Class 9


Class 9

Hello and welcome to Class 9! We are a class of energetic, motivated, Year 4 children who are determined to achieve!  Our teacher is Mrs Haslam and we are also supported by Mrs Baker, Mrs Vaughn,  Miss Sanderson  and Sports Coaches.

Over the last half term our teamwork skills have developed and our classroom runs smoothly, allowing even more progress!

This half term, there have been lots of Milford values on display during our activities. Can you see examples of them?

Motivated,             Independent,              Learning,              Forward Thinking,     Outstanding,                 Respect,                   Determination


During grammar session, we have been exploring homophones.  Progress  has been made  understanding the correct meaning of homophones and we are working on using them correctly in independent work.

During spelling sessions, our main focus has been prefixes (in, im, ir, il ). We are developing our understanding of how prefixes change the meaning of the root word.

Our creative writing has been inspired by two wonderful stories, ‘The Honey Hunter’ and ‘Tiger Child’.  Through these stories we have developed rich vocabulary, use of adjectives, verbs and adverbs as well as setting out direct speech accurately. We have also loved acting out these intriguing stories and learning the repeated lines within them. Our imaginations have run wild as the stories have been set in Africa and India which we have enjoyed exploring.


In Maths we began exploring place value. We are now more confident representing numbers with digit cards, grids, cubes, expanding and with base ten equipment.

We applied our place value knowledge when moving to written column methods of addition and subtraction. The base ten equipment, again helped us with tricky regrouping in subtraction methods.


Year 4 children have been developing drawing skills this half term. We have explored outline, tone, texture, shadow and shading techniques. Look at the progress we’ve made!


Through the stories ‘The Honey Hunter’ and ‘Tiger Child’ we have explored the countries they are set in. We enjoyed comparing an African school with our school and realised how many similarities there were!


Electricity has sparked our imagination!  We have been learning about devices, appliances, mains and battery sources of electricity. We have been exploring the dangers of electricity and learning how to keep ourselves safe. Everyone enjoyed making circuits!

Can you explain why this bulb lights?

Can you explain why this bulb doesn’t light?


P.E. is taught throughout the year and will usually be taught on a Thursday and Friday. Class 9 need to make sure they bring their full P.E kits into school on Monday and leave them in school throughout the week. There may be unscheduled P.E activities that take place at different times during the week and we need our P.E kits ready so we do not miss out.

Well done to all of the children in Class 9 who have participated in Sports Clubs this half term. Table Tennis, Multi-skills and football have been very popular!

Several children from Class 9 have represented the school this half term. Congratulations to the table tennis competitors and the Colwick Park Cross Country Team!

What an exciting half term, pack full of fun, teamwork and progress!

Next half term we will be busy with our partnership project with The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery. We’re really looking forward to exploring, creating and exhibiting our work!

We’re also looking forward to making moving monsters next half term…

Mrs Haslam