Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Class 3 is a Year 1 class taught by Miss Watts. Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Elliott and Ms Sanderson. Mrs Baker teaches the class on a Tuesday.

We often work with Class 4 who are next door and are taught by Mrs Atamaniuk.

Spring A Update


This half-term we have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London! We started the term with a drama workshop to introduce the topic. We had a great time and we all got to dress up and play an active role in the story. We then conducted our own research to find out more about The Great Fire and London in 1666 – presenting the information on posters to the class. This helped us to develop our speaking and listening skills and Miss Watts was very impressed with how confident we are becoming. Inspired by Samuel Pepys’ diary, we have started our own class diary, which is a great way to practise our super sentences together. More recently we have been developing our writing by describing our favourite superheroes and considering what makes a super hero so super.

Being the flames of The Great Fire of London.

We have loved listening to different stories during our Thursday assemblies, some of which have been read by the children themselves! Our weekly guided reading sessions have helped us to develop our reading and we are remembering to use our phonics knowledge to help us sound out new words. Many of us have done a fantastic job of completing our reading diaries and some have even started answering questions about their book. Keep up the good work!

Creating our Great Fire of London posters.


We started this half-term by revisiting place value. We looked at one and two digit numbers and different ways of representing them. For example we now know that 15 is made up of one ten and five ones. We enjoyed using a variety of practical equipment to develop our understanding of number. We then moved on to subtraction, looking at all the different ways of saying subtract. How many can you think of? We initially used ten frames to help us practically solve subtraction sums before moving on to using the number line. Some of us have challenged ourselves and solved subtraction word problems and missing number questions. We all know that when we subtract the starting number gets smaller. We are looking forward to exploring addition over the coming weeks. Miss Watts is very proud of our progress in Maths this half-term!

Exploring the number 1.


We have used our gardening session this term to look at Seasonal Changes. We discovered daffodils and talked about the different parts of a flower.

Looking for flower buds.

Art and Music
We have enjoyed working with Mrs Baker, using tissue paper and cling film to create a beautiful window display of The Great Fire of London. Daily Mindfulness has also helped us to continue to develop our colouring skills and pencil control. In music we have continued to enjoy the ‘Ukulele Register’ on Fridays and many of us are now attending the KS1 choir. For our marble jar treat we enjoyed making our own volcanoes!

Making our own volcano.

Well done for such a wonderful term Class 3! Remember to continue to complete your reading diaries!

Important Information

Reading Diaries
Guided Reading will take place on a Wednesday, with the children being set 3 tasks to be completed by the following Tuesday.

PE Kits
Please ensure children have a complete kit in school at all times. We would really appreciate all items to be named. Please could all earrings be covered (please provide tape or plasters) or removed on Tuesdays.

Snack Money
Children need to bring in £3 snack every half term. Your support with this is greatly appreciated.

Please keep visiting our page to find out about what Class 3 have been up to!

Thank you,
Miss Watts