 3D shape and spatial reasoning.

In PE, our theme this half term is Dance. We will be story telling through dance and learning to express ourselves in different ways whilst moving in time to music. We will be developing a sequence of moves that we can can perform to our class friends.

We look forward to a very busy and exciting half term! Watch this space for updates and photos of the exciting learning taking place in F2.  Lots of updates and extra information will also be sent via the Seesaw app.

Mrs Smith, Mrs Litchfield, Mrs Barton and Miss Madden