Class 4

Welcome to Class 4.

We are a Year 1 class in one of the modular buildings. I am the class teacher and my name is Mrs Atamaniuk. Working with me are Mrs Dickens, Miss Fell and Mrs Burrows. On a Friday the class will be taught by Mrs Peaurt.

Next door to us is the other Year 1 class. The teacher in this class is Miss Watts. We will be working together for some activities.

The classroom is large and bright with some of the same activities that were available in Reception. We will be working hard as a class to care for all of our equipment so that it lasts!

P.E will be on a Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a kit in school. We will send the kits home at half term so that they can be washed.

Guided reading will be on Thursdays when your child will share a book with an adult and be set new tasks.

Mrs Atamaniuk

This half term has been a very busy one with everyone working hard on many different activities.


In Maths we have concentrated on place value, helping the children to understand the difference between numbers such as 15 and 51, showing the tens and ones.

We have also been learning how to add and subtract using both objects and number lines. Maths activities linked to the morning sessions are available for the children to practise in the afternoons.

Number Bonds to 10

The children have learnt a rhyme to help them remember their number bonds. It starts

‘ 0 and 10 my pet hen, 1 and 9 now we’re fine, 2 and 8 cake on a plate …


This half term we have been focusing on Traditional Tales. The children have enjoyed lots of role play whilst reading The Gingerbread Man and Jack and the Beanstalk. The whole class also loved watching a performance of The Selfish Giant.

We have linked the English with the Maths and have been using language such as longer and shorter. We went outside and found sticks and leaves which were shorter or longer than the lolly stick.


In P.E we have been playing some games, helping us to learn to cooperate with each other and take turns. We have also been practising some gymnastic movements, including superman!


During this half term we have been looking for and sharing signs of Autumn. Many of the children have brought in things from home to show the class. Our own school grounds are beautiful at this time of the year and we have spent time enjoying all the colours.

At least two afternoons a week we give the children the opportunity to practise various skills through play. There are many different activities including many different types of bricks, sand, water and a role play area.


Autumn 2  – Celebrations

We will be focusing on different celebrations but in particular the Christmas Story and how Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. We will be attending a Christingle service to give the children an experience of going to Church.

Mrs Atamaniuk