Class 8

Welcome to class 8. We are a class of year 3 children and our teacher is Miss Richardson. Mrs Baker works in our class too. In class 8, we always aim to do our best and enjoy everything we do at school.

Here is some information about our class. Our PE lesson is on a Monday morning and we should always have our PE kit in school. We will be given weekly spellings on a Monday during our spelling lesson which we can practise at home. We also have a reading diary with activities linked our guided reading books. We can decide when we do our activities but we must remember to bring our diary to school everyday.


In English we have been reading The Tiger Child by Joanna Troughton and The Honey Hunter by Francesca Martin. We have written our¬†own pieces including excellent verbs and adjectives. We also watched a brilliant show of The Selfish Giant and afterwards we wrote a setting description of the giant’s garden in springtime and winter.

Adding our own verbs to The Honey Hunter text.


This half-term, in maths, we have been improving our place value knowledge and reading and writing numbers to 1000 and above. We have used Base 10 and arrow cards to help us. We have also been learning how to use the column method to solve addition and subtraction problems.


Working hard in maths!



Our topic has been linked to the stories from other cultures that we have been reading in English. In our art lessons with Mrs Baker, we have been making papier mache bowls which we are decorating with an African pattern. We look forward to showing you them in our next update.


In science, we have been investigating different forces such as push and pull. We have also been using magnets to find out which materials are magnetic and which are not. We have learnt the words attract and repel.

One of our investigations was the Scrapyard Challenge where we had to use the magnet to find all the magnetic and non-magnetic junk hidden in the sand. Not only did we find out a lot scientifically, we also had great fun!



Scrapyard Challenge!

Another investigation we took part in was to find out which magnet was the strongest. To find this we dangled paperclips from each of the magnets until the magnetic force could no longer hold them. Again, it was great fun!!

How many can it hold?

Class 8 and Miss Richardson