Class 9

Hello and welcome to Class 9!  We are a class of energetic, imaginative Year 4 pupils who are determined to achieve!  Our teacher is Mrs Haslam and we are also supported by Mrs Baker, Mrs Vaughan  and Sports Coaches. This half term, Miss Dine has also joined our hard- working team.

We have made progress with our Milford values and many of us have achieved our bronze and silver award! Within our classroom, you will see evidence of Motivation, Independence, Learning, Forward Thinking, Outstanding work, Respect and Determination!  We are now going for gold so look out for our  future achievements!

As a hard -working team, we have developed positive attitudes towards our learning and progress is evident in all that we do. Every one of us has developed personal skills which impact on our learning and the class.


Non-fiction Texts

At the beginning of the half term, we incorporated our Science knowledge of ‘teeth’  from last half term into our non-fiction  writing.

In discussion groups, we considered the layout of different non-fiction texts and identified key features, such as, titles, subheadings, technical language, present tense, diagrams and captions.

Following this research we began to plan and write an organised piece of non-fiction text about teeth. Look through our books to see evidence of sub-headings, captions and technical language. Are you aware of how to set out non-fiction writing?

The Pied Piper

After exploring nonfiction texts, we went back to analyse fiction, in the form of, ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ by Michael Morpurgo.

Through discussion, text analysis, role play, drama and thesaurus work, we extended our vocabulary choices and sentence structures.

As part of our drama work, we became the Pied Piper which helped us the think from the perspective of the Piper himself! Look out for our exciting diary entries describing the events in Hamelin from the Piper’s viewpoint. Through the diary entries, we have worked on describing the feelings and motives of characters.

Scarlet wrote in her diary as the Pied Piper, ‘Can you believe it? I offered my services to remove their revolting rats but I was laughed at, humiliated and embarrassed!’

Molly entered, ‘Well Diary, the look on the townspeople’s faces as I drowned those filthy rats! I felt ecstatic because I had done the very job the Mayor could not! What a fantastic day…’

Lauren wrote, ‘This insatiable rude pig of a Mayor had pushed me into a corner. I worry about what I will have to do next…’

Evie entered, ‘ It leaves me heartbroken to have to steal children from their parents. That Mayor, treating me like the rubbish that lies in the streets of this town, leaves me no choice!’


This half term, we have been focussing on decimals and their link to fractions. Number lines, matching cards and paired discussions  helped us develop our understanding.

Can you name a fraction equivalent to 0.75?

Can you name a decimal equivalent to   3/10?

Science and Topic

In Science, we have been discussing sound and exploring how sounds are made. This led  to a discussion about pitch and how pitch could be altered on different instruments. In groups, we planned and carried out an investigation into the relationship between the length of a straw tube and the resulting pitch.

We linked our Science discussions of sound with our English Pied Piper work,  exploring  art, music, sound and stories.


Within ICT, Class 9 have been using digital media.  Pupils took photographs, uploaded images, manipulated images using a range of effects and used these images in other programmes including presentations.


Class 9 have been exploring the World religions. We were also warmly welcomed by a  local community church for informative workshops.

Molly noted, “At the Holy Trinity church we learnt a lot about the Easter story and how Christians celebrate Easter.

World Book Day

Class 9 enjoy reading a wide rang of books and World Book Day was a great opportunity to relax in our pyjamas and enjoy reading and discussing books together!


P.E. is taught throughout the year and will usually be taught on a Thursday and Friday. Class 9 need to make sure they bring their full P.E kits into school on Monday and leave them in school throughout the week. There may be unscheduled P.E activities that take place at different times during the week and we need our P.E kits ready so we do not miss out.

Well done to all of the children in Class 9 who have participated in Sports Clubs this half term. Table Tennis, Multi-skills and football have been very popular!

Congratulations to the Year 3 and 4 athletics team for their achievements.

What a creative, fun packed, term full of achievements of all kinds!

Mrs Haslam