Class 7

Welcome to Class 7!

Class 7 is a Year 3 class taught by Miss Marshall. Mrs Baker will be teaching on Thursday mornings.


We have been working extremely hard in Maths! We have worked to adapt from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 in terms of presentation and output. We are now drawing fabulous margins and separating our page well.

We have recapped on partitioning 2 and 3-digit numbers within Place Value. We know that when we partition a 2-digit number, we split it into tens and units.

Elle: “When we partition a 3-digit number, we split it into hundreds, tens and units!”

We have been using the Base 10 to help us with this.

In addition to this, we have ordered 2 and 3-digit numbers from the smallest to the largest.
As a class, we have used the 100 square and Base 10 to help us easily add or subtract 10.

Do you know the speedy way of adding on 10? Come and ask us!

Following Place Value, we have learnt about addition and subtraction. We have started using Column Addition and subtraction as a method to help us to add in tens and units. We have also used the Base 10 to help us with the expanded method.


In English, we have particularly enjoyed sharing stories with Miss Marshall and the class during our library slots. We use this time to focus on our class stories to support our independent Guided Reading tasks on a Friday. We are much more independent during this time and we love Reading in our groups!

We have worked a lot on Grammar this half term too. We have learnt about verbs, adjectives, nouns and homophones.
Lucas: ‘Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings’.

We have read the African stories of ‘The Tiger Child’ and ‘The Honey Hunters’, which link with our topic, ‘Stories from other Cultures’. We have spotted the verbs and adjectives within them.


In Science, we have been learning all about forces and magnets. We started by looking at forces that push or pull. We looked at the door in our classroom as an example. We noticed we needed to push it to get into the classroom. Then we needed to pull it to get out of the classroom.

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about magnetic forces. We began this unit of work by going outside to sort materials into magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We thought it was funny when we spotted a cracker in the sand!

We tested the strength of different magnets for our main scientific investigation this half term. We tested horseshoe, grabber, ring, bar and cube magnets to see which one would attract the most paperclips.

We found out that the grabber magnet had the largest magnetic force and could pick up 127 paper clips!

How many do you think the horseshoe magnet managed to pick up?


We really enjoy our Monday afternoon’s in the ICT suite. We have become speedier at logging on and listening to instructions.
We watched Hector’s video clip about keeping ourselves safe on the internet. We are now able to say why we should not give out our personal information online.

We have looked in detail at Microsoft Word. We have explored a range of skills within this program, including changing the font style, colour and size. We have also learnt about the orientation of a page and we can now identify portrait or landscape. We have learnt how to insert shapes into our document and fill them with different colours and patterns.

Topic – Art

This half term we have been looking at African Art. We spent some time looking at Calabashes which are bowls made from gourds that are cut and dried. We looked at how the designs are scratched onto the surface.
We thought about how we could use papier mache to create our own calabashes.
First we used a balloon to make the shape of our bowls, we used layers of paper mache to create a strong bowl. When it had dried we removed the balloon and painted the inside and outside of our bowls. This week we are going to add the design onto the outside of our bowls and hopefully cover them in glue to make them water proof. Watch out for photos of our final products on the website.

Milford Values

Class 7 have been working hard to follow the Milford Values. We are trying our best to make good choices both in and out of the classroom! Miss Marshall is pleased and likes to move us up on the behaviour chart. Keep working hard for those Bronze bands! I will be looking for independence, super listening and being motivated to complete work.

Important Information

Reading Diaries

Children will receive 5 tasks on Fridays to be completed by the following Friday. The tasks are to be completed in the children’s reading diaries. This gives families the flexibility to complete tasks in any order and over the weekend if this is more convenient.

PE Kits

We will be doing PE on Friday afternoons. Please ensure children have a complete kit in school at all times. We would really appreciate all items to be named. Please could all earrings be removed or covered (please provide tape or plasters).

Snack Money

Children need to bring in a contribution of £3 for their snack money every half term. Your support with this is greatly appreciated.

Please keep visiting our page to find out about some of the wonderful work the children are doing in school.

Miss Marshall