Class 4

Welcome to Class 4.

We are a Year 1 class in one of the modular buildings. I am the class teacher and my name is Mrs Atamaniuk. Working with me are Miss Elliott, Miss Fell and Mrs Burrows. On a Friday the class will be taught by Mrs Peaurt.

Next door to us is the other Year 1 class. The teacher in this class is Miss Watts. We will be working together for some activities.

The classroom is large and bright with some of the same activities that were available in Reception. We will be working hard as a class to care for all of our equipment so that it lasts!

P.E will be on a Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a kit in school. We will send the kits home at half term so that they can be washed.

Guided reading will be on Thursdays when your child will share a book with an adult and be set new tasks.

Mrs Atamaniuk


This half term we have been working with numbers up to 50. WE have been representing numbers in different ways. We have also started learning about sharing or division.


In English we have covered two beautiful books, Oliver’s Vegetables and The Tiny Seed. We have been writing super sentences including describing words (adjectives).

The children know that  the pink highlighter means ‘tickled pink’ or something they have done well. The green highlighter means ‘green for growth’ or something they need to improve.


In Science we have learnt about what a seed needs to grow. Every child has grown a bean seed and have written diaries to detail the bean’s growth. One bean has grown over 30cm in one week!


In Art we have focussed on recreating Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Both classes contributed towards this amazing display.

Finally, the children have now bought their targets home. We hope that they have achieved their home target!

Although it has been a very short half  term, we have all worked hard. Well done Class 4. Please note that snack money can now be paid for the whole term. This will be £5.

Mrs Atamaniuk