Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!

Class 6 is a Year 2 class taught by Mrs Baggley. Our Teaching Assistants are Ms. Cutts, Miss Fell and Miss Burrows.

Ms. Cutts also teaches the class on Wednesdays.

This half term we have been working on our Design and Technology topic – ‘Moving Pictures’ . Here are some examples of the mechanisms we have made.


Here is a picture of a slider.

Here is a picture of a wheel.

We have also been practising our cutting skills while preparing props for our assembly.

Here is an example of careful cutting!

Finally, we have been enjoying some Physical Education.

Next half term will be looking at Festivals of Light including Diwali, Hannukah and Christmas. You could go to your local library to find out more information. Information about Christmas plays and other festivities will follow. Please check Class News for weekly updates.


Important Information

Reading Diaries

Children will receive a series of tasks on Fridays to be completed by the following Friday. The tasks are to be completed in the children’s reading diaries. This gives families the flexibility to complete tasks in any order and over the weekend if this is more convenient.

PE Kits

Please ensure children have a complete kit in school at all times. We would really appreciate all items to be named. Please could all earrings be covered (please provide tape or plasters) or removed on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Snack Money

Children need to bring in £3 snack every half term. Your support with this is greatly appreciated.

Please keep visiting our page to find out about some of the wonderful work the children are covering in school.

Mrs Baggley