Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Class 3 is a Year 1 class taught by Miss Watts. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Dickens and Ms Sanderson. Mrs Dickens teaches the class on a Tuesday.

We often work with Class 4 who are next door and are taught by Mrs Atamaniuk.

Autumn A Update

This half-term Class 3 have been very busy learning and settling into Year 1!

We have enjoyed reading a variety of traditional tales (our favourite was Jack and the Beanstalk). We have explored these books through active activities such as story hunts and also through drama, where we have acted out new vocabulary such as ‘nervous’, ‘wrinkly’ and ‘smirked’. When writing, we have tried hard to use this new vocabulary and to remember our finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. We know it is also really important to say our sentence out loud before writing it.

The reading corner and our weekly guided reading sessions have helped us to develop our reading and we try our best to remember to use our phonics to help us sound out unfamiliar words. Many of us have done a fantastic job of completing our reading diaries and this has helped our reading and writing to develop even faster!

‘Whacking’ our new vocabulary.

We have been learning about tens and ones. For example, many of us now know that 12 is made up of one ten and two ones. We have also looked at addition using pictures and number lines and learnt what the addition and equals signs look like. Some of us have also been able to count all the way to 100! We have also enjoyed looking at height and discovering who the tallest and shortest members of our class are.

The tallest and shortest members of Class 3.

Learning about place value.

In science we have looked at the properties of different materials and conducted an experiment to find out what material would make the best roof for the Three Little Pigs’ house during a storm. We have also looked at what beanstalks need to grow.

Art and Music
We have all worked very hard to develop our art skills this term, focusing on drawing faces. First, we learnt how to draw eyes and then noses and mouths. We were then able to draw some fantastic self-portraits of ourselves and some of us even had a go at drawing other faces. In music we have been learning to sing different songs, including ‘The Harvest Song’ and ‘Hey You!’. We have begun to learn what pitch and rhythm mean and some of us have developed our singing abilities further by attending KS1 choir.

All of our amazing eyes!

Some of us had the chance to go gardening this term and we were able to look at seasonal changes. We also got to eat some yummy raspberries!

Physical Education
In PE we have been learning new moves in gymnastics. We need to work on getting changed quicker so we can have a longer PE lesson!


Well done for such a fun and fantastic first half-term Class 3! Remember to continue to complete your reading diaries over the half-term.

Important Information

Reading Diaries
Guided Reading will take place on a Wednesday, with the children being set 3 tasks to be completed by the following Wednesday.

PE Kits
Please ensure children have a complete kit in school at all times. We would really appreciate all items to be named. Please could all earrings be covered (please provide tape or plasters) or removed on Tuesdays.

Snack Money
Children need to bring in £3 snack every half term. Your support with this is greatly appreciated.

Please keep visiting our page to find out about some of the wonderful work the children are covering in school.

Thank you,
Miss Watts